Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone going to door. The man gives order slip to Vikram. Meenakshi tells Bhabho that Sandhya has gone today as if she will never come back, I mean she has thanked me and Emily. Bhabho worries more. Sooraj takes her. Zakir does not find Sandhya at the shore and gets Bharat’s call. Bharat says I told you Sandhya is great swimmer, she would have come to us if she jumped in river, I will find some other way, I will try to look for her in hospitals. Zakir says where are you Sandhya and asks the men to find again. The men say Sandhya is not here. Zakir recalls Sandhya and gets sad.

Meenakshi and Emily talk as Sandhya did not come till now. Meenakshi asks is Bhabhi saying right. Emily says no, Sandhya has come late many times, and has hope. Bhabho and Sooraj sit waiting.

Ved asks Sooraj about Sandhya. Sooraj says nothing can happen to her, she will come, you go and sleep. Emily tells Ved that Sandhya will come till he wakes up in morning. Zakir sadly thinks about Sandhya, and is at train accident place.

Sooraj and Babasa go to police station and try finding about Sandhya, her phone is off, and she did not call us. The inspector says she went on duty, and we can’t tell any more info. He asks them not to worry, Sandhya will come. Sooraj argues that his saying is easy, and how will the family react, they will worry, and its very late. Sooraj says she is my wife, how can I go back. The inspector says calm down, I will try to find at my level. Babasa asks Sooraj not to worry, Sandhya will come.

Ved, Misri and Pari cry. Ved says everyone is saying mum will come, but they all look worried, will mum come or not. Misri says she will come, don’t cry and consoles him. Pari reminds him how Sandhya has fought with goons in temple, she is superhero. Ved says yes and gets some hope. Pari and Misri pray that Sandhya comes back soon. Zakir gets a body whose face is burnt, and the body description is same like Sandhya. The man asks Zakir to check. Zakir gets stunned and says no….

Bhabho, Emily, Chavi pray for Sandhya’s return and cry in the in house temple. Zakir goes on duty and checks the train model. Bharat comes to him and asks him to go to Sandhya’s house.

Its morning, everyone is shown waiting for Sandhya and sitting awake. Ved asks Sooraj why did Sandhya not come. He asks Emily what she said that Sandhya will come when he wakes up in morning, where is his mum? He asks Bhabho why is not anyone saying, just call mum and scold her, she does so late on duty. Daisa says Sandhya will come, she is big officer, and has much work. Ved runs to the door thinking Sandhya came. They all see Zakir at the door. Zakir turns and the police officers bring a coffin, and Sandhya’s big framed pic with garlands on it. They all get shocked. Ved asks whats happening.

Zakir says Officer Sandhya Rathi was in that coach of Sushmita express which blasted in the accident, she was on duty and died. They all get stunned and cry. Ved cries and hugs Sooraj. Sooraj and Bhabho are in shock. Zakir gives Sandhya’s belongings to Sooraj. Sooraj looks at Sandhya’s pic. Babasa says this can’t be true, I told Sandhya that she will come and then we will have dinner, whom did you get Zakir, she is brave and she can’t be this, I will see her. Zakir stops Babasa and says please don’t see, the body is burnt, its really Sandhya. Bhabho recalls Sandhya’s promise that her police duty will not come in between her family duties. Everyone cry. Sooraj recalls Sandhya that they are incomplete without each other. Diya aur baati…………plays……………

Sandhya is shown at some place, putting water on her head by some pot. A man is shown going to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. We’ll said @AD…it’s a mind blowing episode

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    2. Now we can’t say anything… We have to wait for coming episodes
      Anything can happen

  15. for any case, it is ridiculuos to kill sandhya . what would be the position of suraj?

    1. Agree with you… This is really not fair towards rathi family

    2. Maybe there is some motiv behind this false news of killing sandya
      Its a suspense just wait and watch

  16. i wont watch diya baati if sandhya is really killed

    1. No yaar sandhya is alivr. She is not die.

      1. Yeah that’s a part of mission

  17. Way about that 3 months leap?? @Varsha
    If it happen then this mission will complete and sandhya returns home

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    If it happen then this mission will complete and sandhya returns home

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  19. I think today and tomorrow they show same precap “sandhya in nakshal group custody”
    But it will be telecasted on nxt week

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  23. hello KM… I have commented earlier… but not every time…not about all episodes, but only when I feel to make comment… and also I have no time to comment always.but I a have been watching DABH from the beginning and it is my favourite serial and also the best in starplus………..

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  25. Spoiler alert was revealed. See it guyz

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      1. it means bhaboo will not accept dandhya is died………….she is angry on sandhya bcoz she break the promise……..

  26. Today’s & Tommorrow’s (17&18)episode may not be much thrilling.From nxt week secret mission begins.It will rock.

    1. yaaaaa i am expecting this 2 days they show only family emotions …………..

  27. I’m thinking if Sandhya completes her mission & return alive How will Rathis react to Sandhya’s drama of her fake death & hiding her mission.

  28. I made 300th cmnt

  29. So soorajka memory loss news was fake right.

    1. yessssssssss

  30. I think so.Even there is no logic in that a person loss his memory just by hearing a shocking news.If it happens in an accident then there is no logic.

  31. I think Bhabho Babasa Sooraj.Someone among this or all these will blame Sandhya for faking her death & push Rathis into deep sorrow.

    1. Ya.babho will not forgive sandya easily.good that sooraj gave away vansh.that poor child will also have to bear this pain then.

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