Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vineet’s entry. Shankar takes them to Vineet. Zakir and Sooraj are shocked to see him. Vineet smiles and greets them. Vineet believes in them now and Sooraj talks to him saying it’s a great garage. Sandhya hears this. Vineet thanks him. Zakir says I like the place and loves the bikes. He tries to get details from him and asks his name. Vineet says Mohit Rathi and they are shocked. Zakir and Sooraj understand its Vineet. Sandhya hears this and is shocked.Sooraj says you also earn and let me also earn, now we are business partners.
Vineet tells about German bikes. Sooraj says you are right and says we will start today. Vineet touches him and gets color on his hand. He catches Sooraj’s lie as puts water on his face. Sooraj and Zakir are shocked. Vineet looks at

them angrily. Vineet takes off Sooraj’s moustache. Zakir and Sooraj get tensed. Vineet says liars and raises his hand on Sooraj, but Zakir stops him. Sandhya hears this and runs to save them. The gang members beat up Sooraj and Zakir and they also fight back. Vineet runs from there. Sooraj gets tensed seeing many goons surrounding them.

A goon downs the shutter but Sandhya stops him. She gets in and kicks him on his chest. The other goons see her and she walks in the garage like a tigress ready to beat everyone. The goons try to run seeing her, but she stops them. Sandhya beats them. Lohya also joins the fight. Zakir does some good shots and Sooraj tries his simple boxing and kicks. Shankar hides. Vineet gets caught by he used the chemical gas to run again. Sooraj gets up closing his breath because of the gas and tells Zakir that Vineet has run away. Zakir says we have to get him.

Sandhya and Lohya see Vineet running on his bike. Vineet asks all his goons to run. Sandhya beats the goons and follows Vineet on another bike. She asks Lohya to arrest everyone found here. Za,kir and Sooraj also leave to catch Vineet in the police jeep. Vineet speeds up but Sandhya does some high humping act to get on him.Vineet ends up at the cliff and Sandhya stops his bike too. Vineet raises his bike and looks at Sandhya. They both stop the bikes and remove their helmets to face other other. Vineet sees the dead end of the valley and gets down the bike.He tries to jump but Sandhya takes out her gun. He stops.

Sandhya walks towards Vineet and he moves back. He falls and she holds him. Vneet gets tensed. Zakir and Sooraj come there and pull up both of them. Zakir catches Vineet and asks how much are you going to run. He says Sandhya has caught him. Sandhya says I would have risked my life t find him. Zakir says I will take him to police station. He takes Vineet and leaves. Sooraj and Sandhya have a moment of pride. Zakir asks Sodhi to give him full report of everyone caught. SP comes and praises Zakir for dealing this matter so well, he was worried by this bike robbers, but he has caught them.

Zakir says its not my hand after this. SP says you are a good leader whom wants to share his happiness with team. He says its good to inspire them, so we will give you a positive memo. Zakir smiles and thanks him, saying my team has always supported me, but the truth is there is one more officer in this, who has helped me in catching Vineet, she is Sandhya. SP is shocked. SP says we give only one positive memo, I hope you understand, its for you and can help you in your career, it depends on you, you want it or give it to Sandhya. Zakir says Sir………. SP says you first think well and then tell me. Zakir thinks and looks at him.

Zakir comes to Rathi house and everyone look at him. Zakir says I m sorry Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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