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Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zakir saying Officer Sandhya Rathi was in that coach of Sushmita express which blasted in the accident, she was on duty and died. They all get stunned and cry. Ved cries and hugs Sooraj. Sooraj and Bhabho are in shock. Zakir gives Sandhya’s belongings to Sooraj. Sooraj looks at Sandhya’s pic. Babasa says this can’t be true, I told Sandhya that she will come and then we will have dinner, whom did you get Zakir, she is brave and she can’t be this, I will see her. Zakir stops Babasa and says please don’t see, the body is burnt, its really Sandhya, we have done DNA test. Everyone cry. Ved asks Sandhya to wake up. Emily hugs her and they all cry. Chavi hugs Sooraj and cries. Sooraj is in shock.

Chavi asks Sooraj to sit and accept this. She shakes him. Daisa

says Lord did very wrong with Sandhya. She asks Sooraj to cry and get his pain out. Bhabho recalls Sandhya and says Sandhya has gone, she has left her old Bhabho and Babasa, her small Ved, was this not her duty. She talks to Sandhya’s pic and asks how will Sooraj and Ved stay without her, how can she leave them alone. Zakir is unable to see the family’s tears. Zakir and other police officers salute and pay tribute. They leave from Rathi house. Bhabho goes out of the house.

Zakir removes his cap and cries. Bhabho calls out Zakir ji and stops him. She says you lied to me that Sandhya was not in that train, when I have seen her in that train. She says we trusted you and you lied to me, I asked you many times. I requested you to tell me about Sandhya, you assured me that nothing will happen to Sandhya. She says you did good friendship by sacrificing your friend, you did great, your police will give Sandhya a big tribute, but what about my family, Sandhya will never return now. She cries. Zakir holds her and cries.

Zakir talks to Bharat and says Mission Mahabali was well thought and well accomplished, how did this happen, I can’t believe Sandhya will not jump from train on time, and died in the blast. He asks Bharat the reason for Sandhya’s accident. Bharat says even I have such questions, when I saw Sandhya’s body, when Sandhya run towards the door, her leg had stuck in axis pin, it took time for her to jump, and the coaches blasted. He shows some proof to Zakir, and asks him to see postmortem report.

Zakir reads it. Bharat says even I m sad to lose our brave officer, we should recall her with pride, who died and made our mission successful, I m proud of her.

Sooraj does Sandhya’s last rites. Everyone cry. Sooraj and Ved light fire. Ved recalls Sandhya’s words when she left home. He hugs Sooraj and cries. Zakir recalls Sandhya’s words and cries. Babasa too recalls her final words. Sooraj thinks about her behavior in recent days. Diya aur baati………plays………….

Sandhya is shown somewhere, putting water on her head, and recalling Ved, Sooraj and her family. She cries recalling her promise to Bhabho. Bharat comes to her and throws the pot, asking what is she doing. She says she is punishing a bahu who did not do her duties, that wife who did not keep marriage vows, the mum who left her 6 year old kid, what would they go through seeing the dead body, and cries. She says they gave me love and I lied to them, I hate myself, why did I do this. Bharat says you should be proud, you are mum, wife and bahu, maybe you did wrong, but a real soldier has done her duty with honesty.

She says I have broken my loved one’s hearts, how could I do this, the family gave me parents, a child, I failed as a wife, mum and bahu, I lost all my relations. Bharat says your family is not just them, but everyone in the country is her family, mission mahabali just started, make your tears your strength and ruin Garjana Sanghatan.

Bharat tells Sandhya that she will visit temple as Sagarika, and they will leak this news. The goons plan to get Sagarika before police.

Update Credit to: Amena

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