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Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya seeing devmata idol. Pujari says we told people that we will show idol at aarti time. Sandhya says thief has kept fake idol instead real one, thief does so to hide the thief, but anyone can see this and find out its fake, why did thief do this. The man says cctv footage has nothing, there is half an hour footage missing. She says it means he has technical knowledge, who is such their in Pushkar.

Bhabho says I won’t come. Arzoo packs her bags and says we will come back in few months. Babasa says I will come, I m ready, we can go to Chotu. Bhabho asks him to stop it, there is age for everything, everyone works here, who will manage house. Babasa says Sandhya and Meenakshi will manage, now house will run without you. Arzoo laughs. Bhabho says fine, I agreed,

but Sooraj wrote our name on ghaat aarti, how can I leave that, I can’t go. Arzoo says I have a solution, you do aarti by heart, we are going on weekend, I got ticket as per your plan.

Bhabho asks how did you get ticket, I know we need visa. Babasa says Chotu has sent visa too. Bhabho refuses to go. Arzoo says then I will feel you don’t love me and Chotu. Bhabho says all children are same to me, but Kanak stays with me for long, she got habitual to me, I won’t go. Babasa says we have to solve this problem, Arzoo you need to find a solution.

Sandhya checks temple and says thief has stolen an old idol, he will get a big price, but all idols here are expensive and have much jewelry, it means he does not want money, he has made fake idol wear jewelry, his motive is something else, we need to understand that.

Arzoo tries to convince Bhabho. Babasa shows laptop to see magic. Bhabho sees Ved and Vansh on video chat. Arzoo asks Bhabho to talk to them. Bhabho blesses Kanak and asks how did this happen, I will go now. Babasa says sit, there is something else. Arzoo says you can sit here and talk to Kanak as if Kanak is sitting here, you can talk to Kanak and sing lullaby for her. Babasa says yes, you can see Kanak. Bhabho says I know all this.

Arzoo asks both of them to come along. Bhabho says no, I will miss Kanak, its matter of few months. Arzoo says I will record your voice so that Kanak can hear you and feel your presence, and I will record videos so that you don’t miss anyone. Bhabho says fine, I will think. Babasa says Arzoo got a great way.

Sandhya gets commissioner’s call. He says I don’t know how did news go out, now people got this news and matter became sensitive to deal. Sandhya says Sir said this news leaked on internet and checks the report. Reporter says there is just few hours to start ghaat aarti, will this aarti not happen now. The men say it’s a shameful thing, the thieves have hurt our devotion. The people get angry. Sandhya looks on.

Pujari tells Sandhya that crowd is very angry, you go from back way. She asks how can I leave, I have to make them sure, we will explain them, it’s a crime which has hurt their devotion, but I don’t want any misunderstanding to form, come with me.

Bhabho cries and talks to Kanak. Arzoo records Bhabho’s words. Bhabho says she loves Kanak a lot, I see Sooraj and Sandhya in them, you will have their mixed qualities, Sooraj’s goodness and Sandhya’s honesty, Sooraj’s innocence and Sandhya’s bravery, all their good qualities, put that in you, like I m proud of my Sooraj, you also make your parents name shine.

Meenakshi comes and tells Bhabho that Devmata idol got stolen, everyone is saying ghaat aarti will not happen. Bhabho gets shocked. Meenakshi says this news is also on tv. Sandhya tells the media that they will find the idol and asks people to cooperate with them, and have patience, don’t do anything that things go out of control. The men say we are with you, idol should be found, how will we do puja without idol. Sandhya says calm down, I know idol is necessary, my family also registered to do this puja, you are part of the city, I will find the idol, trust me. Sandhya worries.

Sandhya meets commissioner and says what does the thief want to do, and who leaked news. He says our priority is to get the idol, people want to do ghaat aarti puja, we have to find idol, do this fast. He gets a call and gets shocked. He asks what, are you sure, very good job officer. He tells Sandhya and says good news, we got the idol and thief, Arpita cracked the case.

Sandhya meets Arpita. Arpita says this pujari has stolen the idol, but he is not accepting his crime. He says I did not steal idol, I served the temple for many years. Arpita says your lie won’t work now. He says I m saying truth. He is taken away. Commissioner says very good job Arpita, you saved police dept from big problem. She says thanks, I did what I should have done. Sandhya sees pandit’s house, having simple living and ordinary furniture, thief has very smart and jammed cctv for half an hour, these things are not linking. She tells commissioner that this is not simple case of robbery, there is something we are not able to see.

Sandhya sees the Devmata idol and gets shocked. She informs Arpita that there is bomb in the idol. Arpita gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so the story came to and end??

  2. Nice Episode
    Suspense Ahead
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes
    Hope bomb will get diffused on right time
    Hope people will be safe

  3. I think arpita is behind this

  4. After seeing end of tumhari pakhi i did want to see dabh to end.Plz.

    1. You want DABH to be end? Oh, I think you should have a thought again
      Love for DABH

  5. i want deepika singh to play the role of kanak if there is season 2 . many shows have shown the heroins daughter as their look alike . why not dabh . if sandhya and sooraj die in season one , atleast deepika singh should continue the show as kanak because the main idea is how a lady manages her office that too ips duty and her home too .

    1. Your idea is so good!

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