Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking Om to be with Sooraj. She goes. Vikram and Meenakshi cry, seeing Babasa and Bhabho upset. He says I know your pain Bhabho, Sooraj took care of me as a father. Sandhya looks on. He says Sooraj lived for his family, he did not ask anything for himself, Lord showed me this day so that I can show my existence and learn to take responsibility, but I got habitual to always say Sooraj will manage everything, but today that time has come, I will become a shoulder, I will become diya for this family and bring light in this house, I promise I will fulfill all duties.

Chavi comes there and says you are not alone Vikram. Sshe tells Bhabho that young siblings should also do duties, Sooraj did a lot for us, its our turn now. Bhabho hugs Vikram and Chavi. Sandhya

cries and thinks if Sooraj heard this, he would have hugged them first, his younger siblings grew up. Meenakshi says we have to be Sooraj’s courage, we all are with him.

Bhabho and Sandhya act and argue, infront of Sooraj. Bhabho says Sooraj will stay with me in my room. Sandhya says no, he will be with me. Bhabho says I m alive. They argue. Meenakshi comes and laughs saying I recalled an old moment, Bittoo mera hai. She asks them to revive the old memories. Sandhya dances singing Bittoo mera hai…… Bhabho too sings. Sooraj smiles seeing them. Bhabho cries happily seeing him. They all smile.

Later, Sandhya changes Sooraj’s clothes. She finds him upset and counts his kurta buttons. She says now Maasa can’t taunt me that I don’t know number of buttons in your kurta, now I know this. He says you got smart and I…. She thinks Sooraj is bearing pain and smiling for our sake, I know this is not your true smile.

She gives him roses and asks how did you like this. He says its fresh and beautiful, its good. She says I will keep it here. She shows their old pics and says see I m looking fat in this pic. She shows the music player cum radio, and says I m your DJ, tell me which song would you like to hear. He says I don’t want to hear anything now. She says fine. He looks outside. She asks shall we sit near window, fresh air is around. He says yes. He sees the crowd at the shop and smiles. She smiles finding his happiness from heart. She thinks Sooraj’s shop is his world, this is the key to his happiness, it returned his smile in a moment.

Everyone have a talk. Vikram gets mangoes. Arzoo says Sooraj likes mangoes, I will make juice for her. Meenakshi gives water to Vikram. Sandhya comes there and says Sooraj’s shop should run as Sooraj has run it, no work should stop. Bhabho asks but why. Sandhya says Sooraj was looking at his shop, I have seen true happiness on his face, that shop has his life. Bhabho says yes, he took this house’s responsibility by that shop, its his identity. Sandhya says yes, we want someone responsible to run that shop, a family member can do this, so I thought to manage the shop. Bhabho says no, you can’t even manage house’s kitchen, how will you manage halwai work, it needs sweet making arts too, you can’t do this. Babasa says I will manage everything, don’t worry.

Sandhya says there is hardwork all day, Babasa does not stay well, no Babasa, I can’t trouble you, we have to think someone who know about shop, who manages shop honestly. Chavi says yes, but you or Babasa don’t need to sit at shop, I will manage Sooraj’s shop. Meenakshi says its tough work, you can’t manage. Chavi says I don’t help you in kitchen so that my three Bhabhis don’t get embarrassed, I m Bhabho and Babasa’s daughter, you should not judge anyone without checking the talents. Sandhya says Chavi you are fashion designer, we don’t want you to leave your work. Chavi says I can sacrifice many of such work for my brother, trust me, I promise I will fulfill my duty and manage Sooraj’s shop, give me a chance. Babasa says great Chavi. Vikram says you made Meenakshi’s mouth shut today. They all smile. Bhabho looks on.

Sandhya shows Chavi managing the shop to Sooraj. She thinks I promise this shop will run like this. A man plans to shut Rathi sweet shop, so that his shop business gets set.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Nice episode …very very and feeling proud to see dabh in 8th position…feeling like flying in air….very very happy…we requesting the dabh team not to skip any episodes… sandhya first pregnancy and ved childhood days…atleast we want to see completely sandhya second pregnancy…pls….

    1. Richa

      i wanne see vedanshhh.. 🙁

      1. Wow ! Richa nice to see you! What does it mean to b a registered member??

  2. Richa

    hw did thiss happn to soorajjjjj??

    1. There was a riot in Pushkar.
      They burn shops,destroyed many public properties & even attacked innocent people.
      SOORAJ was there with BHABHO.While a board was falling down over BHABHO,SOORAJ turned BHABHO & saved her,But unfortunately he got hurt & his spinal cord got damaged.His recovery is at stake.Nothing can say.He may either recover or never recover.

  3. Good Episode
    Happy to see SOORAJ & RATHIS happy.
    Hope he will get fine soon.
    But what’s the new twist? Who is the man wants to shut SOORAJ’s shop & why?
    Hope Nothing bad will happen.Hope SOORAJ’s shop will be safe?
    Suspense precap
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes
    Plzzz make SOORAJ fine soon.
    We can’t bear this tragic track for so long even though it’s good & interesting.
    Plzzz make SOORAJ fine soon.
    Today’s episode is really superb & shown SOORAJ’s all siblings as matured & so good.
    Happy to see Chavi back.
    Hope nothing will happen to SOORAJ’s shop

    1. We want a happy end for DABH.Plz make SOORAJ fine soon.Plz don’t let SOORAJ’s shop shut.Plzzz….
      Hope everything goes fine.
      We want a fast recovery for SOORAJ & we want to see VANSH reunite with RATHIS.We also want to see SANDHYA deliver her expecting baby without any problems in her pregnancy & living happily with her family.

  4. Richa

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    anywayss no registred membersss cmmnt bhere
    heyyy kitttuuuuuu mssg me if u register AD u tooo anddd otherss too 🙂

    1. How to register in telly update site?

      1. Hey ad ! Just click on the menu baar abov this page and select from the given options! But I just want to know what is the purpose of registeration! Why to register ????? Any specific reason??

    2. can you tell me how to register richa

  5. Congratulations!
    DEEPIKA SINGH aka SANDHYA RATHI for completing 5 years on DABH location
    DABH team for completing 1400 successful episodes.

  6. Adejoke

    Nice episode

  7. Nice episode. All rathi members are turned to good. Dabh always best.

  8. Congratulations to DABH team completing 1400 episodes. I wish you all the best for upcoming episode.

  9. Nice dabh trp incres by +3 point last week 1.6 and current trp is 1.9 gd jump dabh…from 10 postn to 8 position … Next week trp will reach 2+

  10. They are going to end dabh soon

  11. I no sandhya will keep the shop open n going for sooraj

  12. Richa

    Thanx a bunch and poor suraj i saw ved crying ad is that adjoke u?
    @ad and hawa go to menu bar and clik on register
    hey kittu wel dr itz main purpus is no1 cn fake ur name and degrade ur image as 1 name 1 user as n many pagez there r figtz also u cn put dp cvr page intract with othr usrs acess their posts nd fics easily by their name and almost fb bt nt old mobile frindly systm

  13. Its better to put an end to the seriall rather than dragging it without any purpose.

  14. Well wen gud serials like dehlez nd tamana cn end so soon after cmplition of their main story motto with an xpetatn of S2
    y cant Dabh s2 with anew idea nd cncpt new aditnz

  15. 😛 forgot to login

  16. Nice episode

  17. Gita

    waiting eagerly for the next episode..pls dont end this show..i love it very much


    there is no need to end this inspirational serial……….y the director can’t able to contiue with another mass mission????????????????????????????????????? pls don’t end this………..atleast for fans pls continue……..we requesting u 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times pls ………….continue…………..


    there r many serial which having low trp than dabh………..pls atleast for our request continue it pls……………………….


    no this will not happen.this was going to end in aug 15 pls don’t do like this………….humble request on my side……………..THIS IS NOT A RIGHT TIME TO END………………. PLS WE WANT TO SEE ATLEAST SANDHYA SECOND PREGNANCY………..pls director continue…….WE PRAY FOR U ……..DABH AGAIN WANT TO COME TO FIRST PLACE IN TRP……….WE WANT TO SEE THAT….PLS…… it had been come to 8th place soon comes to first……..director of this serial pls request star plus channel to allow u to continue with sandhya another mission pls…………..we can’t able to do anything……pls cotinue ………the story is incomplete………already u skip many scenes in dabh……….we want soosan jodi again…….pls atleat for us continue……………………..pls…………

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