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Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhabho tells Sandhya that Vansh has high fever. Sandhya says I will see him, how is Kanak. Bhabho says she is fine, Maasa came and told about using mum’s chunri, Kanak got fine, I was thinking why don’t we do this with Vansh too, I m not forcing you, I m just saying, if his fever goes by using your chunri/saree, its good, he won’t know it. Ved says I think Bhabho will convince mumma, she will do this trick, whoever comes with chunri in this room is your real mum. Bhabho says child has unique relation with mum, when child does not understand anything, he knows mum’s lullaby, we feel mum’s energy reaches the child by chunri and child gets fine, whats the harm in doing this. Sandhya agrees and takes her saree.

She goes towards kids’ room and Sooraj stops her on the way. She gets

surprised seeing him and they hug. He shows the newspaper with her new achievement and salutes her. She thanks him. They smile. He asks where are kids, Ved, Vansh and Kanak. She says Kanak is sleeping, I was going to meet Ved and Vansh. Om comes there and gets Sooraj’s bag. Sooraj says Om met me at bus stand. Om says he did not call me, I was passing by and saw him. She thanks Om and asks what happened to Vansh. Om asks what. She says Vansh has fever, you gave him medicines. He says no, Ved and Vansh did not come to my clinic, I told know what is ill. Sandhya says but kids said this to Bhabho, I don’t understand why are kids doing this. Sooraj says maybe its misunderstandings, kids won’t lie, I will talk to them.

Om tells about Emily worried as its initial three months. He says I will leave you, Maasa and Emily will be waiting. He leaves. Sooraj asks Sandhya not to worry. She keeps that saree there. Emily is worried for Pari. Pari gets I m sorry card. Emily also apologizes to her and hugs her. She asks Pari about her project. Pari says it got completed I will get it. Om sees Emily smiling and takes her pic, saying I wanted to capture your smile, I m seeing you smiling after a long time, you look beautiful, being happy makes things easy, if you stay happy, our baby will stay happy, live these moments, leave all tensions for me. They hug. Emily agrees with Om and thinks things get easy when Om is with her, I will try to keep myself happy.

Sooraj and Sandhya come to meet Ved and Vansh. Ved hugs Sooraj.Vansh smiles and hugs Sooraj. Vansh says you did not tell us and came. Sooraj gives them gifts. The kids thank him. Sandhya thinks Vansh is fine, it does not look like he was ill. She sees tablets falling in bin and says Vansh did not take any medicine. She tells Sooraj that Vansh lied that he has fever, see his medicines there, why did he lie, we should ask kids, he shares things with you, you ask him.

Sooraj asks Vansh do you really have fever. Sandhya tells Ved that lying is bad, why did you lie, answer me, why did you tell Bhabho that Om gave medicines to Vansh. She asks Vansh to tell him, did Ved say anything. Ved says sorry, Vansh wanted to meet his mum and dad, so we lied. Sandhya thinks did Vansh know the truth? She asks mumma and Papa, what do you mean. Vansh says mummy and Papa would have come soon knowing I m ill. Sandhya says oh, fine, Ankur…… Sooraj says lying is bad, you know your Papa Ankur does responsible work, its wrong to lie and call him, if you have problem, you can talk to me, Ved, Sandhya and everyone, do we think we are strangers. Vansh says I like everyone, they take care of me. Sandhya thinks I know he is very happy here, then why is he lying to call Ankur. Vansh thinks to find his real mum soon.

Its morning, Sandhya gets ready for her duty. Sooraj gets Kanak and shows to Sandhya. Sandhya says I feel Vansh’s behavior is strange, he is hiding something, he never lies, but he lied yesterday, he is making excuse, I have seen him happy always, I don’t think he lied to call Ankur and Ankita here, I think there is something, that’s why he is lying. Sooraj asks what do you think, I explained him, you don’t worry, you are going on duty. She says I will come home early, we will take kids out, its imp to find whats in their hearts, we will talk to them. She leaves.

Sandhya reaches office and ass whats happening. She sees the man free and leaving. She says Bhavani Singh, and asks Arpita how did Bhavani Singh get bail. Commissioner says I have given that order. Sandhya says I did not understand, I had to interrogate him. Commissioner says Bhavani Singh is dangerous man, you did not see him, it means will you get any innocent man to get media praising you. She asks how can he be innocent, what about that fax, why did he run after signing him to stop. He says if any person gets scared and runs seeing police, it does not mean he is wrong, that man did not had valid driving license, thats why he did not stop. She says fine, I agree, but when we were given car number and details, we followed that. He says the car number was different. She asks how can this happen. I have seen that car number and told everyone, I did not do mistake. Arpita says sorry, that check the fax, maybe you did mistake. She shows the fax. Sandhya gets shocked.

Ved tells Sooraj that I came here with Vansh, Vans his there in record room, he is finding his real parents. Vansh gets shocked seeing his parents name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice Episode.Good Tracks.
    Hope everything will be fine soon.
    I think VANSH didn’t see SOORAJ-SANDHYA name,but ANKUR-ANKITA name as his parents.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.

  2. So Vansh had identified his parents.Everything shows that the serial comes to close. Only problem is Arpita that will be terminated very soon.

  3. Vansh will join with Sandhya~Sooraj..

  4. I hope vansh finds the truth . sandhya dont give up hope and always win.

  5. VED is handsome & innocent.
    But VANSH is the most handsome & innocent looking among RATHI children.
    VED looks like SOORAJ
    VANSH looks like SANDHYA.So cute.

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