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Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Babasa asking Bhabho not to lift heavy bag as her wounds are still fresh. He asks Sandhya to lift it and she recalls Ankur’s words. She gets tensed and takes the phone. She calls room service for help to shift luggage. Sooraj comes and says lets go, who packed the bag. Babasa says don’t lift it, Sandhya has got room service guy to lift it, this is benefit of educated people. Sooraj says he is annoyed with Bhabho, Sandhya and I are here, you should not lift heavy bags.

Bhabho says I did mistake, I will be careful now. Meenakshi and Emily are glad seeing the kids ready and ask Bela to make them sleep. Bela says I promised them I will take them to park, shall I take them. Emily says yes. Bela takes the kids and leaves. Emily says she has to do a parlor course.

Meenakshi says you have good time. Emily says the fees is Rs 50000. Meenakshi says she can’t help her. She asks Emily not to take Bhabho’s permission. Emily leaves.

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Bela brings kids to a guy and tells them to go with him. The guy looks like some evil goon/kidnapper. Bela signs him and smiles. The guy takes the kiods and leaves. Sooraj blindfolds Sandhya and brings her to a park. She says she trusts him. he says you will like the surprise. He asks did he get her to any garden, as she can hear kids’ sound. He asks her to be patient. He says its time for your surprise and opens the cloth. She is shocked seeing a giant wheel. He says you have habit to play such things. He says he was also scared, but now he can fight with any fear as she is with him.

She reads the rides are not good for anyone underwent surgery. The guy tells Bela that kids are very innocent. Bela says I fooled their mothers. The guy makes them beggars with bad makeup. Bela asks them to do as they taught them. He gives them chocs. Sooraj says he made booking before, and wanted to give you surprise. Sandhya gets worried seeing the rides. Sooraj and Sandhya sit in the ride. She says she is going back. He says don’t talk like kids, see everyone is sitting. The ride starts and she says she can’t sit.

Sandhya sees the man starting the ride and shouts no, get me out. Sooraj asks her to calm down. Sooraj says please, don’t start the ride, get me out. Sooraj asks the man to come. The man says nothing will happen. Sandhya says I can ‘t sit. She panics and the man asks Sooraj why did he do booking if his wife is so afraid. She gets out of the ride and runs. Bela signs the kids and they touch people’s feet to beg and get money.

A lady says people are not ashamed to use kids as beggars. Vikram comes in the market and passes by the kids. Sooraj asks Sandhya why did she get scared, what is the matter. She says nothing. He says I know you more well than yourself, don’t lie to me, I was with you and you got scared by a ride, I can’t believe this, I know everything about you. She says there is nothing, there are good things and I like to be with you. He says I know you are hiding something from me, or maybe you did not forgive me.

Sooraj looks in some drawers and gets medicines. He sees same medicines for Bhabho and Sandhya, and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s fine. Finally Sooraj going to know the truth…

  2. Next track is starting…kidney matter will end.

    1. i think kidney matter won’t end. even sooraj come’s to know the truth,sandhya ask him to hide the matter from family.
      And the new track was getting ready for sandhya.

    2. Why at all a secret of hiding the kidney donation is created by the director? In fact, every one knows that Sandya has donated the kidney. Then, why the director drags it? The artificial prolonging of the episodes is unbearable. The sympathy towards Sandya has turned into irritation for the viewers.

  3. Yaaa…finally its going to be happen..suraj will know the truth 2mrw.,…

  4. seriously this week kidney matter solved 🙂

  5. Now what is going to happen to Meenakshi and Emily…? What a stupid thing done by new maid.. If she really wants kids to make a beggers she should have done in different city not in pushkar… What happened to director..? 🙂

    1. Nothing happen to director. You just forgot that, Sandhya Rathi was ASP of Pushkar.

  6. Kidney matter going to end means another “Big Surprise” is waiting for US.

  7. I guess Meenakshi and Emily will be thrown out from house.. or Meenakshi will put complete blame on Emily since she is planning to go Delhi….

  8. Sandhya is great as a human but she lost as a police officer.If DABH goes as follows.,
    Sooraj comes to know Sandhya’s problem.Sandhya consoles him.Sandhya seeks police help & save Misri & Pari.Sandhya solves all family problems.Sandhya becomes healthy.Sandhya gives birth to Sooraj’s baby.Sooraj asks Sandhya to make their child an IPS officer who has all morals & values of Sandhya.He further asks her to make him/her a true patriot who loves nation more than family.He too supports her.Then the story ends by SS child become IPS officer & accomplishing some mission like RK mission & wins bravery award.

    I hope then DABH can regain its lost pride & standard.

    It’s just my hope.

    1. Nice idea!!!………
      The Story lines seems to be the next part of DABH-2

    2. Best Joke of DABH Sandhya,Sooraj having a child.

  9. Even After facing so much problems by bringing strangers into home, they are repeating it, how can an educated lady like Emily can do such a mistake!!

  10. Bhabho is going to sort emily n meenakshi…hope she gives them punishment the way she did when sandya first arrived.. those 2 need to be taught alesson as they have always relied on sooraj n sandya

  11. Why r u turning this serial into waste one….I think we need to send the director to mental hospital

    1. Hey exactly… nicely said yaar.. i think they need a drastic script change.

  12. Previously this show has two Directors.One director left the show after married deepika singh (Sandhya).
    So I think one brain is not enough for DABH

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