Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Binny going back to home. Sandhya looks on and follows. Binny keeps the aarti plate and goes to washroom. Sandhya comes there and thinks maybe Binny is trying to wash hands, she does not know the color won’t go off by hands. Binny comes out and sees Sandhya. She asks what are you doing here, what is the matter. Sandhya sees Binny holding towel and covering her hands. Sandhya says I was feeling heat, can I take this towel to wipe off sweat. She takes towel and sees Binny’s hands fine. Binny says my memory is getting weak, I left water tap open, someone told me that water is coming out, so I came to shut tap, I know there is water scarcity, so I came running, what are you doing here, come we will go out. Sandhya thinks Binny is diverting me and wanted to save someone,

but who, it means Binny is also involved in this game.

Maasa asks Emily to take Sparsh to temple. Om comes and tells Maasa to give house papers for bank loan. Maasa says its in cupboard, I will get it. Om says give keys to Emily, she will get it. Maasa shouts no, I will get it. Om asks why, you doubt on Emily, is Emily a thief. Emily says its fine Om. Maasa says Om got married few days ago and is talking for wife, Emily broke my trust, I will not give her any responsibility. Om says strange, you have all responsibilities to Emily to see household and Sparsh, why does this trust stop here, Emily will get papers from your cupboard. Maasa says I m your Dadi, I will get papers if you want. Om stops her.

Emily stops Om and says let Maasa get papers. Om says its not about papers, its about trust. Maasa says this is my house, my rules will work. He says fine, you stay here, Emily pack your bag. Emily stops Om and asks him not to decide such big thing. She says Maasa you know Om, he can tell things angrily, but he does not mean it. Maasa says you can stay here or leave, if you have to stay here, then follow my rules. Om says fine and leaves. Emily runs to stop Om.

Sandhya and Sooraj have a talk. She says Binny’s hand did not had that ink, I think she did this intentionally. He says it means you still doubt on Binny. She says I don’t trust anyone than my loved ones. Bhabho and Meenakshi come. Bhabho asks did you find anything. Sandhya says no, there was nothing on Binny’s hand. Meenakshi says we did as you told us, we stood in different lines, no one knew our plates had this camera fit, I have rotated camera and captured everyone’s hands and faces, no one knew, I did not wear uniform, else I also have police mind, I have spied a lot on Vikram. Bhabho asks her not to joke. Meenakshi says its good you all smiled after a long time, take this camera. Bhabho also gives the camera from her aarti plate to Sandhya.

Sandhya thanks them and says I could have not done this without your help. Meenakshi says Bhabho is stubborn, but she understood when you told her. FB shows Sandhya telling Sooraj that she tried to faint, I held that man, when I was controlling him, he gave me electric shock, then I fainted, when I opened eyes, you were infront of me. Bhabho hears this and says you will not change, you got Devi’s blessings and neelvish went, you are doubting on Devi’s powers. Sandhya says trust me, there was a human, I held hand, if Devi has to make person fine, why will Devi make person faint, only wrong man can do such thing.

Bhabho says I don’t understand, you are mistaken, you have seen that Devi’s miracle light, how can you forget Ved’s walking on water, Dakshak snake stopped us, no one can ignore these miracles. Sandhya says I don’t know your answers now, but wait I will show you something. Bhabho asks Sooraj to explain Sandhya. Sandhya gets the red foot marks of Mukeshwari and asks Bhabho do you remember. Bhabho says yes, Mukeshwari chose Riddhi that time. Sandhya shows a tshirt with stain. Bhabho says yes, its Ved’s tshirt with haldi mark. Sandhya says its not yellow, it should be yellow if its haldi. Bhabho says everyone knows haldi’s stain gets red when soap is applied. Sandhya says yes, when red footmarks come on cloth, then its called Mukeshwari’s miracle. Bhabho asks what do you want to say. Sandhya puts water on the plate and applies hand marks on the white cloth, which appears red. Bhabho gets shocked.

Sandhya says this is not any miracle, this white cloth had haldi stains, I washed it and dried it, this water has soda mixed in it, the soaps have soda, even this water has soda, trust me, this is plan of a human mind, who is fooling innocent people, see Ved is getting superstitious, people here made him Lord, but for me, my Ved will be my son, I m seeing he is getting lost in darkness, I want my family’s support to save my son, think once, you will see things clearly, I need your support Bhabho, else I will lose. She cries. Bhabho says no mother can lose the fight for a child, we all are with you, entire Rathi family is with you. FB ends. Sandhya says Vikram and Babasa gave these cameras and helped me, I m proud of my family, our Rathi family stands together in tough time. Bhabho says but this fight is not easy, you don’t know the enemy.

Bhabho says I m afraid anything wrong can happen. Sandhya says I know your fear, if we get wrong, Ved will also get against us, he can get away, so we can’t do any mistake, we have to take every step carefully, we will check the recording, we can get some clue. Bhabho, I knew this challenge is tough, but we have to start from somewhere. She checks the camera recording. Sandhya says Bhabho’s camera did not have anything and fixes Meenakshi’s camera. She checks recording. Sooraj shows someone hiding the hand. They all see the person’s hand. Meenakshi says its in my camera recording, I m smart. The video goes. Meenakshi asks is laptop not working. Sandhya says no, I think you kept hand on camera’s lens. Bhabho says Meenakshi can’t do anything well. Meenakshi says I was lighting diya. They see the lady’s hand color different. Sooraj says her hand is yellow, whose hand is this. Sandhya says she has hidden her face, once this chunni moves from her face. They all get shocked seeing Riddhi in the video. Sandhya says Riddhi…. Sooraj says it means Riddhi is involved in this game.

Sandhya goes to check Riddhi’s hands and washes her hands to check color.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Superb Episode. Eagerly awaiting upcoming episodes.
    DABH Rockzzzz…..
    SOORAJ-SANDHYA awesome.

  2. Gethu..mass…no words 2 express…dabh is d 1ly soap that teaches us more abt science…hatsoff dabh team…

    1. Aamadi correcta sonna
      I too love DABH a lot
      Superb concept

  3. Suspence.eagerly waiting to know the culprit.wish it won’t be like mohit’s murder track where they switch their suspicion from one person to another

  4. Evlo super epi ka innum comments kaanam….yeh sekram comment pannunka paaa….

  5. Science wins over superstition…good job Diya aur baati team…plz keep up this work…

  6. Awsome episode.Good job the makers of DABH.

  7. syper n awesome epi

  8. Awesome episode.Good job the makers of DABH.

  9. wow wow wow wow wow speechless………………….DABH.u rock 2day

  10. Omg, seriously superb episode

  11. Awesome episode.

  12. Turmeric when mixed with alkaline containing chemicals(sodium carbonate caco3 sodium hydroxide etc) turns reddish. This is normally done during Aarati. But the finding of the culprit is wantonly procrastinated.

  13. The person who came to temple was wearing gloves si how on earth that invisible chemical come in contact with his hand

  14. nice episode. Suraj and Sandhya done very well. DABH always different from other serials. It shows good things to the viewers, dabh rocks always.

  15. guys whom are u suspecting???i dnt think its binny or riddhi

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