Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya showing Himanshu’s pics to Manjari. Sandhya acting sweet and trying to make Manjari eat poison. Sandhya gets the poison from the photos backside and tries feeding Manjari. Manjari wishes anyone stops Sandhya. A man comes there and stops them. He says something happened to Chote Raja, he is getting blood vomits. The commander gets shocked and worried for his son. Narayani asks the men to take Manjari. Sandhya’s plan fails and she looks on.

Bhabho thinks will Lalima’s hardwork succeed. Sooraj says he did not get sleep. They all ask why, was there any problem. Sooraj says he has seen something at night, which has made him restless, it was like a dream or something. Lalima looks on. Sooraj says he has seen Sandhya in the dream. Bhabho asks what

did Sandhya say. Vikram asks Sooraj to say. Bhabho signs Lalima. Lalima asks what did he see in dream.

Sooraj says he has seen Sandhya, don’t know what did Sandhya mean, I did not understand. Babasa says its fine. Meenakshi laughs saying Lalima went as bride without marriage, and all her efforts got waste. Sajni cries and asks Narayani to save Chote Raja. Narayani asks her to calm down and asks Sagarika to take her out. Sandhya takes Sajni outside. Narayani checks the boy.

Sooraj asks Lalima why did she not apply Chandan tika to him today. Meenakshi thinks it means Lalima’s attempt failed, now what will she do in 2 days. Lalima says she will make Chandan powder. Meenakshi taunts Lalima and says Sooraj can go to mental hospital. Lalima says I m sure he will get fine, my trust did not break. Meenakshi asks her to stop giving herself false hope, what will happen after 2 days. Lalima says this is called true devotion, it gets Lord on earth. Bhabho looks on.

Lalima asks Bhabho to tell her about Sandhya’s death in detail, how did she die. Sandhya pacifies Sajni. Sajni says he has gone in that jungle and this happened. Sandhya asks what. Sajni says that deep jungle, whenever he came from there, he used to have stomach or back ache, I used to give him herbs and he got fine, today he is doing blood vomits, don’t know what happened, I told him its just souls there, what will happen now. Sandhya recalls the boy and the green stones. She thinks the foreigner disappeared there, how did the boy fall ill, there is some connection between this.

Lalima and Bhabho come to meet Zakir. Lalima greets Zakir and Bhabho comes ahead. Zakir gets shocked seeing Bhabho. Zakir asks whats the matter Bhabho, do you have any work. Lalima asks for his help to make Sooraj fine, and tells about Sooraj’s mental state instability since Sandhya died. Zakir asks what. Lalima tells him everything. Bhabho cries. Zakir says I could not understand that time, now I understand why Bhabho started hating Sandhya, trust me what Sandhya did was for country. Bhabho stops him, and says it will be good if you help us and Sooraj. Zakir asks her to say what he has to do.

Zakir comes in Hanuman Gali with Bhabho and Lalima. He says his duty does not permit him to do this, but he will do this for his friendship towards Sandhya and Sooraj. Lalima asks Zakir to come and thanks him. Sajni cries for her son. Narayani says she has given the herbs, herbs will affect slowly, for the poison to end its effect. Sajni says save my son. Narayani asks them to go to temple and pray. The commander says he will go to temple and pray for his son. Sandhya says I trust Lord and Narayani’s treatment, but its about boy’s life, we can show him in city hospital, Narayani can go along. Sajni says yes, we will go to city, Sagarika is right.

The commander refuses and says no city hospital will treat my son, govt. gives us wounds, not cure, I trust Narayani. Sandhya says but.. He says I said it, my son won’t go to city. Sandhya cries seeing the boy, and sees Ved in him. She imagines Ved asking her to save him, and sees the boy’s state. Meenakshi says its just 2 days to save Sooraj, I m tensed, what will Lalima do. She asks Mohit where did Emily go, Zakir has come and she did not get tea. Mohit asks Meenakshi to make tea, he has sent Emily out for some work. Meenakshi says sent already…. Bhabho, Lalima and Zakir come home. Lalima goes to call Sooraj.

Meenakshi asks Zakir what will he take.. Chavi or Em…… I mean tea, coffee or juice. Bhabho gives a stare to Meenakshi. She asks Zakir to come. She takes him along. Meenakshi laughs. Sandhya prays for the boy and cries.

Sandhya hides the boy in the cart and takes him. A man stops her and she gets tensed. The man says you steal cleanly well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s. Episode boring and bakwass.

    1. If u dnt like this show then plz dnt come hear for cmts… Sorry for hurting u…bt I can’t bear that anyone speak bad words to my favvvvvvvv showwwww DABH… So plz dnt waste ur time hear…??????
      Thanks amena for fast updating…?????

  2. Hi Varsha, Who is chote Raja? Why did he fall in ill?What was the purpose of Zakhir visiting Suraj? What’s the meaning of the words – nishan, puraskar?

    1. Actually chote raja is son of bade raja ( that men who bring sandhya first in that place) and sajni ( who always feel that she is beautiful then sandhya)???

      Actually he is go that forest.. In that forest is some mystery that was he was ill…??

      Actually zakir tell everything that what happened to sandhya means sandhya’s accident… And also he come to see suraj real condition.. To do something for suraj recover treatment…????

      Purskar means award , prize and crown..???
      Nishan means mark…???

      Hope ur daut will clear now…

      1. Thank you Varsha for having cleared all my doubts. I think that there is some poison in the green stones. The mystery of the stones has not yet been revealed. Am I right?

    2. Ya right @ jeyam… Dat was mystery… In upcoming episodes may be they reveal that….????

  3. Thanks amena……..4r updation…..nice episode

  4. but i missed zakir nd baboo scene…due to reason of power cut

    1. So dnt worry u watch on hotstar or repeat telecast… Zakir scene was nice.. Nice to see zakir back on DABH set as well as in show…?????welcome back zakir…???

  5. Super episode.awesome sweet act by sandhya to manjri

    1. Nicley she did drama in front of manjari.. Manjari scene also nice… ???Bt again manjari save…???

  6. hmm…. no comments posted till now 🙁

  7. Nor so bad,neither much good.
    Zakir is back.I hope Sooraj gets cured by next week.Feeling sad for Sandhya as she failed.Soon MISSION MAHABALI ends soon.I want SOORAJ SANDHYA to reunite soon.

    1. Dnt worry manjari definitely die… I did only do by sandhya.. Bcoz definitely sandhya kill manjari… We see in some days sandhya and suraj unity… Bt for that enjoy this mission mahabali track.. Hope they always show police related tracks also.. Bcoz I like this kind of tracks most… ????????????

      Nt that saas bhahu drama…??????

  8. As usual Nice my style ek dam zakaass.superb episode BT only Sandhya’s part.???

  9. As usual in starting they show sandhya’s scene… Nice drama by sandhya that when she shoe himanshu’s childhood pic… That was nice scene…??????

    1. That scene also nice when sandhya take that possioon from that pic.. And then manjari say that plz stop she will kill me… Plz stop… That scene was nice…??????

  10. Average epi ! Don’t know why is bhabo allergic to the word “country ” whenever someone says sandya’s sacrifice towards the country then she starts making faces ? you jahil woman !!

    1. Right.. Bt actually she was angry on sandhya bcoz sandhya die on duty.. That’s why whenever she listen that word ‘nation’ that time she get angery.. Bcoz she thought that bcoz of Sandhya die suraj is nt well… She thought that sandhya is responsible for suraj state… So she behave like this… When bhaboo realise her mistake then she definitely proud to her daughter in low means on sandhya…????????

    2. @romi she is very selfish ….babhoo thinks abt only her family……….she is very selfish………i really feel sad abt sandhya…………..babhoo is not identifying sandhya nature……….so sad babhoo i pitty u……………

  11. Suraj scene was k… He thought he see dream of sandhya… So sad… ????

  12. Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I thought again come true…. What I say that bhaboo come to meet zakir to take his help for recover suraj….?????

    1. That my thought come true… Bhaboo meet zakir for this reason.. That’s why she want zakir help… So happy… So many times my thoughts come true….?????????

  13. Chote raja scene was so sad… So much he is in pain… Sad to see sajani behaviour.. Nice acting by her… Real mother pain… So sad scene that was….?????????

    1. Chote raja did blood vomiting… Bcoz of that forest place where he always go… So sad… He is in very serious condition… ?????????

  14. So horrible.. That bade raja nt see her wife pain for there son… Really sandhya is right… Chote raja need proper hospital treatment…??????

    1. Bt that bade raja can’t understand this… Bcoz of their ego is so important for him… Bcoz of there ego he risk his own son life… So sad…hate u bade raja…???????

    2. Sandhya and sajani was right… No one understand there pain.. So sad that scene..?????

    3. So many days back we see sandhya and ved scene… Sad scene… So emotional scene… Can’t stop my tears on that scene…????????

  15. That village place where that foreigner disappeared as well as chote raja will go that place… That place is mystery place… Something is fishy in that place.. ??????

    1. In upcoming episodes they reveal this mystery also… Hope chote raja will fine… ?????

    2. Definitely nothing happened to our chote raja… For sandhya chote raja is like ved for sandhya…so she can do anything to save chote raja…. Bcoz sandhya is with chote raja… ???????

    3. Now definitely sandhya bring chote raja in hospital… And sandhya save chote raja’s life… So happy…??????

      1. Maybe chote raja is suffering from atomic radiation ?

    4. ya too suspense abt foreigner nd chote raja situation………hope they will revel soon ……….team r concetrating on suraj……see suraj tik hona udar sandhya ka ras kolna wt a coincidence ……………the team will create nice situation to reunite S & S

  16. Thanks bhaboo at least for suraj reason she bring zakir to home.. So happy to see zakir back in rathi house…??????

    1. Hate u mohit.. He give emli some outside work… Bcoz of dat she can’t meet zakir na… Hate u mohit… He is horrible husband…He doesn’t diserve emli’s..?????

      1. he is useless fellow …………..wy he behave like that …………..i dont like that type of character

      2. Mohit feels so insecure infront of zakir just bcoz he is a useless fellow ( the title is given to him by all of us ?) he doesn’t love his wife and daughter and can’t provide them a better life !! Shame on you? I’m sad for Emily and pari for having such a stupid husband and dad!

  17. Full suspense Precap… Well done sandhya u did really nice job that u take chote raja to big hospital for treatment… So nice to see like this…?????

  18. May be lalima and zakir do fake drama means they show that train scene where sandhya die.. So that they show that lalima as sandhya.. And they show that suraj save sandhya frm that fire scene… For that suraj bring out frm that trauma… Hope my this thought will come true…?????????

    1. Wating to see upcoming episodes… As well as its very excited to watch upcoming episodes as well as to see whether my thought will come true or nt… So excited…?????????????

      This is my last cmt for today’s episode.. See u tomorrow ..on tomorrow episode written update page… Hope u enjoy my cmts… Missing you lovely cmts… Bcoz now I can’t read anyone cmts…bcoz of spoiler alert cmts.. Bt hope u guys u always cmts… After me… So enjoy my as well as my whole friends cmts…. ????????? biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii see u tomorrow….?????

      gnsd ? as well as gm good day in advance… ????

    2. May be varsha. Lot of your thoughts came true. Why every time someone hates Sandhya. First time baboo hates Sandhya because of her education, second time Sooraj and babasa after hijack and now again baboo.

  19. Today in chote raja scene sandhya acting is awesome her tears r natural…………..sandhya wears combination of yellow nd green saree is very nice ………deepika u r looking very nice in sagarika getup

  20. i am waiting for manjari when will the war between manjari nd sandhya…….

  21. really upcomings scene’s r very intresting ………………..i dont want to see lalima….still she loves suraj ………..i am really scary abt this thinking…….

  22. some body clear my doubt.. Rohit raj is not doing direction for DABH ?????

    1. Yes Anu, he quits after the marriage.

    2. Yes he left the seral’s direction in last year August !! Be coz he started direction for another show of sashi sumeet production house !
      I read this news in a paper and also in sbs . DABH always rockssss

      1. Oooo thank u luv dabh nd romi

  23. wt happen today @richa nd ns4 romi dharani comments r missing

    1. my comment mising !!!!! how could it be 😮 anyways look up i made a comment & i was a lil busy soodidn’t comment

  24. I want to see Zakir in action. Anybody knows when he will take part in this mission?

    I guess Sooraj will get cured and goes to temple and then he will see Sandhya on the paper.

    Mohit and meenakshi need strong dose.

    1. And here is the dose for mohit and meena
      I think it’s enough for to day
      But still I’m sure that they both will never mend their ways!! Pls god take care of DABH if these two r there?

  25. Todays episode is rubbish! Please don’t shout at me varsha coz ur my friend 🙂 we don’t always have to write a good comment just coz we like the show. I wish the show was faster its too slow all of the shows are. Does anyone watch any of the other shows or just dabh?

    1. Dabey mai dabba
      Dabey mai cake
      Mera DABH to
      Lakhon mai aik
      Only and only DABH bcoz DABH always rockzzzzzzz

    2. Yeah personally I agree with you but pls don’t use word ( bakwas) for this show bcoz it hurts?
      It’s a humble request ??
      DABH rocks forever!

    3. True romi… Dabh is always best… This show always teach some lesson to us…. DABH and tarak mehta ka ulta chasma…. ????

  26. I think zakir will steal something from police department to prove sandhya’s death. I think that report where it is written that how sandhya died.

  27. Zakir is one side lover of Emily. Lalima is also one side lover of Sooraj.Their love never make to final aim. Now see,
    will Lalima-Zakir unite or not ???

  28. they need to end this soap ASAP !!!

    It is dying !!!!

  29. Awsome episode… Dabh rokkk..

  30. Nice shayari romi …..superb .ndabh really lakho me ak.

  31. sajni k haav bhaav dekh kar lagta nahi ki uska itnabada baccha hai……….

  32. Rathi family doesn’t deserve a sincere , patriotic and a person conscience like Sandhya. Bhabo is the most selfish woman….. she can only find fault with Sandhya , can only hate sandhya ……she is blind to all the blunders and conniving nature of Mena who is not showing any improvement in her conduct and nature. She exchanged her child after delivery, was responsible for so much of mis fortune that struck the family and is finally taking all the pension and after-death financial benefits of Sandhya. Shame on bhabho, shame on Meena and Mohit. Even Lalima is so irritating….. she claims to be unpaid but is modern…. behaves like a sant. What special interest on Suraj. Of course she is helping him and far far better than the selfish sisters-in-law of suraj.

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