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Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho and Sandhya asking Zakir will he marry Chavi. He says he did not think this way about Chavi. He says its all so sudden and his mind is not working. He says them to give him some time, don’t think I have problem with Chavi’s first marriage, Sandhya knows me well. Bhabho says I can understand, and there is no forcing. She leaves with Sandhya. Zakir gets thinking and holds his head.

Sooraj waits for the call till night and thinks how to find the traitor. He sees his family pic. He gets a letter that someone is asking him to meet, and it states a car’s number. He calls Aditi and says maybe their plan worked, wait for my call. He rushes there and checks the number. He gets inside the taxi and gets another note. He asks driver to take him to some lake and

understands that they are keeping an eye on him.

Sooraj is dropped there and hears a call coming. He thinks whose phone is ringing here and goes to see. He gets the call and Mahendra says he has called him here. Sooraj asks who is it, can he know. Mahendra covers his face and says he is his stranger friend and wants to help her. He says he will give him 50lakhs and he wants some help from him. Sooraj asks what can he do. Mahendra says Sooraj has to lose the match for him, he wants to see Rajputana club losing. Sooraj says he can’t cheat his team. Mahendra asks can he cheat his Vedansh dream, what did you do to arrange money, you have less time now. Sooraj says he agrees for the deal. Mahendra ends the call and starts the car. Sooraj sees the car and the man with face covered.

Mahendra throws the bag to him and Sooraj takes the bag. Sooraj throws the stone on the car and Mahendra gets stunned. The car loses balance and hits the pole. Sooraj catches him and Mahendra hits him. He tries to run away and Sooraj pulls off his mask. He gets shocked to see its Mahendra.

He says Sir, you were out Guru, I gave you respect and you ashamed Guru, what greed did you have that you sold our trust, why are you doing this, why are you supporting Abhay. Mahendra says money can’t buy me. Sooraj says what is the matter. Mahendra says he loves his relations, he has blood relation with Abhay. Sooraj gets shaken up and asks how are you related, are you… Mahendra says yes, Abhay is my son.

Mahendra says you are also a father, you sold your shop for your son’s happiness, you are here for his wishes, I have done this for my son’s happiness. He says he could not do anything for his son always, but this time he decided to make Abhay happy and make the team lose for his sake. He says he will do anything for his son. Sooraj says no need to hide his crime, I have promised my son that Rajputana team will win, we will see who wins, a Guru or the student. Mahendra says I accept this challenge, the result will be known in the fields.

Its morning, Aditi talks to the team and says they have known the traitor now, she knows the name now and he is none other than their coach Mahendra. They all are shocked. She says they have got to know a good thing that he can’t try to fail us more, as he is not between us now, we will win and lose by our strength and weakness. She says now we have just victory infront of us, get ready to win. Avinash recalls Mahendra’s words. Aditi says now there will be no unfair things. She says she is proud of them and wants to see them winning. They all leave. She stops Sooraj and says how should I thank you, you helped me more than a captain does, we have to win the final match, I know you can do this. Avinash looks on.

Zakir is called to Delhi and the senior asks him and Sandhya to come together for some imp work. He tells Sandhya that maybe its urgent, the tickets are booked. Bhabho says Sooraj’s match is there today, how can you go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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