Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya turning to see… A flower board comes in between and she misses to see Sooraj and Rathi family. She sees Lalima sang S…. and goes to see. The man arranges the flowers to make Sooraj’s name. Chandu asks what is she seeing. She does not see Sooraj’s name. She says someone is getting married. She sees Lokesh giving sweets about his sister’s marriage. She sees Pushkar sweet shop and understands Lalima’s marriage, who was doing Parvati’s role. She thinks she did so much to stop her from doing that role and smiles. She thinks the neighbors can be here and identify me, and hides her face. Lokesh gives sweets to her and Chandu. Chandu asks about his brother in law. Lokesh praises Sooraj and is about to say the name. A guy calls him and he leaves. Chandu

asks her to get ready and talks to his men.

Zakir tells Bharat its strange that they made him faint and then shifted him to another truck, it means someone helped him, that drama woman, when he got conscious, his hand had a jaggery sweet, and those drama group was going to Raipur. Bharat says jaggery, where is it. Zakir says I kept this safe and gives him. Bharat takes it and says we will trace the truck, enjoy your holiday. Zakir says I can’t go on holiday. Bharat asks do you trust me. Zakir says yes. Bharat says leave it on me, enjoy your holidays. Zakir leaves.

Bharat checks the laddoo and gets Sandhya’e message, about Chris coming to Jaipur, not Raipur. He thinks Zakir fell in Garjana’s hands, where Sandhya saved him and sent this message, now we have to go Jaipur, well done Sandhya. Chandu says that police officer can’t reach us, I have sent that truck to Raipur, police can’t get us, no one can leave Garjana’s masterplan.

Sandhya and Lalima change clothes in adjacent washrooms. Lalima’s bangle falls and Sandhya sees it. She thinks its new bride’s bangle, and its Lalima, I feel connected to her, maybe because she is from Pushkar, where my family lives. She says listen, your bangle fell here and passes it to her. She does not see Sooraj’s name in her mehendi. Sandhya talks to her and asks her to tie more knots, so that her husband does not win. Lalima says even her husband’s win is her win, I don’t like knots. Sandhya says love opens all knots, congrats for marriage, and wishes her marriage happens without any problem. Lalima asks her name. Sandhya says you called me Didi, this is the best name, think a sister gave best wishes to another sister.

Sandhya comes out and Chandu keeps an eye on her. She turns and her wet hair water drops falls on Sooraj’s face, who is outside the window. He says Sandhya….she has come…. She thinks how to contact Bharat. Chandu brushes his teeth and goes. She goes to the room. He goes there and finds the door shut. Bhabho and everyone see him and ask what happened, what is he doing here. Sooraj says Sandhya has come. They all get shocked. He says she wore Bengali saree, like she has worn for the photo, I think she wore it for 15th august function, I have seen her, she is in this room, she was drying her wear hair, I saw her.

Meenakshi tells Bhabho that Sooraj is seeing his imaginative wife. Bhabho stops him from knocking the door. Babasa says it may be someone else. Sooraj says I have seen her, and tells Ved that Sandhya is looking very beautiful, you will be happy seeing her new look. Bhabho says there will be many girls here, and stops him. She knocks the door. Sandhya says did Shekhar get ready so soon. She opens the door. They all see someone else. Bharat and Sandhya look from the window. FB shows Bharat stopping Sandhya from opening the door. He dresses in saree and shows his face. She cries seeing Bhabho, Sooraj, Ved and everyone. Bharat sends the other lady to open the door. Bhabho tells Sooraj to come. Sooraj says I have seen Sandhya, she was in room. She cries seeing him. They take Sooraj along and leave.

Sandhya cries. Bharat consoles her. She says Sooraj, Ved, my family, I want to hug them once, let me meet Sooraj once, they are here. He says I know, I can’t permit you, get to your senses, you are on mission, small mistake can fail this mission, your aim is Chandu, don’t fall weak by any emotions. He gives her a mic and says all the best, today country’s security in on your shoulder, take care. He leaves. She says she will catch Chandu today, she will do her mission and go back to her family.

Chandu is stopped by police. Bhabho and Meenakshi see some breaking news on tv.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Jeyam

    What was the message in side the Laddoo written by Sandya? How did Bharat turned out at Jaipur with a dummy Sandya to hoodwink Suraj? Varsha, please explain me in detail..

    • In that note she written that Jaipur nt Raipur they meet bharat sir come in that place.that dummy sandhya is also one police officer. ??

      • Jeyam

        Thank you Anu and Varsha for having cleared my doubts. I believe yhat in the futureyou will be my huru in telling the sequences as I don’t know Hindi fully well.

      • No ay all.Actually dabh is my fav serial and sandhya is my fav. And her character and serial is base on police officers so I give this symbol I like post?? dabh is always rocks. Dabh Always teach some lesson to us.??

      • So may be zakir also do something after all this matter which happen with him.bcoz zakir is honest officers. And officer never on holidays. On holidays they also work for nation. So zakir also do this.??

  2. Sandhya did very good job she save zakir. And most important thing that she give big new to bharat sir with sending note with zakir.??

  3. Bharat sir come on time and save sandhya frm family if they see sandhya then definitely chandu get know that sandhya is officers.??

  4. Can’t see sandhya like this. How madly she cry.bcoz she just want to meet and hug to ved and suraj. So emotional part was that. Bt she can’t do this bcoz of her mission.??

  5. anonymous

    same here ns4 ….i was thinkung the same…highfive ………………..n ofcourse nice episode im gonna watch

  6. Dabh spoiler

    Sandhya and Sooraj come at the same place as decided by their fate. Sooraj’s marriage with Lalima and Independence Day Function happen to be at same place and this connects the Sandhya and Sooraj again. Sandhya has saved Zakir and this raises a question in his mind about her existence. Sandhya is trying hard to fail Chandu’s meeting with Chris. Sandhya will team up with Zakir again. After she successfully does her Mission, her entry back in Rathi home will be having a big twist. Bhabho will show annoyance to Sandhya and blame her for Sooraj’s state. She would rather get unhappy to lose out Lalima and accept Sandhya back just for Sooraj’s happiness.????

  7. anu

    @varsha can u explain sandy kho pata nahi chalega khi sooraj khi shaadi lalima se hori hai??????????????

  8. anu

    nd bhaboo will disappoint to lose lalima ???????? bhaboo u r too bad why ur thinking like that only for sooraj she accept sandhya…..wy bhaboo itna kator kyu banee hooo…

    bahu se alag uskho tho beti manthi thi na…..nd sandhya bhi thume maa manthi hai tha’s wy she gave kidney also to us…oooooooooo kaisa bool gayi…jagooo bhaboo jagoo….

  9. anu

    guys read deepika’s interview …really its excellent..

    My life has completely changed after Diya aur Baati Hum”- Deepika Singh
    The leading lady of Star Plus’s popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum, speaks about her marriage life, her show and much more. Read on to know more about the stunning Deepika Singh.
    1.How has marriage changed your life?
    She tells, “Marriage has changed my life completely. I am lucky that I have someone in my life who cares for me, look after me, shares all the things, support me in my good and bad times. I have emotional bonding with my husband and I can’t imagine my life without him.”
    2. With the show being No. 1 for such a long time, how does it feel?
    She tells, “It feels great! I am lucky to be part of this show and of course for all this the credit goes to the entire Diya aur Baati Hum team, because of them everything has become possible and also because of this show I got fame and fan following. I will make sure that in future as well will do hard work and make this show a big hit!”
    3. Do you think television to films is an easy transition?
    She tells, “I don’t know because I have never done any films, nor I have experience for the same.”
    4. Delhi or Mumbai which city do you like more and why?
    She tells, “It’s really difficult to choose between both of them, but yes Mumbai is close to my heart and it’s a complete dream city for me. It was a dream come true moment for me after coming to Mumbai because I have got so much fame, fan following and opportunity to prove my self as an successful actor.”
    5. How has life changed for you since Diya Aur Baati Hum has happened?
    She tells, “My life has completely changed after Diya aur Baati Hum and it feels really great because after Diya aur Baati Hum my lifetime dream came true. Everyday was more challenging to me but I made sure that I never loose hope. My character in the show helped me to achieve many things in life and I’m really thankful to God for everything.”
    6. Tell us about your camaraderie with your co stars in the show?
    She tells, “It’s a great atmosphere on sets, we always have fun time on sets with each other. All are very open-minded and friendly. whenever we get time we make sure we do lots of masti on sets.”
    7. Do we see you doing any reality television
    anytime soon?
    She tells, “Actually I don’t know. I don’t think too much about future. My destiny will decide it.”
    8. What are your hobbies?
    She tells, “I lover reading books, dancing, working out in gym and my most favorite hobby is acting.”
    9. What do you do when you’re not working?
    She tells, “I make dubsmash videos or else I go to my dance class or workout. Sometimes I watch movies.”
    10. Tell us something about how your love story started?
    She tells, “According to me my husband was there in my destiny and it happened. We met and we liked each other, then friendship and later on after 2 1/2 years we started dating each other. Also I got the chance to know him through Diya Aur Baati Hum. I liked his nature and simplicity and these things attracted me. My husband is like my father hardworking and extremely passionate about his work and he never gives up, that’s the best quality in him and when he’s around it feels that I’m with my family. He’s a very good human being and a helpful person. My husband is the second man after my father whom I respect a lot.”
    11. What is the real Deepika like?
    She adds, “I am stubborn, I ask lots of questions, chulbuli, I always listen to my heart, I’m broad minded person and friendly. I am very bindass and talkative.”
    12. We heard you had a showdown with you co actor Anas is that true? If yes what had happened actually?
    She tells, “I had a showdown but we are like a family and sometimes we have small arguments or ups and downs but since we are working together for the past 4 years, we solve the issues and we patch-up.”
    13. Is films your next step?
    She tells, “I really don’t know, I haven’t planned anything as such and I am enjoying my character Sandhya these days. An actor always need good roles to showcase his/her talent and Sandhya is one of them and I am happy with it.”

  10. Priti Kumari

    Now I am telling u all about tomorrow’s episode … chandu will be caught and in breaking news it will be highlighted that that area is not safe and criminals are present there then bhabo and family move to their house without marriage 😛

  11. anonymous

    really really now a days episodes r full of suspense…………can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode:P

  12. LuvDABH

    DABH makers really holding the audience with lot of suspense. All the fans wanted to know whether marriage happens or not. If not how it will be stopped? When mission will end? If mission is going to take few more months, what are the things going to happen in rathi family? When sandhya back from mission what kind of twists we will have to see?

    Seems DABH rating will be up again? Nowadays episodes are really interesting but Baboo is really annoying…

  13. Richa (titli)

    That scene in the precap was wen they were getting into auditorium for d play…nd cops stop chandu…isn’t it? Nd bhabho nd meena might see sandy in news repor there r chances of coverage of dat area….. Ok mee toooo watch the epi nd thn cmnt

  14. NS4

    Good morning guys
    Have a nice day

    In precap Sandhya also in security Q line….bharat sir given a micro phone…security device will detect the mic phone naaaaa…chandu also beside her
    Way will happen???????
    think bharat’s man will check her

  15. NS4

    Sandhya and lalima scene was simple super..
    As usual in general.. Like an unkown ppl …lalima called Sandhya as DidI… y confusion

  16. NS4

    Sandhya Sooraj scene was awesome….
    Sooraj find Sandhya… But Sandhya didn’t known…

    blo*dy SBS and SBB voice over ppl.. Didn’t get crrt info…Wat they said..Sandhya ran away ..hearing sooraj
    Am I right guys??

  17. NS4

    So sad of Sandhya, missed twice… to know that was sooraj’s marriage???
    will arranging sooraj name in wedding board and lokesh was stopped from taking sooraj name by a person..??

  18. NS4

    I don’t understand one thing.. y they showing doubting scenes from Chandu..
    If u clearly observe… satday epi.. chadu made an eye on Sandhya.. When she went lu..
    Ystday…. will talking with lokesh Chandu made an eye on Sandhya..

  19. LuvDABH

    Tomorrow, police will stop the marriage due to security reasons and then babasa and meenakshi will see Sandhya on the TV. Then the marriage completely cancelled.

  20. anu

    i think mission will not complete early….bcoz sandhya is expecting but it will not….DABH people r diverting us…spoiler r giving so many fake news to us…

    But they r nt giving any small information abt this marriage…

    Mission will complete this incident or it take time…so many twists and turns r there…waitingggggggggg

    how sooraj marriage will stop ???yesterday spoiler told that sooraj will accept sandy death.. how it will possible..this news comes infront of sooraj again he go in shock…this news also fake it my opinion..

    i am waiting for zakir how he will guess sandhya is alive nd he join in this mission waitinggggggggg

    nd sandhya performance ke liye bhi waitinggggggggg

  21. well one of my wild imaginations…………….. can chandu b linked with bharat in some way.
    1) can he be bharat’s son…….
    2) can he be an old cop………..
    3) can he be son of any deceased cop ……..???
    4) he cud be a victim of our bad pol. nd administrativ syctem.
    5) any other possibility………..
    it can b seen that he is filled with a lot of anger against the current systen specially police ………..dunno y but hope the mystery would be soon be unveiled……………

      • Romi

        He seems like Dil Jaje Ajay Devgan’s character ? against the system and falls in wrong people’s hands!!!
        But sandya will make him realise his mistakes and make him a good person again ☺️

    • NS4

      This can also happen naa..
      chandu wants to take revenge on govt and police.. becoz may be chandu thinking that his sister(narayana Devi) life was spoiled becoz of IPS officer and he was send by govt naaa..
      Wat u think abt it???

      • Romi

        In his interview the actor ashish chaudry ( chandu) said that that his character in DABH is different than sassural simer ka where his character was positive then changed to negative!
        So I think here in DABH he’ll change to positive from negative character ?
        This is my thinking if I’m not wrong ?

  22. ok now some possibilities of breaking news………..
    bhabho nd meena could hav seen……………
    1) sandhya in the mob as the nws channel might be shooting the mob……..
    2)they could hav seen sooraj roaming around alone in open ………..
    3)they could hav seen the news ofthe auditorioum catching fire and sooraj or they might be nearby that place……….
    4)it could be bharat’s plan to keep rathi’s away from sandy so thatb they go back and sandy could go on with her plan…………..
    5)may be chandu created the stampede to escape and do meeting with krish/chrish……………
    6) some other reason………..

    • if it would be bharat’s plan then.. 1 teer se do neeshane shaadi bhi nhi hogi rathi family bhi chali jayegi aur…. chandu plan m bhi hinderance hogo but if itss chandu’s plan then marrig=XX cancel rathi family = vaapas …………… his identity = xposed infront of sandy………….

  23. one more thing itss 15 aug and garjana yet to meet their helper krish/chrish…………..and start their plan………. weren’t they supposed to attack on 15 aug???? acc to new promo if they shoot nuc bomb it will affect almost whole india……………. or r they just building it to threaten govt to agree to something…….and thirdly if they catch chandu and spoil his plan in jaipur then wat about d commander that sajni husband….voh toh badle k liye bach jayega aur sandy rathi house m hogitoh rathi’s would be in danger………………….

  24. One disappoinment from team Dabh.
    For Nuclear weapons, they must shows that Garjana people kidnap some Nuclear Scientist…
    Nuclear bombs r highly technical matters so cant assembed by Chandu like assembly petrol bombs…

    • ok sbs (abp) showed that sandy is on mission and chandu dressed up as doctor steals the chip i.e. kris which he said is a transformer chip nd he leaves b4 sandy come there…… nd his identity as chandu is not out yet ……………….. but mission will finish soon…………….

  25. AD

    Really Super Episode.
    Eagerly waiting for coming episodes.

  26. ok who havent seen nuc bomb promo……….
    it shows dhandu preparing something secretly with his companions and sandy hiding and hearing them….. chandu says something about nuc bomb i was unable to hear and the protagonist says kismat kiska saath degi……….. nd they shw sandy bhabho nd sooraj. thats all i rememnber bcoz i saw it once…………

  27. anu

    I have one doubt again sandhya will go back to that village place?????????bt news is mission will complete

  28. mission will complete and b4 dat sandy havto return to village for more info abt mision as she will loose opputunityb to catch chandu red handed sooo she will return for more info………….

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