Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya thinking where did Ved go. Misri keeps twin coconut and Bhabho gets glad. She calls Aryan/Chotu and says lets go to temple. He says lets go to Ajmer and big temple. She says fine, I will get puja plate. Aryan thanks Misri and smiles. Pari calls Emily. Emily goes to her. Sandhya sees Ved and asks what is he doing here. He thinks everyone would be making fun of dad. He says I m sorry, I won’t do this again. She says no, first tell me why did you come, all kids got happy, you should have seen this. He thinks he got saved again, mum just saw that I came from there.

She asks is he still ashamed that his dad is halwai, don’t lie to me. Bhabho asks Chotu where did he get her. He asks her to sit, and goes. She says come soon and waits in the park. Bulbul talks

to Aryan and argues. They fight. She says she can’t bring Vansh, dad took him. He says I worked hard to get Bhabho here. She says sorry for Bhabho. Aryan says where did Bhabho go. Ved says I won’t lie, I m ashamed that dad is halwai. She is shocked and says I explained you so much.

He says she is right, dad did good things and managed family well, and makes good sweets. He says respect should be there, my dad is just halwai, he is famous in Hanuman Gali, but others make fun, I came to know in this school. He says why did dad not have any progress, Misri told me how all chefs earned name and got famous, who took part with him. She scolds him and says if he tells like this about Sooraj then… Ved says whats wrong in this, he became halwai when he was 14 years old and he is still halwai, did dad not have progress, does he fail every year. She says enough, how can be call his dad failure.

She says whats wrong in this. She raises her hand and Sooraj says Sandhya. She stops and looks at him. He asks whats happening. She says Ved is having wrong demands, he is talking nonsense. He asks what did he demand now. She thinks its good he did not hear anything, else he would have been hurt. Sooraj asks Ved what did he say. Sandhya says its between mum and son, I will solve it. Sooraj says fine, I will not come in between, I just want you both to be happy.

He asks did he like his presentation. Ved says mum told everyone liked. Sooraj asks what do you mean, did you see or not. The teacher asks Ved to come. Sooraj asks him to get his bag and they will leave for home. Ved leaves. Sooraj asks Sandhya to scold Ved, but not raise hands on him. He says Ved is small, we have to understand him. Ved comes and Sooraj takes him. She cries and says how to explain Sooraj ji.

Ankur brings Vansh there. He says its good place for my friends, I will invite everyone except Ved. Bhabho hears him and turns to see. She throws paper and he puts it in her flower plate. Vansh teases her and she holds his hand. She scolds him. He asks her why did she throw junk down on ground, and asks her to keep place clean. Bhabho recalls Sandhya. Vansh asks her to use hanky and clean hands. He says my dad will be finding me to make stage final, its my birthday after three days. He runs. Aryan asks what is she doing here. She says I was buying flowers, and goes.

Sandhya makes Ved have bath and scolds him, saying his dad has bought all this, soap and gel. He calls Papa. She asks what is he calling papa now, is he not ashamed now, its happened from that new school, I will shift you back to old school. He says no, I promise I will not say anything again, sorry. She says she won’t listen to him. He hugs her and says don’t change my school. She cries.

Emily thinks where did hall ticket go, I kept there, how will Pari give her exams now. Pari cries and asks her to find it. Emily says don’t worry, I m finding it. Mohit looks on and thinks he will win Pari’s heart by this hall ticket and also show Emily. Chotu comes and asks what happened, why is Pari crying. He says magic and gives her hall ticket. Mohit is shocked.

Bhabho asks Sandhya and Ved to come out. Vansh’s hanky falls. Sandhya comes there and stands there. They don’t see it and leave. The kerchief with V is shown.

Babasa and Bhabho talk about the kid with V’s name and he says I think its our Vansh. She cries and says I will get him here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. track is ordinary.but very nice.
    sandhya is nice. bhabo makes ved selfish.

  2. Nice episode. .. wat ved asked sandhya is right. . After winning WTC, Sooraj continued as sweet maker. ..Becoz of Sandhya’s dream IPS… now it’s the time for sandhya to think abt sooraj. ..
    Actually it’s a good thought by ved..which sandhya never thought

  3. Dis serial has becom so boring dat nobdy watches it now, mene bi aaj kafi din baad dekha n not gonna continue watching… sooraj sandhya deservd watever is happening wid dem.. ankur in log jese maa-baap ksath bilkul thik kraha hai jinhone apne bacche tak ko daan kardiya.. gud goin ankur n ankita.. n sooraj sandhya u guys no more stars now.. writer brought d worst turn in ds serial wd dat twin donation twist n aftr dat ds serial lost its charm.. bullshit..!!

    1. Yeah I agree with you!

  4. Jeyam Ramachandran

    I want to know whether Sandya is still a police officer. If so Ved has every right to say and be proud of his mom. The story writer playing the same tune of Sooraj as Halwaii.has totally forgotten Sandya who is an IPS officer about which her son may be proud of.

  5. ✘✘SaRa tHe aLiEn✘✘

    yaar hate dis mohit & I think ved is something ryt in his words bcoz sooraj should bcum something he has won such a big award but he is stil a halwaai aww!!

  6. ✘✘SaRa tHe aLiEn✘✘

    vansh is a villain or hero he is half dis half dat so idiotic

  7. Mohit will never change .
    what ved asked is absolutely right
    after winning such a prestigious competition sooraj still remains with a petty shop. d serial has lose its beauty pchhhhhhhh……………[email protected]

  8. Life is not a cinema. No one can become rich in a single night that too without any help

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