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Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya shaving Sooraj’s beard. He recalls an old moment. She says I m shaving well, you will look a hero. Water drops from the ceiling leakage. He says this happens every year before the rainy season. She says leave it, and continues her work. Water falls on his face. She goes and gets an umbrella to cover him. She ties umbrella to the wheelchair handle. She says great, we have solutions. He says you have solution for everything. She says I m your wife, congrats for the first rain. She cleans his face with towel and asks him to see, he looks a hero. He says yes. They smile. Diya aur baati…………..plays……………..

She says I have to show you something. She removes the umbrella and takes him to the window. Chavi manages the sweet shop. Suraj sees Chavi

managing the work and making laddoos. He smiles. Sandhya says this is Chavi’s decision, your younger siblings got mature now, Vikram is making house responsibilities, don’t worry about anything, there is nothing to worry now, just get well soon. He says I m so lucky to get such family, I was unnecessarily feeling helpless, now I feel family is strength of a person. He cries happily. She thinks your dream, this shop will run like this always, this is my promise.

Emily, Ritu and Chandni set their new house. Chandni tells Maasa that she will not keep Ritu in her room. Ritu says don’t come to me when you get scared at night. Chandni hugs Emily and says I will go to Emily. She asks her to show Pushkar. Emily smiles and says once I set these things, I will take you out. Om comes and asks them to put cartons out. He asks about the last carton. He stops Chandni from saying anything. Emily opens the carton and sees a beauty parlor pamphlet. Maasa says Om has put these posters everywhere. Om smiles. Arzoo says those who don’t express by sharing, their eyes show their loves. Emily asks Arzoo how is Sooraj and everyone at home.

Arzoo says everyone is fine, I got food for all of you, Bhabho asked me not to trouble you for cooking till your house gets set. Maasa says we will keep food today, but tell Bhabho not to send food again. Arzoo says Bhabho is stubborn, I can’t say anything. Maasa says I m eldest saas, I will decide, food won’t come. Arzoo says fine. Chavi takes the sweets order on phone. Meenakshi comes there. Chavi asks does she have less customers at her house. Meenakshi says I got Shikanji for you, I thought you would faint by this excess work. Chavi says I m fine. Meenakshi says its just day, you could need glucose, you work in AC, how will you work here, I pity seeing your face, think of me if you change your mind, you know I love you.

Chavi reminds Vikram’s promise to Bhabho, give this Shikanji to him, maybe he will faint. A man hears their arguments. Chavi asks Meenakshi not to worry, I will work better than Vikram. Meenakshi says we will know till evening, who can fulfill responsibility. Chavi says fine, we will leave this on time. Meenakshi sees that man and thinks who is this man hearing our conversation carefully. The man leaves. She looks at him.

Sandhya takes care of Sooraj and they spend some quality time. She kisses on his cheek. He asks her to take care of baby and tell the baby that her Papa loves her, I can’t even feel my baby. She keeps his hand on her tummy and tells her daughter that her Papa loves her. She says your daughter is saying she also loves you Sooraj ji. They smile.

Emily does some work and falls. Om holds her in arms. Maasa says there is no need to lift her in arms, let her do her work, you also go for your work. She smiles and goes. Om leaves. Emily smiles. Ved tells some story to Sooraj about a woodcutter. Arzoo says I also learnt to read hindi, shall I read it. Sooraj says its great. Arzoo reads wrong and they laugh. Sooraj corrects Arzoo and tells her the meaning of words. Bhabho comes there and is happy seeing Sooraj smiling. She does his aarti and tilak.

Sandhya gives tea to Om. Om says Sooraj looked happy, its good, recovery would be fast. She shows the last week reports, is there any improvement. He says there is no improvement till now, but such cases take time, have patience.

Chavi says its one week I managed this shop. She checks the money earned and says its much profit, I will show Sooraj, he will be happy. The same man looks on. Sandhya and Sooraj smile seeing the shop running well. Sandhya says Chavi managed shop well. The man goes to some shop and tells the man about Sooraj’s younger sister managing shop well, there is much crowd. The man says its not Sooraj present there, Chavi is not my target, I want to ruin Rathi sweet shop business to set up benefit for my shop. Sandhya smiles seeing Sooraj’s happiness.

Vikram slaps Chavi infront of everyone. Chavi argues with him. Babasa tells them that Vikram could not even become a small diya, leave about becoming Sooraj. Bhabho and Sandhya cry. The other shop owner looks on and thinks I did not do anything till now, what will happen when I do something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Just now I see the interview given by anas and deepika…interviewers ask them about dabh ending…they told..IF FANS SUPPORTS THEM THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN…we guys always support dabh…if we support dabh this bad thing will not happen…keep supporting guys…and today episode was awesome …my eyes was filled with tears…by seeing sooraj and sandhya…dabh keep rocking….and now we support them

  2. Good Episode
    Especially SOORAJ-SANDHYA & BHABHO scenes.
    Suspense precap
    SOORAJ’s siblings never change.They all are always selfish
    OM-EMILY love story also begins.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes
    Hope nothing bad will happen with RATHI family & SOORAJ again
    Hope the villain halwai will be exposed soon & RATHI shop will be saved.
    We want fastest recovery for SOORAJ
    Plzzz end this tragic track soon

    1. Babasa said right
      Vikram can’t become SOORAJ.
      CHAVI too.

  3. hi guys i m piku…. i m a biggggggggggeeeessstttt fan of dabh. My wishes r with this show. From my heart i can say, this show is never gonna end. Even i want to join this show if i will get chance. Love u sooraj and sandhya and all dabh fans.

  4. Ya i’m new for comment but i have read and watch this drama since it start. I love this. Today epi superb..

  5. The rathi shop will be save by sandhya

  6. The promo is again a cliche thereby making the story still boring.

  7. We will support dabh from bottom of our hearts pls do not end this there are many fans around this keep on going all the best


    I am praying from my heart ♥…dabh never end right now…this is not a right time to end……dabh team definitely think about the fans and they will continue with sandhya’s another brave mission and with soosan jodi


    And I am also the HUUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE FAAAAANNN OF DIYA AUR BAATI HUM…..I AM SEEING FROM THE BEGINNING…..still now I didn’t watch any other serial except dabh….there is no special serial than dabh…..i like this serial from my bottom of my heart ♥

  10. Nice episode. I like dabh very much
    Pl s. Don’t end this serial


  12. Yeah, superb episode

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