Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th October 2013 Written Update

epi starts with chavi findking out the necklace and jhumkas missing
emily says meena must have taken it to wear for the marriage

emily says when meena returns ,bhbho will come to know that meena had taken those jewellery

vina arrive from teh marriage
meena asks vik’s help to handle the situation
he denies

meena says she will say that the theif must have taken that set

vik warns meena not to take his name

vik assures meena that she is going to be thrownn out
meena keeps blabbering about the marriage

vik is afraid that she may blurt

meena asks the keys of almirah to keep the jewels back

chavi asks for the jewels
meena says she doesnt know

chavi says she will prove

gives a stern look

sandy is studying infinite
she has kept milk to boil and suraj runs to turn of the stove
chotu comes and shows the jhumka and says it was found in the sweet

sandy observes keenly and decides its the jewel meena was searching and its the same as chavi’s

suraj is happy that they got the lost jewels
sandy washes the jewel and is shocked to see the colour fading

break: mohit argues with meena that let him check kanha’s bag for the lost jewels and there is the necklace in it

bhabho is not shocked and again teh stern smile

sandy shows the faded jhumka to suraj
sandy doubts that the soap must have faded the colour suraj says gold doesnt fade

suraj asks where did bhabho buy the jewels
sandy says the new shop

meena and chavi argue over the jewels

she tells chavi to check her bag
meena makes a drama by crying and saying in the marriage everyone respected her as RP DIL
but in RM she is accused for theft

chavi says she will check the bag
break: surya reach that shop and find that the shop is closed

vik is afraid meena is going to be caught red handed
meena shows everything in the bag

mohit comes supporting meena and taunts chavi for ill treating meena bhabhi and tumbles the kanha’s bag the necklace falls

surya reach that shop and find it locked

surya enquire in the nearby shop

preccap: bhabho gives asks 100 rs for the lost jhumkas , everyone is shocked , bhabho says the jhumka is worth 100 rs and says its fake
everyone giving this expression

Update Credit to: ramasuresh78

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