Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya being shocked seeing Arzoo in the footage. Pandit asks Chotu and Arzoo to make each other wear varmala. They take the garlands and exchange. The inspector shows Sandhya the details, and says you are right, its Arzoo Bakshi, her name is there in passenger list, she has come from Hyderabad, Pakistan. She got something hiding in that small bag. He shows the passport and visa copy. Sandhya checks it and says Arzoo, Pakistan… and thinks we had big misunderstanding, we thought she is from India’s Hyderabad. She says I know her very well, no need to worry, I have to leave now.

Pandit asks them to do ghatbandhan now. Bhabho, Sooraj and others hold the mandap. Sandhya is on the way and calls Sooraj to inform him. She calls others and could not connect to

anyone, as they all are busy. Pandit asks Chotu and Arzoo to stand for the rounds. Chotu and Arzoo take the wedding rounds. Pandit chants the mantras. Sandhya worries that none is answering calls.

She says its important to tell this truth before rounds, if Bhabho knows this after marriage, it will be big issue and spoil relations. Chotu and Arzoo take the rounds. Pandit asks bride to come ahead for rest of the rounds. Sandhya calls Sooraj again. Sooraj sees her call and phone falls in water. It breaks and gets damaged. Sooraj smiles seeing Chotu and Arzoo finishing the rounds. Pandit asks Chotu and Arzoo to sit for remaining rituals. Chotu fills sindoor in Arzoo’s maang and makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit says this wedding is completed, now you are husband and wife. Everyone get happy and smile. Sandhya is on the way. Resham hugs Arzoo. Bhabho hugs her bahus. Arzoo hugs Mahek. Sooraj hugs Bhabho happily. Mahek thinks its time to ruin Arzoo’s respect. Everyone smile happily.

Chotu and Arzoo take pandit’s blessings. Bhabho asks Meenakshi and Emily to get Arzoo to puja room. She thanks Lord that marriage got over. Chotu and Arzoo sit to pray. Arzoo smiles seeing the laddoos. She sees everyone sitting with closed eyes and tries to take laddoo. Emily sees her and asks what are you doing, take later. Bhabho asks Chotu to complete ritual carefully. Chotu nods and does the rituals in puja room.

Sooraj thinks Sandhya called, and asks Emily for her phone. He takes Emily’s phone and calls Sandhya. Bhabho smiles seeing Arzoo doing rituals same way as Chotu. She asks Arzoo to say any Chann. Emily says Chann that too by Arzoo.. Arzoo smiles and says the same lines Sooraj taught her. Sooraj hears this and gets stunned. He turns to see Arzoo. Bhabho and Emily smile. Bhabho asks Arzoo to say again. Arzoo says again. Emily says great, you said a lovely Chann. Bhabho says yes, its indeed great. Emily says wow Arzoo, you came prepared well. Sooraj recalls the girl he met in Pakistan. He says I have told this Chann to that girl in Pakistan’s market.

Bhabho asks Chotu and Arzoo to do rituals, till then they will meet guests, Chotu come after completing rituals. Bhabho and Emily leave. Chotu goes. Arzoo takes the laddoo. Sooraj says Arzoo and she drops the laddoo.

Sooraj asks Arzoo about the Chann, who taught her. She says I met a Bhaijaan in Karachi market. He asks what were you doing there. She says what do you mean, I stay in Hyderabad there, I went to shop for my marriage. He says Hyderabad, Pakistan, we got such a big misunderstanding. She says you mean you all don’t know I m from Pakistan, my marriage happened by misunderstanding. She thinks they all said yes thinking she is Indian and cries. Sandhya comes home.

Bhabho congratulates her for her new Devrani. Sandhya gets shocked. Bhabho asks are you fine, you look tired, go and take rest, I will complete rituals and come. Sandhya and Sooraj meet and tell each other that Arzoo is from Pakistan’s Hyderabad.

Sandhya says we did a big mistake. Resham comes and says mistake… we did mistake, Mahek pack the bags, we will leave today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The rain and storm had helped Aarzoo and Chotu to get married. But will it stand?

  2. Mustandi rocked today! Sandya you are so dumb as an officer! How did you handled the ‘Parmaanu’ bomb then ?
    It’s obvious that this idiot writer/director helped ya ??

  3. Today’s episode just okay. Not much good.But waiting eagerly for upcoming episodes.Sandhya looks gorgeous in yesterday’s & today’s episodes. SOORAJ also handsome.
    But I beg to the writers to end this track @ the earliest.

  4. I hope they acept arzoo after all she is married now

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