Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Dhaisa wishing sandy & feeds chocolates to her on the saying of Bhabho. Suraj watches this. Chavi comes in & asks for chocolate. Bhabho taunts her by saying that she used to tell that she is in diet always. Chavi realises & stops. Bhabhasa comes & asks everyone to leave so that they can welcome ems & sandy chavi can read too.

Grahapravesh (bride’s welcoming ritual ) starts. Sandy & chaturi enter the house first to make preparations. Grahapravesh is organised by sandy. Sandy asks ems to first step in by using her right feet. Ems follows her instructions. Chaturi brings 7 plates for another ritual. She places them on the floor & asks ems to take those one by one without making noise while mohit has to separate them using

the sword.. Sandy feels dizzy. Bhabho looks at her.

Sandy tells that she has prepared for the guests return gift. Bhabho stops her by saying that she will take care of the rest & asks her to prepare for exams & asks chavi to go with sandy. Bhabho tells meena will help her. Meena gets shocked. Meena tells self that nothing has changed even after giving birth to a son. Adds that bhabho doesn’t know what she has done for that. Bhabhsa asks sandy to leave so that chavi tooo pass in exams & adds that dilip’s mom needs educated girl. Chotu gives pen to both sandy & chavi & wishes them Adds that they might leave before he wake up tomorrow. Both leave. Ems calls bhabho. Bhabho asks meena to leave ems to her room.

Bhabho invites the other people inside the house. Meena leaves with ems. She tells that she must be feeling awkward & blah blah blah abt entering the MIL house. adds that ems has already seen her room. (when did they shift mohit’s room to first floor). Meena leaves her in that room. Mohit enters & meena asks him what s the urgency?. ems looks at him lovingly. Meena leaves.

Chavi asks doubt to sandy. Sandy tells that she doesn’t know that chapter. Sandy feels dizzy. Sandy wonders what is happening to her. Chavi stares at her & continues reading.

Mohit enters the room. Takes off his pagdi. (turban). Asks ems that she would be happy now. & everything happened as per her wish. Ems shocked.

Break: Ems tells that they have become man & wife now & asks him to forget the past. Mohit tells that he can’t

Ems touches his hand & he gives an angry look. Ems asks him what is he talking & tells that they wanted to live together & love each other. Mohit tells that if she had loved him truly she wd have not dragged him to police & adds that he lost his reapect & everyone mocks at him & she is telling that she loves him now.

Sandy tries to concentrate but fails to read & deels dizzy again & again.

Ems tells that he shd understand her situation & she does everything for the sake of their children. Mohit tells that hshe has made a huge drama & didn’t care abt the others. Ems tells that she doesn’t do that . She adds that she does care for others & thats why she did all these. she adds that they must start their life afresh & asks him to forget everything. Mohit tells that he can’t.

Break: sandy decides to wake the full night as plenty of portions to be covered.

Mohit tells that he will not acccept her even his family accepted her. Says that she has becum mrs mohit rathi bcoz of sandy & adds that she wil not get hubby’s love ever.

Here sandy wipes her eyes with handkerchief but feels dizzy. She stands up & tries to read, Chavi notices her but makes faces. Sandy tells self that she has become more weak today & worries that her preparation is not up to the mark & has to cover more portions. She decides to stay awake the whole night.

Epi ends

Precap: Sandy is studying & unknowingly falls asleep on the table.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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