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Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho talking to Emily. Zakir asks Bhabho to stitch his shirt button, he has to go for meeting. Bhabho shows her hand in flour. Zakir says oh and asks Chavi to stitch it, to help him. Chavi nods and Bhabho asks Emily to stitch it. Mohit sees Emily stitching Zakir’s shirt and gets doubtful again. Zakir says thanks and leaves. Chavi sits silent. Avinash tells Babban that he was waiting for this match, the Agni club has his brother Prakash, whom he has to fail to show his parents that I m a better player. Sooraj hears them.

Sooraj goes to him and says he will not play kabaddi match with them today and asks him to use the roller, he is team captain and he has to obey him, else Avinash can get fired. Sooraj thinks he will tell Avinash everything when time comes. Avinash

obeys Sooraj’s orders. Bhabho keeps satyanarayan puja at home and the family attends it. Sandhya comes from duty and greets her. She says her boss is shifting so he gifted this, she did not refuse. She asks Bhabho to fix it in her room. Babasa says yes, she got old, she can bear good cool air and get good sleep. Daisa says you are head of the family, and should give shade to everyone like a tree. Sandhya says she will fix the cooler to kids’ room.

Bhabho agrees and Daisa says no, the kids will get habitual and not bear heat. Sandhya says we will fix it in Emily’s room. Daisa says no, Meenakshi will feel bad. Misri says I think Daisa wants to take it. Bhabho says she will decide. She gives her Prasad and sends her. Aditi asks Sooraj why is he doing this, they can kick Avinash out as he is traitor. Sooraj says no, he is not traitor, he wants to perform better than his brother. She asks why is he making Avinash do this. He says we have seen he performs well, I have seen he has some big problem in his shoulder, so he wants his shoulder to become his weakness in his next match.

She says it means the traitor is still between us, we have to find him, else the hard work will go waste. A man tells Sooraj that his wife called and asked him to call home. Sooraj calls Sandhya and talks to her. He asks what, 50 lakhs and makes everyone hear it. Aditi asks what happened. Everyone look on. Sooraj says my wife Sandhya called, you know my hotel dream, so I want 50lakhs in advance to make the hotel, he has filed for govt permission, he thought it will take time, but he does not have time. She says she would have helped him but she has put money in kabaddi, she can give him 20-25 lakhs. He says thanks to say, but he wants 50 lakhs in 24 hours, he will fall in his son’s eyes how will he play then. He leaves. Everyone discuss that how will Sooraj arrange the amount.

Ratan says he looks worried and left practice too. Sooraj keeps an eye on them. He looks at Aditi and recalls in FB that Sandhya suggested this idea. She asks does everyone know you need money to make hotel. He says yes. She says then there is one way to catch the traitor, and tell infront of everyone that you need money to make hotel, then traitor will come to you to offer you money. Aditi says that’s a very good idea. He shows thumbs up to Aditi. Aditi thinks the traitor will be out in 24 hours. Bhabho tells Sandhya that she feels they will keep cooler in hall.

Sandhya says you know the best for our house, then why not about Chavi and Zakir, why to care for people, their work is to ask questions, they will ask many questions even if Chavi is happy or sad, mum should think about her daughter’s happiness, Chavi has been alone for 6 years and now she is thinking about someone, you also wanted that she remarries, say yes to this proposal please.

Sooraj sits alone. He gets Aditi’s call. She asks did he get any call. He says no. She says its 3 hours, I hope the traitor does not know our plan. Sooraj says its between you and me, I don’t think he will doubt, we have to be patient, his eye is on us. Mahendra talks to Abhay. Abhay asks him to do the deal with Sooraj, I want to see the team losing. Mahendra says they should think is this any plan. Abhay insists and says Sooraj has no way than to accept the deal.

Sandhya and Bhabho come to Zakir. Zakir asks does she want to say anything. Sandhya tells him that we came to talk something imp, don’t feel bad of anything. Bhabho says yes, you are like our family. Zakir asys what is the matter, I also regard you all my family, you have right on me, order me Bhabho. Bhabho says she has got a request for her daughter’s happiness. Sandhya says she has made a pic for you in her heart, she started liking you, she loves you. He gets shocked. Sandhya says she is hesitant to tell you, as its not like our house’s values, will you make Chavi your life partner. Sandhya says she is my sister in law, I m not taking her side, but she learnt a lot after her marriage broke, she knows relations more now, I m sure she will prove to be a good life partner. Zakir says hmm.. actually, I mean all this is sudden for me, I did not see Chavi that way, how to decide such big decision suddenly. Bhabho cries.

A car’s accident is shown. Sooraj runs to see the traitor and the man hits him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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