Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhabho talking to Sandhya about the 18th position. Sandhya says everyone had to choose a position and come on that position, I chose 28th position for me but someone has changed it from 28th to 18th, it was tough for me but I saved my position, this is my victory. Everyone ate happy. Chavi talks to Sandhya and says congrats, also one more good news, that Sooraj has booked my marriage hall. Meenakshi talks to Sandhya and says I knew it that you will win the cycle race. Bhabhi is not so happy knowing about the 18th position. Sandhya says I will end the call soon and will call in the evening. Sooraj says I will go to my shop now. He leaves.

Bhabho thinks Sandhya is happy to be on 18th position, she is not thinking about us, many people went ahead

of her today, she has to work hard and come first in every exam. She thinks how will Sandhya win. Kavita calls her assistant Anu and Anu tells her that we will getting support from everywhere only not from Lathi family. Anu says the people there are united. Kavita says don’t worry, I know its tough, but I did not lose and will never lose. Rahul and Roma have a talk. Rahul holds Roma’s hand and takes her to the mess. Sooraj calls Sandhya but she does not pick the call.

Rahul and Roma come to know that Sandhya is not opening her room. Roma thinks there might be something wrong. Roma and Rahul come to check Sandhya and are shocked to see in high fever. Roma and Rahul gets worried and think of taking her to the hospital. Sooraj waits for Sandhya’s call. He thinks why is Sandhya not taking my call. Sooraj burns the jalebi and samosa while thinking. Rahul and Raoma bring Sandhya to the hospital. Sandhya gets better. Roma asks what happened to Sandhya, she performed so well in cycle race. The doctor says this fever is because of the cycle race, don’t worry, I have given her pain killer, she needs complete rest for two three days.

Roma says but we have training, The doctor says I will issue a medical certificate for her. She asks her to submit the leave application to Officer Singh. Rahul says I will do that. Sooraj calls Roma. Roma talks to Sooraj. He asks about Sandhya. He says he was awaiting Sandhya’s call and was getting tensed. Roma tells him about Sandhya’s fever and they took her to the hospital. Sooraj gets worried. Sandhya talks to Sooraj and says I m fine, not to worry. Diya aur baati hum………….. plays……………

Sooraj says I will reach there tomorrow morning, till then you take rest of her. Roma says we are here to take good care of her and family members can’t come in academy. Sooraj says you can call me if you want to know anything. Roma says don’t worry, I will keep you informed. Roma says Sandhya you are very lucky, Sooraj cares for you a lot. Rahul says Roma, see what I do to take care of you, you get ill now. He laughs and says don’t get emotional, friends care.

Officer Singh and Mr. Roy have a talk about the winner’s list of the cycle race. She says I did not think they will win and they have surprised me. Rahul and Roma bring Sandhya to Officer Singh. Rahul gives the application. Officer Singh scolds Sandhya not understanding about her weakness. She asks Sandhya to make herself strong. She says this time I m approving your leave, but next time I won’t do this. Roma tells Mr. Roy about Sandhya’s condition. Rahul says the doctor asked her to take three day rest. Mr. Roy also gets furious and scolds her. Sandhya is hurt by his words and says I did not understand. He says when I saw you in training, I saw less courage in you. So I changed your position from 28th to 18th. Sandhya and everyone are shocked.

Sandhya thinks about Mr. Roy’s words and gets up getting inspired.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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