Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Sooraj telling each other that Arzoo is from Pakistan. She says I came to know this at police station, how do you know. Sooraj says I met her in Pakistan’s market and taught her this Chann, I heard the same from Arzoo today. I told you that day that I feel I met Arzoo, I found her voice familiar, she is that girl. Sandhya says how did this hide from us, Bhabho did not keep Pakistani saree, how will she keep Pakistani bahu, what will we do, how will we tell Bhabho.

Arzoo comes running and crying. She hugs Resham. Resham says its not time for your bidaai, save your tears for that time. Mahek thinks I will give this passport to Sandhya to ruin Arzoo and goes. Arzoo tells Resham that there won’t be any bidaai now, my marriage happened by big misunderstanding,

Rathi family said yes for me thinking I m from india’s Hyderabad, they don’t know I m from Pakistan. Mahek hears this and smiles. Arzoo says Sooraj ji told me. Mahek thinks Sooraj ji did my work. Resham says how can this happen, I have told them the truth, I gave them our shop card, with address and number, I have sent our papers to Meenakshi for notary, I did not say that we are from India’s Hyderabad, how can this happen. Sandhya and Sooraj look on. Arzoo and Resham cry. Sooraj says why did this happen and how, I know they did not hide anything from us. Sandhya says we have to talk to Meenakshi, she said she has gone to Hyderabad and met them.

Meenakshi comes to them and says you called me, tell me what is it. Sandhya asks did you go Hyderabad to meet Arzoo. Meenakshi says yes, I have gone there and told you, I checked well, why. Sandhya reminds Sooraj that they had breakfast at Charminar. Meenakshi says yes, Charminar hotel is nice. Sandhya says Charminar is not restaurant, its historic monument, you are lying, you did not go there, why did you lie, tell me. Sandhya says calm down Sandhya.

Meenakshi says I will say, I had to go in my Maayka’s marriage, I told Vikram not to tell Bhabho, the looter Dulhan took everything away, and we could not go Hyderabad, I lied to Bhabho. Sandhya says there is limit to lie, you don’t know what price we have to pay for this, go from here. Meenakshi asks her not to tell Bhabho. Sooraj sends Meenakshi. Sandhya says its our mistake, such big mistake. Resham says mistake? Resham and Mahek come there.. Resham says Arzoo married Chotu by all rituals, you are saying its mistake, its my mistake, everyone said I have high hopes from India, Arzoo will not get deserving respect there, my friend’s promise made me blind, our dreams shattered, my eyes opened, when Arzoo was from India, you hugged her and praised her a lot, and when it was known she is from Pakistan, everything turned wrong.

Sooraj says no, its not like that, its sudden by misunderstanding, we did not know this. Resham says you did not understand, but we understood, you proved one thing, you people have small hearts, where there is no place for my Arzoo, don’t worry, I will not force this marriage on you, because I care for Arzoo’s happiness, I will take her, where Arzoo is not welcomed by respect, I will not let her step there, Mahek pack the bags, we will leave today itself. Mahek smiles and goes. Resham cries and leaves.

Sooraj says this is not right Sandhya, Arzoo married Chotu by everyone’s wish, we have to stop her. Sandhya says I understand, but you know Arzoo is Pakistani and Bhabho will not accept her. He says I know its not Arzoo’s mistake, Resham did not hide anything, its our mistake. Sandhya says the problem is Bhabho will not accept Arzoo after knowing this truth. He asks what to do now. Bhabho talks to the guests. Resham sees her. Meenakshi is tensed and says I think Sandhya did not tell her till now, if Bhabho knows I did not go Hyderabad, she will kick me out. Resham comes downstairs and thinks I can’t leave without meeting Bhabho.

Sooraj says whatever Arzoo is, she is Rathi family’s youngest bahu, I know Arzoo will get all the deserving love and respect because its our mistake. Sooraj stops Resham and says no, mistake or misunderstanding, whatever Dadi ji, but Arzoo became our house bahu, I want your approval so that we take Arzoo with us with respect, I assure you Arzoo will not have bear any injustice, I will see to it that she is happy, listen to me once, then you can decide, I will accept your decision. He takes Resham with him. Resham asks Sooraj what does he want to say. Sandhya looks on. Sooraj says relation is made now, how to break it now, we don’t have any difference in our heart, Arzoo will get her rights of a bahu. Arzoo, Mahek and Bakshi look on. Sandhya thinks no one can change Bhabho’s thinking. Sooraj says Arzoo will go to hanuman gali, I request you all that Bhabho should not know Arzoo is Pakistani. Arzoo sitting in car, asks why should I hide my identity, being Pakistani is not a crime. Sooraj says no, you know the relations between both countries, Bhabho has some doubts about Pakistan, I don’t know her doubt to fall on you and your relation with Chotu, so we have to hide this matter from her for some time.

Arzoo says marriage foundation can’t be laid on lie. Sooraj says Sandhya and my relation was also by a lie, but relation matters, not that lie, we are happy today, I have hope that you will make place in Bhabho’s heart like Sandhya made, then Bhabho will accept you. I did not tell to Bhabho till now, but we have to do this for Arzoo and Chotu.

Mahek says if Santosh ji did not accept saree from Pakistan, who will she accept bahu, and asks Resham to take Arzoo along. Resham says its about Arzoo’s life and she will decide.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Complete crap.. I thought sooraj will build the hotel and the show will turn as positive… But nothing changed.. The same story again and again and again.. From today I stopped watching it.. Good bye dabh…

  2. It’s because of the idiocy of Sandya and foolishness of Meenakshi the identity of Aarzoo has been misunderstood. Anyhow Arzzo seems to be intelligent and will be able to manage adverse situations.

  3. I think bhabho will aceept arzoo base on meenakshi lie

  4. So the story repeats itself.. hahaha…another bahu to go through pariksha and to win bhabho’s heart!!!

    I wonder if Bhabho ever gave any parikshas to win her mother in law’s confidence? And if she had to go through that, is she taking a revenge by making all her daughter in laws go through the rough road? Why can’t she accept people whole heartedly without doubt? In my opinion she is the faultiest character and I wonder why eeryone gives so much importance to her. Even her husband can’t talk in front of her.

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