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Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking commissioner does he not find this strange that thief returned the idol in a day. Arpita says whats strange in this, maybe the thief changed his mind and returned idol, you are finding it strange as I cracked this case, I got this idol from trustee’s house. Sandhya says maybe idol was planted there. Arpita says we got 50 lakhs from him, no one will keep money at home. Sandhya says maybe his intention is bigger than 50 lakhs. Arpita says agreed to you, but Sooraj’s statement is not planted, you call your husband and ask him his statement, who asked him to give this statement. Arpita plays Sooraj’s statement.

Sandhya says statement is right, Ved told Sooraj as trustee refused Ved to have Devimaa darshan, its rule, I don’t find this a robbery

case, its not a simple case, its complicated and we should think on this again. Commissioner gets his senior’s call. Senior asks why did you not place idol back in temple, report to me soon.

Commissioner tells Sandhya that people got to know we have the idol with us, we can’t be late and have to keep idol back, else people will be very angry in ghaat aarti. Sandhya says yes. Arpita gives her statement to media and says we caught the thief, temple’s trustee has cheated devotee’s belief and stolen the idol, I m glad this case is solved in less time, ghaat aarti will be celebrated well, thanks to everyone, we will always be there for your protection. Rathi family sees news. Meenakshi says its great, but Sandhya should have done this.

Bhabho says what matters is that idol is recovered, and thief is caught. She asks Meenakshi to come. Bhabho drops the aarti plate. Meeenakshi says its big abshagun, the diya and baati we made for ghaat aarti got ruined. They get worried.

Trustee tells Sandhya that he is innocent. Sandhya says police has evidence against you, chances are less, real culprit has to be caught, I will help you. He says I will cooperate, help me. She asks him to think well, did he see anything weird in temple, when he was locking temple. He says I have locked temple, I had keys, how did thief get inside. She asks him to think. He tells her that Devmata idol is more lighter, than other idols, so that’s easy to take it outside. Sandhya says you mean other idols are more heavy and expensive. She goes and evaluates why thief has stolen devmata idol. She says we got the idol and money too, why did robbery happen, is this robbery not a robbery. Arpita is at the temple and asks staff to keep an eye here.

Commissioner calls Arpita. Arpita says Devmata idol is placed, security is tight, don’t worry. Sandhya says there are two benefits by this robbery, it was pressure on police, and registration got double, many people will be coming this time, what benefit can thief has by these points, this is not a thief, its not robbery case, there is something I m not able to see, why will anyone play such game, its big game and its for big danger, what can it be.

Few young guys are shown staying at some place. They all are weird and planned the bomb attack in ghaat aarti. They see news and people praising police. The people gather for ghaat aarti. The guys laugh.

Sandhya sees the people having much devotion and going to ghaat aarti along family. Sandhya thinks they are very excited, but why do I feel there is something wrong this time, but what. The guy says its just 4 hours, they will know the big blast. He asks his friends to count down and blows the candles.

Ghaat aarti begins. Sandhya finds the bomb and gets shocked. She informs Arpita about the bomb in Devimata idol.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mr.storywriter pls don’t give dead end to the outstanding characterisation of sooraj and sandhya….these characters are being seen as role model to many…. Inspiring many f us…. Giving death to these will degrade ur real motivate behind starting this serial..This wil uundermine the very nature of ur idea…….. Pls end this in a happy note.. We don’t need second season…we cannot able to tolerate their death.. U can begin 2nd season provided u should not give a tragedy end…. We the viewers kindly request you to make us happy… Hope u listen to our concern

  2. Engala tension panadhinga…. Mind ah relax pana thaan serial pakuromm… Pls don’t irritate uses..pls don’t aggrevate our tension… Enna koduma sir ithu….We appreciate ur effort showing youngsters as terrorists rallying behind recent incidents regarding isis but we want satyamev jayate……… Vaaimaiye vellum….

  3. Typing mistake pls don’t irritate us###### us not uses

    1. HI Seema it’s not aggrevate. It’s aggravate. Tamil words used here are fitting to the situation but I don’t know how many of them will understand.

  4. Again typing mistakes sorry… It’s real motive….. Nt motivate

  5. SANDHYA Rockzzzz.
    Interesting & Intelligent Episode.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    Hope everything will be fine & everyone will be safe.
    But I beg DABH team plz don’t kill SOORAJ-SANDHYA characters in the climax of 1st season.

  6. Why is Sooraj not shown mire often nowadays?

  7. I think arpita hired someone to do dat so sandhya wouldn’t ba able to catch them so arpita could get the credit

    1. If arpita behind this crime then sandy will throw her out of city. Becoz sandy have only one month time. If arpita s not behind it then she will understand sandy’s worth. Nothing bad will happen

  8. Sandhya is pride for Pushkar police ,,, Arpita is contrary !!! hope that Sandhya will save people and shine again …

  9. If you start second season, you just can show the others’ death and Soorajsandhya’s own family start a new life with new track or the main character is Kanak growing up and her life and Deepika will play this role, not anyone else
    Don’t let season 1 end in a sad note, make us happy pls

    1. I think if it does happen, Sandhya’s children will take revenge for her family for Bhabho, bhabhasa
      And some reason make the terrorist let Sandhyasooraj live is may be one of them loves Sandhya. I think

      1. But after everything happens to Sooraj’s family, how can he let her daughter to be an IPS officer

    2. I think if it does happen, Kanak will take revenge for her family
      What makes i think is what is the reason sandhyasooraj and their child still alive and the rests are dead

    3. i too want the same ann

  10. i think arpita will not do something to stop the bomb because if she does so her reputation will go off right . so i think this is gonna happen

    1. But why does DABH end too early? 11th September? What are the productions doing? They didn’t see our comments? I don’t want Sandhyasooraj to be dead and Ann’s idea is very good for this situation
      We beg you DABH team

      1. Yes u r right Colin

  11. May b that useless guys( introduced in the serial yesterday) install the bomb with idol and place it in trustee home. As from sandy’s point of view thief had some technical knowledge inorder to destroy cctv footage..

  12. I think Sooraj-Sandhya will not die. They will be made to disappear as happens many times in a terrorist attack and will reappear after some time in Season 2.
    I think producers are wise that Sooraj-Sandhya are the loved part in DABH

  13. anybody here knows to write ff . if yes pls write some ff on dabh also

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