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Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arzoo giving a tiffin to Gul. She says there is something special in the second box, take it carefully, and check other boxes too. Gul leaves. The constable checks the tiffin and sees rotis in first box. Gul signs his man. The man says I m very hungry, Sandhya madam is here too, give the tiffin. Constable says its matter of security. Another constable says leave it, Sandhya madam also waits for this tiffin, they are our people, let them go. Constable says fine, and seals tiffin. He asks Gul to take it. Gul gives tiffin to his man and proceeds.

Sandhya asks his men to take out the laak from other tiffins too. Gul hides the laak and says first step is taking for lakshagrah, this will burn on holi day, do anything Sandhya…..

Bhabho comes to a ladies boutique.

She thinks how to go inside, there are many people there. She goes inside the shop and asks the man to show nighties. The man says you want nighties, and shows some designs. Bhabho gets embarrassed and looks at other girls there. She says not these clothes. He asks what kind of nightie you want. Bhabho says nothing, leave it. A female shopkeeper comes and Bhabho asks for some short nighties, like those one. The lady smiles and says sorry, your size is not available. Bhabho says not for me, for my bahu, she is newly wed, some design one. The lady says understood and shows some. Bhabho says this one will look on my Arzoo, and buys.

Gul makes the people pledge for their motive to kill people, and show their power. Bhabho comes there and hears some sound. She hears Pakistani will win, and gets shocked. She recalls leaving her family member’s hand. She gets tensed and runs from there. She comes infront of some bike and Sooraj holds her. He asks what happened, from where are you coming, tell me. She says Sooraj, Pakistan….. She cries and hugs him.

Piya asks Chotu to tell something, why did he not answer his call. He recalls Bhabho’s words and thinks I can’t break the promise I gave to Bhabho, I can’t tell Piya that Arzoo is here. He says sorry, I slept early. She asks when will we give Arzoo’s money, she has to pay fees, once she gets admission, then they will unite. He says don’t worry, I will just come. He thinks he forgot bike keys at Arzoo’s place.

Sandhya and Sooraj sit by Bhabho’s side. Bhabho recalls the past. Sandhya asks Bhabho did you see anything Bhabho…… don’t be quiet, what happened. Bhabho is scared. Sooraj says calm down Bhabho, don’t say if you don’t want, take rest. Sandhya says yes, say when you feel fine. They make Bhabho rest. Sooraj goes. Bhabho holds Sandhya’s hand.

Sooraj cries. Sandhya goes to him and says you are worried for Bhabho right. He says I don’t know, this fear about Pakistan, I feel helpless today, I m unable to help Bhabho, she was running madly, as if she has seen something, I asked her, she said nothing, I know there is some matter which is troubling her, I don’t know whats the story behind this, how to bring her out of this fear.

Sandhya says I did not hear anything about Bhabho’s maayka. Sooraj says I don’t know anything about my Naniyaal, why are you asking like this. She says Babasa said that nothing happened with Bhabho after her marriage, it means maybe something happened in her childhood in her Maayka, I think if you go to your Naniyaal, we will know something, there will be someone there who can tell us. He says I think you are saying right, I will have to go, I will leave tomorrow, we will not tell this to Bhabho, we have to bring out Bhabho from this fear, thanks Sandhya.

Chotu looks for the keys. Arzoo comes there covering herself in shawl. He thinks why is she wearing shawl. He says I don’t have time, give me the keys, whats in your hands, show me, I know you are hiding keys. The shawl falls. He sees her in nightie. She smiles and hugs him. He holds her and covers her back with the shawl. Music plays……………..

Sandhya asks what will we tell Sooraj. He packs bag and says I will tell Bhabho. She thinks don’t know when will he return, function is in few days.

Sooraj holds Sandhya and asks her not to worry, it can’t happen that I won’t be present in your function, how can a husband lose happiness to clap for his wife’s success. She says you understand everything without my saying, its just you behind my success, I m nothing with this name Sooraj Rathi. He hugs her and they smile. Diya aur baati…..plays……

Sandhya sees the bangles and says I feel there is some plan. Ved tells Bhabho about Duryodhan making laak palace, that’s called Lakshagrah. Sandhya hears him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It seems that the chemistry has worked out between Aarzoo and Chotu.

  2. Okay Episode. Superb precap. Now by hearing Ved’s words, Sandhya will come to know Gul’s plan.
    Come on Sandhya. Cheer up.Go Ahead.
    You will win the fight.
    Eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes.

  3. Superb episode. dabh is getting more intreasting.Everyone should get husband as suraj & wife as sandhya.After seeing precape Hope sandhya will find gul’s plan.

  4. Nice episode..

  5. I think arzoo is a terrorist that’s why she is helping Gul..

  6. Bhabho really like arzoo n i hope arzoo don’t hurt her n gul will end up taking ved against sandhya

  7. Nice episode…sandhya find gul plan soon..chotu and arzoo bgm is today episode suraj and sandy scenes so nice…

  8. no i don’t think arzoo is a terrorist. but she is helpless. may b her grandma is in danger so that she is pretending. its my point of view. lets see the upcoming episode

  9. I think aarzo is not a terrorist

  10. AarZoo is Bhabo’s Brother’s Daughter… which she lost in pak-indo fights///…////

    1. Yesss!!!

  11. gul bhabho ka bhai hoga

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