Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi showing designer lahenga to Sandhya, which she got for Lalima. She tells her about her tailor. Sandhya compliments her. Meenakshi sees Emily and passes some taunts. Emily leaves. Mohit and Komal are talking and she asks him to arrange money soon. They hear some sound and turn to see. Komal gets shocked and looks at him.

Sandhya learns dance steps from Misri. Sandhya says its surprise for Lalima, Lokesh has gone to get Lalima. Meenakshi tells Vikram that her daughter is making Sandhya dance. Vikram says Misri went on you, you also make everyone dance. Emily comes and Sandhya asks her to dance. Emily tries a step and slips. Sandhya asks is her foot hurt. Emily says a thorn has hurt her. Bhabho comes and says you should remove the thorn which can’t

be bear more. She sits and looks worried. Sandhya goes to get water for Bhabho. Bhabho asks Emily to sit and show her feet. Emily says I will manage.

Sandhya gives water to Bhabho, and asks what happened, you look unwell. Bhabho says I m fine, I feel tired by much work. Meenakshi says you went to get gold chain, did you get, show me. She gets up and makes all the nuts fall. Sandhya says I will clean it Bhabho, don’t worry. Bhabho says guests will be coming, I will get ready and come. Meenakshi says what happened to Bhabho, is my day good or is Bhabho in any other problem. She cleans the floor.

Lokesh and Lalima come. Meenakshi asks why did she not wear the lahenga which she gave. Lalima says its fitting was not good. Meenakshi says my tailor has stitched well. Sandhya says this lahenga also looks good, why are you upset. Lokesh says she is nervous. Sandhya says we will manage everything, go and rest.

Sandhya calls Sooraj. Bhabho asks Sandhya to call Sooraj. Sandhya asks Sooraj to come soon. Sooraj says he will come in 10mins. Sandhya thinks Bhabho looks unwell and she will ask after engagement. Sandhya sees Bhabho tensed and unwell, and tells Sooraj. He says maybe she got tired, we will make her rest after all this ends. Babasa talks to Pramod’s father about his business. The man says about Pramod starting his research centre. Pramod’s mum compliments Lalima, and asks why does she look upset. Lokesh says actually she is missing our dad.

Bhabho says she will do tilak. Bhabho gets up and Sandhya feels Bhabho in unwell. She goes and holds Bhabho, asking where is it aching to her. Bhabho says I m fine and asks Sooraj to do the nek. Sooraj makes Pramod wear the gold chain. Sandhya sees price tag on Sooraj’s sherwani and asks Sooraj to come with her. She tells Sooraj about price tag. He says you removed it in morning, how did it come again. Sandhya removes it. Sooraj looks upset, along Lalima, Lokesh and Bhabho.

Meenakshi sees Emily on phone and asks her about her Shringaar and no smile on face. She asks are you calling Mohit, else he can go anywhere else. Emily says you know well, there is nothing left between me and Mohit, why do you say this to hurt my heart, what do you get doing this, there is nothing like husband and wife, this marriage became a game. Sandhya, Sooraj and Bhabho come there. Emily cries and leaves. Meenakshi says I did not say anything. Sandhya says Emily and Mohit’s problems increased a lot, we should try to make their relation better after this engagement happens.

Lalima and Pramod exchange rings. Everyone clap and dance. Sandhya gets everyone to dance. Bhabho gets pain in her stomach and Sooraj makes her sit. The dhol plays…. Sandhya gets a call from her staff and he asks her to come as matter is complex.

Sandhya comes to the place for official duty. The constable tells about suidice case. She says get dead body out carefully, don’t let anyone touch anything, who have seen the dead body first. He says some man. She asks him to seal the place. Mohit’s dead body is pulled by crane. Sandhya turns to see and gets shocked seeing Mohit’s face.

Sandhya comes home and thinks where did everyone go. Ved says Bhabho has gone to hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The end of Mohit gives us a lesson. “Lying, robbing and illegal relationship will lead to total annihilation.”

    1. Right… Every one get punishment of there bad …..???
      Thanks amena for fast updating…??????

      1. Hey Varsha, you are back. Happy to see your comments today.

    2. Yes I agree .

    3. Mr @ Jayam sirrr ??
      I keep a dictionary by my side when I read your comments! Omg you use so much difficult words! Please write n simple English! Majority here are young students! We don’t understand your cmnts about the show sometimes ☹️

      1. Soory dear, but being professor in English ,it seems inevitabe to write in simple english . Anyjow I will try

    1. Ya full suspense track… In my ek dam zakaassssssssss… Wating for upcoming episodes…?????

  2. Nice episode! Suspense!!! Who’s the killer!!lalima, Emily or komal Or
    Emily hired the killer, was it lokesh’ hired man , komal’s hubby!
    Confusing track but it would be fun if it gets solved quickly ?

    1. Yes… After all our sandhya handal this case… Then definitely she solve this case… ????bt hope they show more suspense…????


  3. As usual nice episode… In my style ek dam zakaassssssssss… Mind blowing…..????

    1. Sorry for too late cmts… ???someone ask me gmail that in which episode suraj and sandhya play lord shiv parvti role… And the answer is DABH episode no 1094 (date 11July 2015)
      Hope u love this cmts… Hope now ur daut will clear..???

    2. So happy that they show so much suspence…. Of mohit death…. I like this track very much… This track is best.. In my style ek dam zakaassssssssss…??????

    3. Bt I think in this track the mohit death culprit is may be that komals relative… Or that home man … Means that man who give new home to mohit and his girlfriend komal….this is my thoughts….????

    4. And this bhaboo ,suraj and lalima mystery is that maybe suraj meet lalima and discuss abt lalima and mohit issue that why mohit is so angery on lalima…?????

    5. And then bhaboo also there and then suraj also tell bhaboo abt lalima….. And then bhaboo is in shock…????

    6. That her son is doing so bad way…. Mohit spoile his as well as family life…???

    7. And also bhaboo in that guilt that she did really bad with Emily that desicion to bring mohit in home…????

    8. And also maybe bhaboo in that guilt that why she nt give permission to Emily for marrying with zakir… ????this is my opinion….??

    9. Bcoz of today’s bhaboo’s dialogue to Emily… That if we hurt by anyone then just remove that person frm our life…. Which today bhaboo tell Emily… That’s why I thought this…???

    10. Now it’s so excited to watch next episode as well as whole upcoming episodes….???

    11. Actually in starting they show all rathi family in target that they kill mohit bt in last they definitely give big shock to us….?????

    12. So for that just wait and watch… How they give more suspense…. Can’t express my feelings of these track… Bcoz I love this kind of tracks nt that typical saas bhahu drama… ???
      Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss DABH thankssssssssssssssssssss once again for give this full of suspence track….?????

    13. And that Emily is planning for give divorce to mohit… This is my opinion… ???

    14. Nice to see lalima and pramod engagement sermany… Enjoy a lot today’s as well as every episode of DABH…?????

      1. Wow well come [email protected] ? This page is rocking again!!!today’s episode is thrilling and this track is gonna rocking with too much suspense, drama, twists and sandy’s intelligence ☺️
        Don’t know how to react on mohit’s death!!??????

      2. Yes Romi, Varsha is rocking again ?

      3. Oh my god! What is wrong with this Varsha person? Why so many comments? It is so annoying!!!!! Why not write every thing you want to say at the same time. My goodness, overbearing as hell. 🙁 No one want to your hundreds of comments

  4. mohit dead…I don’t believe this but Emily life???


    1. May be baboo killed the Mohit.

  6. The killer might be pari .
    I think so… Recap seems to be like this.. But Emily or lalima know abt this..

  7. Wating for tomorrow episode… One thing guys that plz dnt post any spoiler or any twist story… At least few days… Bcoz now recent track is so suspence full…????

  8. Bcoz if we get the real culprit name then we dnt get so excited to watch that track… Bcoz in first we get know that real culprit… ???

    1. So that’s why I say this dnt post any upcoming story… It’s kindly request to all.. Hope u dnt mind… Sorry for hurting anyone feelings with my cmts… If I really I do this then I m extremely sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy if possible then forgive me…????? hope u enjoy my cmts..????

  9. ” BhaBo ” KiLLeD Her Own Son ” MoHiT ” … Mystery SoLveD

  10. nice suspense episode. when komal and mohit saw that person komal got shocked mohit did not show any reaction, so the killer must be known person to komal. nobody from RP.

    1. No mohit reaction was also that he was not expecting that!his facial expressions were like the earth slipped from underneath his feet and his face was blanked ? So maybe PARI or SoMEONe from komal’s relations!!!

  11. Could be Pramod?

  12. whatever it is, Sandhya will solve the mystery. But I hope she is not in anyway troubled as always. The writers like to give something negative to Sandhya.
    I hope not this time. I want to see her and Sooraj happy always

    1. I also wanna see them happy

  13. hmmmm… i think bhabo did it.

    1. Did you go with her? Why would a mom kill her own son! I admit mohit was a useless brat but he should not be killed the writer should have given him a meaningful life in his character ?

    2. No it’s done by our suutrrrraaaajjjjjj!???????

  14. All i wanted to know, where is suraj hotel. He earned from kabadi team and sold his halwa shop to fulfil his son dream.wake up director ;;;;;

    1. Yaar, they made halwa with that money and ate it?
      If you want some they can send it you too ?

  15. Omg !! Mr useless ka kriya karam Ho gaya ? Emily will enjoy her life from now onwards ???????????

  16. I think Pramod is that person who killed Mohit..

  17. Yessssss rani!? She’ll sing and dance on kety perry’s ‘fireworks ‘ song ????

  18. Jahid Senior Editor

    Hi guys, my Auntie is a senior magazine editor for the series for Diya Aur Bati Ham. You guys will be shocked if I told you the truth. THE KILLER IS SURAJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE HAS DONE ALL THIS WITH SO MUCH PLAN. Watch 1208 Episode they will show the truth about Suraj.

    1. OMG ? How can this be possible dude! Suraj is the hero of the show; how can he be the killer of his own loving brother! If this news is true than this is a great challenge for sandya. She was shown restless for the couple of days with something unusual is gonna happen in the house ? Her own SUHAAG is going to be a murderer!???

    2. OMG!!!! but if it’s a fake newss then…………….. ?????? u rgivinggggg soooooo muchhhh suspensssssssss if itsss fakee dnt do it againn if true.. thennn keep posting news 🙂

  19. watt i thinkk varsha nd anuuu mmile hue the isss saazishhh me dabhh page ho viraan bnane me 😛 😛 👿 haha justt kidding 😀 nd acc to abov to abov comment if S is killer may b S&M drama to shw him he much familylove M 😛

  20. Baboo, Lalima, Lokesh and Emily are in different mood. Something is there.

  21. I knew something like that will happen. Sooraj will be accused of killing Mohit. Once again trying time for Sandhya. But I know ultimately she will find out the truth.
    Sooraj looks unhappy in this episode. Why can’t Sooraj and Sandhya shown to be happy? I don’t feel like following this serial

  22. Sooraj , Bhabo ,Emily,Komal,Pari , Lalima, Promod & Lokesh all are suspectd.
    Another side, Zakir may be suspected. He loves Emily. When he saw Mohit cheats Emily. He takes an advantage to get Emily.
    Mohit’s last expression rises doubtness for Zakir.
    ” Aparadhi Kaun ” track becomes interesting.

  23. I somehow had an intuition that it would be Sooraj
    Somehow Sooraj’s character does not fit as a murderer. And, and I was wishing it would not be him if Sooraj is the murderer, Sandhya will not be allowed in the investigation as per police rules.
    Why do you always show Sandhya on the wrong side?
    Sooraj looked unhappy during Lalima’s engagement. So did Lalima. I think she was also present at the crime scene. Her lehenga got spoilt and that is why she changed the lehenga that meenakshi gave her.Possibly Sooraj has taken the blame on himself to save lalima. Sandhya will find Mohit’s mobile. If Sooraj is accused of the murde,r
    please finish the track fast. Don’t drag it.
    I am sure all the viewers and fans of DABH will also be disturbed

  24. Everyone posting there own nonsense so let me post my nonsense. Sandhya killed Mohit in angry that he cheated Emily.

  25. I also think pari killed mohit which is known to bhabo,Emily& lilama

  26. What if it’s bhabho and sooraj takes blame.

    But spoilers say that, sandhya will hide death of mohit and will take his body to mortuary. Later sooraj knows of mohit’s death and will cry vigorously. Bhabho and Babasa will be heart broken. Later sandhya throws a dummy in well to find if it’s suicide or murder.

  27. Bhabhu was the killer.

  28. I think babasa killed him!;bcuz he is also a useless charecter like mohit,so my finger raises on him??

  29. No I think it’s meenakshi’s work. She would have chased the girl and knew that mohit stole her sarees! She might have asked for the money; the girl ran away while mohit trying to push her in the well but meenakshi managed to save herself and and pushed him instead! This is only my own created nonsense! Sorry to meenakshi’s fans.??

  30. Hi Varsha, Who is Promod? Where did he come from?

    1. Promod is lalima’s fiancé and her childhood sweetheart! Sandya found her from somewhere and arranged an engagement party for them ?????

  31. i think zakir killed mohith……

  32. SURAJ IS THE KILLER ……………………..

  33. Sooraj is the killer. His sherwani has a price tag though Sandaya positively removed it that morning. His sherwani must have been damaged on his encounter with mohit and he must have bought a new sherwani that resembles the old one. That’s why he was late. And obviously he didn’t remove the price tag.

    1. Sooraj don’t killed mohit. I think komal is mohit killer

  34. I think lalima is a killer

  35. I always had a intuition that ultimately Sooraj would be accused of killing Mohit. But he will not be the killer and that Sandhya will find out. Whatever it may be, please please please there should not be a rift between “Diya” and “Baati”. We are all tired of seeing that for the last 4 months. Let them be together and the romantic moments between them is enjoyed by all.
    Don’t drag the track. Let it be fast

  36. I think Sooraj is trying to protect Lalima. Both of them have changed their outfits.
    I hope Sooraj-Sandhya stay together

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