Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya coming to the location for official duty. The constable tells about suidice case. She says get dead body out carefully, don’t let anyone touch anything, who have seen the dead body first. He says some man. She asks him to seal the place. Mohit’s dead body is pulled by crane. Sandhya turns to see and gets shocked seeing Mohit’s face. Mohit’s body is brought out and pics are clicked. The inspector asks staff to get Mohit’s purse and maybe they will see some clue. The constable says he looks from good family, maybe he is troubled by his wife. Another constable says maybe he had loan on him, so he did suicide. Sandhya cries.

The inspector sees Mohit’s ID card and tells Sandhya about him. He asks shall we inform his family. She says no and rushes

to Mohit. She asks them not to inform family, and send body for postmortem. She sees Mohit taken away in hospital van and cries.

Sandhya is on the way to home, and thinks how will she say this to Bhabho, how will I inform Bhabho, Emily and Pari. She comes home and steps inside. She says Sooraj ji… and looks around. She wonders why is no one at home, where did they go. Misri comes and tells her that Bhabho got unwell, she fainted in Lalima’s engagement, everyone took her to hospital. Sandhya thinks how will she tell her family in such state.

The doctor checks Bhabho. The family stands around her. Sooraj asks doctor what happened. The doctor says her operation has to be done, that too soon. Sooraj asks why. Sandhya comes there and hears doctor telling about Bhabho being alive on one kidney, and that too she has kidney nerve blockage, they have to do operation soon. Meenakshi asks whats the reason for this disease. The doctor says stress or any sorrow on heart does this, does she have any problem.

Meenakshi says what to say, many things happened in our home, Bhabho is worried. Sandhya cries looking at Bhabho. The doctor asks them to take Bhabho home, when her state gets well, her operation will be possible, it will be done in Jaipur, take appointment and take care of her, don’t let any shocking news get known to her, which will hurt her.

Sandhya thinks how to tell Bhabho about Mohit’s death. Sooraj asks Sandhya to take care of Bhabho, he will get wheelchair. Sooraj and everyone come out and see a dead body infront of them, covered by cloth on the stretcher. Sandhya sees the tag with Mohit’s name and thinks Bhabho is not in state to bear this shock.

Vikram says I will side it. Sandhya stops Vikram and calls ward boy. She covers the tag. Babasa prays that the man’s family gets strength to bear this shock. The cloth moves off Mohit’s face. Bhabho passes by and no one sees Mohit. The inspector tells Sandhya about postmortem of Mo…. Sandhya stops him from saying name. Sooraj and everyone leave.

Its night, Meenakshi, Vikram and Sooraj make Bhabho have medicines. Sandhya cries and recalls Mohit’s death. She thinks how to inform them, she can’t hide this news for long. She gets a call and inspector tells about Mohit’s post mortem reports. He did not die by jumping in well, he died by his head injury, he got injured by getting head hit to well wall, its clear case of suicide. She thinks how to inform them, she should atleast inform Sooraj. She goes to Sooraj and says Sooraj ji… The power goes. Bhabho worries.

Babasa says its fine, power went. Sooraj asks Emily to get lantern. Bhabho relaxes. Meenakshi asks Emily about Mohit, where did he go, he did not come in engagement, fine, but he can come to see Bhabho, would he not worry for Bhabho. Emily says I don’t know. Meenakshi says but I know something, which no one can think. Vikram reminds Meenakshi about Bhabho’s state. Meenakshi says she wants to tell before things get worse. Sandhya thinks what does Meenakshi has to say. Meenakshi tells Babasa that their hearts will sink hearing this.

Sandhya inspects the well and thinks Mohit will not jump to get hurt and die, its not suicide case, things are not like how they appear.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The fait accompli by Mohit have been the main reason for his demise. He has to pay the penality. But at the same time the whole family has to suffer.

  2. Very sad but what will happen next? I don’t believe it. Any suspense in this track…Mohit really died?

    1. Exactly the same is my view point! He’s not dead but there is something else-mysterious ? Time will reveal everything!

  3. Thanks amena for fast updating… Nice episode…??????

    1. As usual nice episode… In my style ek dam zakaassssssssss… Mind blowing…..????

    2. So emotional today’s episode… So much sandhya control her pain…?????

    3. It’s so difficult for sandhya… So sad to see sandhya like this…????

    4. Today I have no days to express my feelings towards today’s episode as well as sandhya’s scene… Superb acting by sandhya…?????

    5. So strong Sandhya… Hope she tell this new to suraj as soon as possible… ???

    6. Wating for that scene… As well as wating for to see all characters expression on that sad news… ???

    7. That Minakshi get know that mohit is stole that sarri and give to his girlfriend… ??


    8. This my opinion.. So this news maybe Minakshi tell to family members….

    9. Now real movie starts… Hope they show more suspense… It’s so excited to watch next episode… In my style ek dam zakaassssssssss…?????

    10. Its really interesting track… It’s full on Suspense… So that’s why I say plz dnt spoil any upcoming story twist… It’s request to all friends…. ???
      Bcoz this track is full on Suspense… Hope u never disappoint me… ???

    11. Wating for tomorrow episode… Hope we also see so much suspence in this track.. If any one hurts by my cmts then sorry.. If possible then forgive me…????


  4. I think komal is killed mohit

  5. Very sad and bad episode! Why can’t there be happiness? I hope Bhabho recovers fast, Sooraj is happy, Sandhya is happy and Mohit’s death is forgotten. And Rathi family moves ahead.
    We all want sandhya and Sooraj to be happy and together.

  6. Next kidney donor of Bhabho is Mohit.

  7. I think Meenakshi will tell about Emily and Mohit and Komal or Mohit and Lalima

  8. Please do not involve Sooraj in the killing of Mohit. His character does not go with it. I think someone stole his Kurta and he bought a new one. But did not tell Sandhya

  9. I think bhabho killed mohit…..she said to emily that the thrown should be taken out n all n she was unwell since that time

  10. I have 3 doubtful persons involved in this mohit murder
    1.maybe komals husband
    2. Lalima n her bro

    1. me too.

  11. simplyy xept sandy wholee rathi parivaar killed mohit… 😛


  13. I think bhabho killed mohit and unwell because of her faulty upbringing of mohit

  14. I haveany doubtful persons involved in this case :
    3.komal husband
    7.maybe sooraj can be as what he said in his previous dialogues but his character won’t match with it .
    8.pari as she is tired of her father and remembered wanted her mom to start new live and want her mom to marry someone else.
    9.komal any other relative
    10.maybe any othere person from whom mohit has taken loan or something else…

    1. to talk nonsense!

  15. Whoever might be the killer but this is not done. A person who has done so much wrong with each and every person of the family especially with his wife and child has so easy punishment of death. And the family who has taken so much problems because of him has still to suffer. For the loss of young child and now the torchering investigation.

  16. And definitely this will happen that every family member will think the other as culprit and will take the blame on himself and this will create problem for Sandhya and lots of confusion in investigation

  17. The mother killed her son

  18. Where are you Zakir missing you a lot.

  19. guys dnt think to much… usko maine mara h bada paka rha tha sbko.. n fir maine socha ap log ki prblm solve kr du…to mar diya…

    1. Well said!! Haha..!! Lol 🙂 😀 😀

  20. ab to ap log ko pata chal gaya mohit ke murdr mistry ka khulasa…

  21. sorry guys …its joke …n as usual nice episode …

  22. It was a wild animal who killed mohit! By seeing the animal.he got scared and jumped into the well! Did you guys remember the newspaper read by babasa said a fierce lion escaped from the city zoo! And that lion ate up komal infront of mohit and he thought better to jump in the well instead of becoming hot table food for the lion.

  23. Instead of zakhir new person joining the show to help sandhya in finding the culprit.
    Spoilers again started fooling us. They are doubting sooraj too along with Emily and Lalima.
    I strongly feel none of the family member involved in this crime.

  24. Meenakshi wants to say that Mohit is having affair with another lady. That’s it.

  25. I think it is ridiculous that Sooraj is suspected. “Diya aur Baati” should always be well lit. Why give trying time to their relationship? I am sure most viewers like me will not like it
    Please do something about it.

  26. It seems baboo and sooraj got to know about Mohit affair.
    It’s nice to see same inspector who arrested baboo in the earlier days of serial.

  27. Mohit shud remain alive and then in thatt state bhabho shud give punishment 4o mohit by remarrying emily then only some new revolution can be seen in samaj

  28. Hi guys.. Good morning…

    Nice.. awesome and emotional episode…
    Sandhya acting was superb……waiting for today episode…
    Nice to see Varsha rocking…DABH page

    1. Every ones acting was superb except that idiot mohit’s ??!!he wasn’t looking as he’s dead, there’s no bruise on his face and he also moved his hand when he’s on stretcher! ?

  29. I have a doubt was mohit really dead?..if not who’s body is it…
    I was imagining a gr8 suspense of mohit dual role……till now we didn’t see any dual role in story ??… Just imagine.. How interesting ??

    1. Haha… Good imagination. Yes, that will be really interesting. But varun aka Mohit already confirmed that his character ended and he is no longer part of the serial.

  30. Emotional episode…poor mohit.. sandy acts well…

  31. Meenakshi might be knowing that its 1.mohit who has stolen Sarees from their shop,
    2. Mohit affair

    Bahoo got to know about Lalima while sooraj/lokesh discussing about Mohit behavior. And feeling guilty for making sandy suffer

    It might be Komal side people who killed mohit.

    May be Emily talking with her parents over the phone and want to get separated from mohit

    This is what I am assuming

  32. No sad emotions for Mohit.
    We reap the harvest of the seeds we sow, apparently Mohit just met his match. He was an useless husband, bad picture of a father and a thief who robbed the family, blacked mailed those he could and never supported his family.

    Now that he is gone, Lol – please give Emily the life she deserves by giving her in marriage to Zakir who loves her so much and will be an adoring father to Pari. He suits the family well.

  33. It seems like everyone send their own ghunday (hired men) to kill mohit! Lalima , lokesh and Emily but he killed only by bhabo’s hands! That’s why everyone was feeling strange weird! Suraj will take bhabo’s blame on himself to save her -a great exam ahead for sandya,again she’ll choose one in between pariwaar and her duty ?

  34. After watching this episode one thing is pakka that sooraj and baboo knows Mohit affair with other lady. That’s why baboo is stressful including sooraj. Due to this everyone is thinking that baboo/Sooraj killed Mohit.

  35. I think bhabho is culprit . Lalima n lokesh are witness. Meenakshi wants to tell about mohit’s affair or his robbery. Emily planned to take divorceo after lalima’s marriage or engagement.

  36. Bhaboo killed mohit!…

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