Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sandhya asking Bhabo for forgiveness and says they made a big mistake
Suraj says they have told many lies and to hide one thing they had to tell many lies and Bhabo says what lie.
Suraj confesses that today they haven’t come to see the chamatkari Baba or neither went to Mount Abu in the 1st place, but went straight to ajmer from home

Suraj says to Bhabo that they are here for attending the night college, and says though Bhabo had said him many times that night college isn’t allowed but still he couldn’t take Bhabo’s decision in proper frame of mind, and says just for thinking Sandhya’s future, he had to take this decision

Sandhya also tries to seek forgiveness and says they couldn’t live on with this hiding thing for long and thus decided to confess, Bhabo holds Sandhya responsible for all that, and says from the day Sandhya entered Rathi Mansion, she entered with lies only, and though she decided to forgive Sandhya for past mistake but still Sandhya didn’t redeem herself.

Bhabo says Sandhya has managed to turn Suraj from Shraavan (kumar) to Raavan and the very Suraj who won’t lie before Bhabo come what may befall, and the very same person had told her mother repeated lies just because of Sandhya

Bhabo kept reminding Sandhya that even after making promise to her that she will never take the pen, she broke the promise by attending the night college
Suraj now comes forward to defend, says Sandhya was listening to her only all the time, but it is he who forced Sandhya into studies and all

Suraj goes on to say about the deal with the businessman and how he returned from that place empty-handed without signing on the dotted lines of the contract because of Sandhya who finally made a deal to study when Suraj won’t sign the contract and thereafter he goes on to tell how he suppressed the education by telling lies (when Bhabo was asking about Sandhya one night), flashback getting shown maybe

Bhabo after hearing everything from Suraj says she never thought her Suraj will betray her in this fashion, says from when Suraj started coming up from west, and shows her frustration by saying that he has completely changed now and slowly drifting away from the moral values and good behavior which Bhabo took pride and she is extremely disappointed with Suraj.

Sandhya comes to defend Suraj but Bhabo asks her to stay away from Mother-Son talks, says she doesn’t even let family members come in between them and who is she, a non-member to come and interrupt Bhabo now

Bhabo also says the DILs aren’t considered part of family, they are there only to serve the family and work for the family and asks her to stay away from important talks

Suraj cries and begs forgiveness, asks Bhabo to punish him but not treat him like this, begs her to see the fact that all he did was due to circumstances but Bhabo remains as she was, and says for this grave mistake he will obviously be punished and the punishment will stand a testimony to the other members as well.

Bhabasa came and asks when they will come as Pandit is waiting, Bhabo says no Puja will be conducted and says about the lies of Suraj, and also harps on the fact that Suraj has lost all good values which she had instilled on him and he now doesn’t know what is good for him and what is bad for him

Sandhya says what punishment Bhabo wants to give, better give her as she is at fault, not Suraj Ji.
Bhabo asks her to return the original Suraj as he was before marriage

Bhabo asks Suraj to drown himself, Suraj going to drown himself, others are shouting, Vikram calling Bhaiya Bhaiya and Chaturi are calling Suraj Ji Suraj Ji


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