Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Resham going to drink water. She gets juice and blesses the guy. She stops seeing Sita’s pic. Chotu goes to get fruits. Resham reads… for late Sita’s soul peace… She asks the guy when did this happen. The guy says 15 days passed. She asks are you from Sita’s family. The guy says no. Chotu comes back and Resham does not see him, being in shock. She is moved back by the crowd. Resham cries and goes back.

The lady asks is your friend coming. Resham says no, she won’t come again. The lady says why, you said your friend never breaks promise, none goes empty hand from his dargah. Resham sadly recalls the hope she gave to Arzoo. Sandhya is on the way and thinks to buy gift for Sooraj. She sees a gift gallery and stops there. She asks the staff to be there

and goes to shop. Resham also goes to that shop. Sandhya looks around to find perfect gift for Sooraj.
She sees some coffee mugs and asks the man will he personalized cup. He asks for pic. She says I have the pic. He says it will take 15mins. Resham asks the man to find telephone number for this address and name. The man asks don’t you have number. She says no, that number is unavailable, can you find alternate number. The man asks her to wait, and sends another man to help her. Sandhya sends the pic. Resham recalls Arzoo’s words and asks for Salman Khan’s song DVD. He gives her DVDs and she says not this one, I want such DVD which has Salman’s shirtless pic on it. Sandhya hears this and smiles. The man laughs and says 2mins. Resham says its for my grand daughter, she is crazy for him. The man gives the shirtless cover pic DVD. Resham buys it. Sandhya gives her and Sooraj’s pic. Resham says very beautiful pair and blesses her. Chotu’s pic falls. Sandhya says I will pick it, and sees Chotu. She says this is Chotu’s pic….

Chotu gets tired and a girl wipes his face with her dupatta. She says I m sorry Aryan, if this was not last day of project completion, I would have helped you in this good work, I lost the chance to do this for Dadi. He says don’t be sorry Priya, its enough that you respect Dadi, how was the submission. She says it was good, come with me, I will make cold coffee, you talk to my mom and ask my hand. He asks how, I did not tell anything to Sooraj and Sandhya. She says I know you don’t take a step without asking them, but problem is mom got to know about us, she wants to meet you, we have to marry some day, so please meet her for my sake. He says fine, I will meet your mom, smile now. She thanks him.

Sandhya asks how do you know Chotu. Resham says Aryan, she is my childhood friend Sita’s grandson, we thought to make our friendship turn into relation, I got Arzoo’s proposal for Aryan, I got Sita’s letter and came here from Hyderabad, I lost chance to meet her, how do you know him. Sandhya says he is part of our family, do you want to meet her. Resham says you did big favor on me, thanks. She recalls the lady’s words. Sandhya asks the man to pack the gift.

Chotu meets Priya’s mum. Her mum says I know you both understand each other, Priya wants to become journalist, will you fulfill her dream. He says I love her a lot, her all dreams are mine, I will support her in all walks of life. Her mum says mass communication fees is 5 lakhs and gives him admission form. She asks will he be able to arrange 5 lakhs. Priya and her mum smile, and then sad face infront of him. Her mum says I m helpless, I want such life partner for Priya who gives her everything which we could not. Chotu says I understand your emotions, you are right, I respect you, I will try my best. He leaves. Priya and her mum laugh. Priya says superb, you fooled him, I will fool him more with emotional drama.

Bhabho tells Resham that if Sita is not here, even then her dream will be fulfilled, that’s why you met Sandhya and you came here. Resham says I came here to fulfill my promise to Sita, but will Chotu agree to this relation.

Resham tells Emily that she got sweets from Karachi. Sandhya looks on. Resham gives the sweets with Pakistan written on the box.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. richa (titli)

    WTH is thiss nw,…
    well i think chotu marry arzooo 4 moneyy nd that grl triking wud be sm terrorist smthing.
    nd hydrabad confuison >_< 😛

    1. richa (titli)

      may be he get to knw the girls betrayal nd marry arzoo 😀

      1. richa (titli)

        raamiiiii bhaiii!!!!!!!!!! its shinchannnn <3 worlds biggest cutie pie nd naughty kidd……………
        nyways 🙁 i lost ma gravatar PWnd tryin to re membrr it i will change ASAP i remember it but ma chinchan DP alsooo cute nd funny 🙂 [email protected]@@@ drrrraging POV yeah they will draggg the trak as usuaall 😛 😛 😛

    2. Hey @ richaa!!! Bring back the beautiful dolls on your dp!!! This chubby cheeks boy looks hilarious ?

  2. The story takes a turn towards Chotu and who is that Priya who try to fool him? The turn of events seem not to entertain. Let us see …

  3. Will Sandhya doubt Resham?
    Anyway, Very Nice Episode.
    Now another cheater lady.Hope all problems will be solved soon.

  4. The episode was okay! Thanks god reshma found chotu’s home soon! At least no dragging here! I hope there is no dragging ahead too!!
    One thing more how can sandya goes for her personal work when she’s on duty; it’s an offence coz she’s a responsible officer.

  5. This track will end on Valentine’s Day. I hope producers do not forget THE DIYA AND BAATI> The original one in this new track. Waiting for Sooraj’s return. the serial has no “DUM” without Sandhya and Sooraj together

  6. Where’s surajjjj gone ? Whiteout him, serial has less charm!!!
    Yes there’s no DAM in sandy’s acting too ?

  7. Dear viewers and friends, some of you write your comments in Hinglish(hindi english). Many english words are either shortened or lengthened that could not be deciphered. I request to put them with clarity so that we may be able to understand things.

    1. Yes sir you are right! I try my best to write in English or translate my Hindi words in English! And sir I must say that v learn a lot from your comments about the show and charecters psychology,

    2. richa (titli)

      @ Jeeyam sir srry (sorry ) if you r (are) having problem in decipherating(translating ) my comments but i am habitual of typing text, language as i chat a lot, and lazy at typing, also make my notes using short forms or texty lang, also i forgetto space words mane times , sorry it comes automatically, and about short forms i agree i dont use suitable acronyms as i really don’t know them,………… and i type differently as i myself get jaded , reading always,…………… sorry also for typos(typing mistakes, grammar mistakes)
      sorry sir and i will try my best not to write text lang. here soryyyyyyyyyyyy again
      @@@@@ Rami bhaai did u vote in that star pluy charm showwww section??

      1. Not yet! Actually that question looks irrelevant to me cuz I don’t like leaps at all!! I enjoyed fully DABH till sandy’s struggle towards her dream ‘s fulfilment! To b very honest, I watch dabh only for suraj sandya! Cuz their chemistry is awesome , they understand and respect each other more than goham of SNS and akshra naitik of yrkkh bcoz they don’t trust each other more than surajjjj sandya!!
        Sorry if I hurt SNS fans or Yrkkh fans ?? it’s just my personal opinion .

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