Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th January 2013 Written Update

Suraj was going down under the water, worried sandy pleads bhabho to stop him, he will only listen to her, bhabho dnt react, sandy ran toward suraj, meanwhile bhabho turns n ask suraj to stop n gave him swear to not move a step ahead, suraj stops, all goes to him, he came out n touch bhabho’s feet n beg for sorry, she ask to return to pushkar n thy’ll talk after reaching home.

Rathi family return home, chavi opens the door, bbsa n bhabho enters sadly, as suraj was abt to step inside bhabho stop him n ask everyone else to enter, all enters except surya.

Bhabho ask them that she cant let him drown in river, she’s her mother, she has nourished him since years but now she cant live with him, if thy stay here, he has to follow bhabho unwillingly, its better he’ll go away with his wife n live as thy want to. She was abt to close the door but sandy stop her n ask to not give such punishment, thy r ready for anything but not this, bhabho dnt listen them n move to close the door.

Bbsa came forward n stop bhabho n says that he can’t let her do this mistake n ask surya to step inside but thy dnt, he get angry n says that he’s thr father n if thr’s l’il respect for him thy’ll cum inside, he tuk thr bag, move them inside n close the door. Bhabho dnt like it n throws utensils on the floor, everyone is shocked.

Bbsa move forward n picks it n says if she turns mad, its his home, his life saving, he knows that he’s not the peny earner of the house but he’ll not let his house divide just bcoz of anyone’s ego n anger.

Bhabho shouts n says that its not her anger, her son lied to her for his wife’s study n he’s saying that his anger is unneccesary, she taunts that he has became JORU KA GULAM. Bbsa dnt like it n ask bhabho to decide whether she’s angry on his lie or he lied for sandhya.

Bhabho dnt say anything but bbsa does, every1 else were standing like dumb. Bbsa says that its not the first time suraj has told lie to them, several time he did this n sumtimes she was very proud of him. If she dnt remember, he’ll remind everyone the day when he fell very ill, suraj was only 14 n it was result day of suraj, suraj interupts n ask bbsa to not bring this topic but bbsa want to speak.

He continues n says that, that day bhabho has given responsibility of this house to suraj, suraj lied that day he has passed the exams with gud scores, it shocked sandy, but he lied that he failed so that his parents dnt hv the guilt of spoiling future of thr bright son, when bhabho get to know of this lie, y hvnt she felt cheated, bcoz that day he lied for his parents n family, he was a gud son.

He has many other example, he hold vik n ask to remember the day when vik was in big loss n suraj gave him money, lying from everyone, that day bhabho dnt scold him bcoz he was a gud brother. He point towards mohit n says that mohit has never left any stone unturned to speak against surya, he forget that suraj has suffered in shop but always gave him money for his diplomas, hiding from bhabho, she knows all still thr was no problem.

He hold chavi n says that she was always against suraj but he always supported her. Suraj did so much for the family but thr was no problem that time, he has a big heart where all family has equal space n if he has given l’il space to her wife’s dreams wats the big deal in that.

Bhabho has never considered sandy to be part of rathis thats y she’s having problem. Sandy is not like thy hv dreamt for thr DIL but she has always fulfilled the duty of a gud DIL by luving every1, she has done so much n bhabho knows it. It is the dream of every father to fulfill her daughter’s dream n if after marriage, her husband do it, wats the problem in that.

Precap: Bhabho says that sandy can fulfill her dreams n cntnue study, she will never do it uy hurting her, bhabho force her n says that she has one condition.

Update Credit to: Amor

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