Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chote Raja, Devi Narayani and all people coming to meet Sandhya. Chote Raja hugs her. She says you helped me a lot. Sandhya thanks Narayani for helping them in tough time, Garjana has changed their thinking but not their humanity, the country will be thankful to her. Narayani says no need to thank, I did it as my duty being a Vaid, if you want to do anything, then bring the progress wave in this village, by which the kids and people will get school and hospital, farmers can get work and employment, so that no Shekhar gets born here. Sandhya says you said right, I will see to it that the village develops. She asks Chote Raja to come with her to city, she will get him educated in the city.

He refuses to come, as he has his home here, he has thought to become support

of many here, I will become a police officer to help everyone, like you, I promise I will not let any other Garjana Sanghatan formed again. Sooraj thanks Narayani and villagers. He says Narayani has proved that humanity is the most superior, there are many Vaid in the world, but few has humanity, you have saved us, and given him a new life. He thanks them.

Sandhya and Sooraj hold hand and start leaving. They are on the way in the car with Bharat. She tells I want Chote Raja to get education, and all the village kids to study. He asks her for any other wish. She says I want to reach home and hug Ved. She says she wants to meet Ved, and all her family, its 8 months having seen them. Sooraj says I know you are eager to go home, we will take first flight to home. She says yes. Bharat gets message and says sorry, I got message that flight delayed by bad weather. She asks him for phone. Sooraj also asks for phone. Bharat says they both asked for same thing, they are like diya and baati. Sooraj calls home and talks to Bhabho. She asks him to put phone to speaker.

Bhabho cries and asks him is he fine, she was eager to hear his voice. She calls out everyone to come and see Sooraj called. Sooraj says he has good news, he is bringing Sandhya along, she is fine, he fulfilled his promise, they will reach soon, Sandhya wants to talk to you. Sandhya greets Bhabho. Bhabho says I can’t hear the voice and asks Ved to talk. She tells everyone that Sooraj is coming home tomorrow, along with Sandhya. Emily is glad that Sandhya is alive. Meenakshi says its wrong, Sandhya was alive and she did not inform us, we were so worried. Ved talks to Sandhya. She cries hearing him and asks is he fine. Ved cries and says I m fine, and asks her welfare. She says I m alive. He says I love you, I missed you a lot, when are you coming… come soon, I want to see you.

She says I love you too, I missed you too, everything will be fine, I also want to hug you, we are coming home tomorrow. She asks him to make her talk to Bhabho once. Ved gives the phone back to Bhabho. Bhabho does not react. Ved says Dadi…. Sandhya says fine, I will come home and talk to her. She ends call. Sooraj gives the mobile to Bharat.

Mohit tells the family to see news, they are showing Sandhya is alive, she was in coma till now. Bhabho says no need to see, Sooraj called just now, they both are coming home tomorrow morning. Sandhya says Bhabho did not talk to me, she is annoyed, I have hurt her a lot, I m so mad, I have troubled everyone, even you….. Sooraj says calm down, don’t feel guilty, you did this for country, this big sacrifice is not an easy thing, about Bhabho’s annoyance, we will win her heart.

Bhabho recalls Sooraj and Sandhya’s words. Her hand gets burnt while working in kitchen. Meenakshi asks her to show her hand. She says I know its good news that Sandhya is coming after 8 months, Sooraj is bringing her, he was always true, he used to say Sandhya is alive, any other husband would have asked where was she for 8 months, Sandhya is lucky to get Sooraj. Bhabho says yes, Sooraj has a big heart. Meenakshi saks shall I start arrangements for their welcome. Bhabho asks her to make Peda for shagun. Meenakshi says when call came, you looked angry, and now you are making Peda, you can’t be understood. Bhabho says you will understand everything when Sandhya comes home. She asks Meenakshi to keep Peda/sweets ready. Meenakshi thinks why is she speaking in riddles.

Bharat brings Sandhya and Sooraj in some function. Sandhya asks why did we come here. Bharat says a beautiful couple is going to marry here, diya and baati will unite here. Sooraj asks you mean… Bharat says you both will marry again here.

Bharat says this marriage is very imp, he had to assure her death news to hide mission mahabali and made Sooraj do his wife’s final rites, Sandhya Rathi got freed of her all duties, I was helpless to see all that for my country, I want to repent for my mistake, Sooraj and Sandhya will be married once again by taking seven vows, your Jodi will become eternal. I m sorry that Sooraj and his family had to bear so much for this mission, God bless you, so are you ready. Sooraj says I m ready to marry Sandhya in 1000 births. She smiles.

Bhabho keeps shagun bridal clothes for Lalima. Babasa asks her to think once again. She says I have no doubt in my heart, if you are doubtful, get rid of it. She says she has done all arrangements now, she is ready to welcome my eldest bahu in her house.

Sooraj and Sandhya come home. Bhabho does not bless Sandhya. Meenakshi stops Sandhya from coming inside, as its Bhabho’s order.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Surya u r awesome diya aur bati tum……………… … , £

  2. Hi….. richa nice your barbi………… Misssssss u all guys ….

    1. thanx a lot peehu nd dabh rockss nd enjoy the shw

  3. Deepika has got the best role to play in the history of TV: Amit Dolawat
    The good looking and popular actor Amit Dolawat, who was recently seen essaying the role of Himanshu on Star Plus ‘ popular show ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’, not only had a great time doing his stint with the show, but also feels very happy with the character that he got to play on the show.
    After essaying a sober guy Alok, on Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Amit turned a bad guy for Diya Aur Baati Hum and the actor is quite happy with the response he received for his role.
    In a candid chat with TellyBuzz, Amit shares more about his experience as Himanshu and much more. He says, “Himanshu was a powerful character and I totally enjoyed playing it. I have shot for some of the scariest scenes and all of them have been performance oriented scenes. My character was justified very well and I am quite impressed by the way they have written the role. The way, director Maqbool Khan directed it, took it to an another level. After a span of time, when Himanshu re-entered the show in a different look, people were speculating whether I was the same guy or have been replaced. That was a compliment, in a way for me.”
    Amit definitely had a great time shooting with the cast and crew of the show. Elaborating on the same, he said, “I had a great time shooting with Maqbool Khan, Anas ( Anas Rashid ), Deepika ( Deepika Singh ) and everyone on the show. Anas and Deepika have been very sweet to me and in a very short span of time we bonded with each other so well. The three of us, used to sit together and have great time chatting and laughing. Anas is a very chilled out person to work with. Of all the girls I have ever worked with, I found Deepika as a fun loving and a pure hearted person. She is always ready to work hard. She is one girl who has got the best role to play in the history of TV; from being a simple bahu to a police inspector – She has got to play it all!”
    “In a span of 9 months, I have got to play two different kinds of character on Star Plus and I had a great time playing both the roles. I feel happy and blessed,” signs off Amit.
    Way to go Amit!

  4. Now Sandhya has to face one more mission. Let’s see how she will succeed. It’s tough time for Sooraj too. For him baboo and sandhya both are same.

  5. Lalima never wants to come between sooraj and sandhya but now she is coming means there is some hidden agenda. I hope the old enemy Kavitha is not behind this.

  6. I think Zakir weds lalima . Bhabho
    Won’t do that I think.Dilip Will come . But will Mohit change?

    1. Hahaha??? I don’t think so! A chair can become a tree again but mohit and meena never become senseable people ! They will remain the same as I have seen people like them in my real life as well!

  7. Nice episode….
    Hai frnds…@Anu,Varsha, richa,luvdabh,romi and all

    good morning
    Have a nice day

    Advance happy dussara to all

  8. This was a good idea by bharat.. To Remarry s & s…..then it will be better to to avoid that stupid bhaboo…from taunting Sandhya as..”my badi bhahu(Sandhya) died 9 months back”..

    Now its good they r re-marrying again and going to home.
    Now bhabu can’t do anything.

  9. Bharath you are correct. i hope so Zakir will marry Lalima. Bhaboo is not accepting sandhya because she know that sandhya was not in comma, if sandhya is in comma how can she dance and that photo in article. so bhaboo thinking sandhya sacrifies her house for country which bhaboo cannot accept. because bhaboo love her house. i think after some dramas bhaboo will accept sandhya.

  10. thank u @anu 4 ur wishes…wish u the same…ya varsha u right suraj ll go 2 separate house along with sandy and ved…after tat bhabho ll accept sandhya… pls bhabho forgive sandy..i hate lalima y she came as bahu in rathi house…i hate tat aari scene bhabho take aarti 4 suraj and lalima upcoming scene…

  11. wow bharat sir super…4 doing suraj and sandhya wedding…nice episode…

    1. Hi vaishnavi bharath sir idea super sooraj and sandhya agine wedding

  12. upcoming episode..we will watch a big family drama…bhabu-sooraj-sandhya, and all family members.. Especially.. Useless mohit and meena taunts on Sandhya…
    After that a big mission track for rathi parivar to Prove what Sandhya did was not wrong….for this DABH team will start a track that make whole rathi parivar may be fall in big trouble..and as usually Sandhya save them.
    So we have to get ready for those emotional scenes from Monday…get ready guys…..
    This is my imagination nly

    1. @ns4 u r imagination is absolutely right….this will happen

    2. Yes agreed with you and that problem will b lalima’s karnaama ! The writer should keep this point in mind coz here is justification with sandya ! And bhabo learn everything when it happens practically with her as she doesn’t believe any theory !!!

  13. @Ns4 okay I agree with you on why they didn’t show sandhya to stop bomb by palm ..and all drama is fiction I know but they should show complete track at least in flashback that how she saved herself and can you answer who was there on the helicopter along with sandhya?

    1. Sry I didn’t observe another person in helicopter….if It was anyone…that may be original pilot… instructor for Sandhya…or..sekher…else no one should be there I think so…y becoz if anybody with Sandhya.. She have mentioned it.. in front bharat sir
      Actually I have seen some pics from fb…that those all scenes of helicopter was shooted in a room using blue mat…

    1. Hey @ ns4 ! Happy dusshera ! And nice picture ! Did you observe suraj aka anas is looking so fat! Yaar he’s the hero of the show and he should maintain his fitness! Though he is still looking handsome but still I think so !?
      Bhabu iss festival k time rang mai bhang jaroor dali gee ! Unki aadat jo hai! But I hope she realise her mistake soon ! Bcoz I don’t like that every time she asks sandya for forgiveness and sandya forgives her ! But this time sandya should not forgive her for doing lalima wedding to suraj ! Never ever ?

  14. @Ns4 when sandhya came from helicopter after sometimes the helicopter fly again it means somebody was definitely there in the helicopter.

  15. Superb episode pls baboo accept sandhya

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