Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj panicking seeing the blast. He shouts Sandhya.. The minister comes there with the army officers. He regrets to not believe Bharat. Sooraj talks to him. Sooraj asks about Sandhya and says I will find her, she would be alive. The minister gets speechless. Bharat comes there in the car and Sooraj asks him about Sandhya. He checks the car for Sandhya. Bharat says I m sorry, Sandhya Rathi saved the country from nuclear bomb, but she has died as a. Sooraj says you are lying, you told this before too. Sooraj argues with him and says it’s a lie. He says she is my wife, she has promised me she will come. He cries miserably seeing his trust breaking.

They see a chopper coming and get glad. The chopper lands in there. Sandhya gets down the chopper. Sooraj runs to

her and hugs her. Bharat says Sandhya.. They all get happy seeing Sandhya. Diya aur baati…………….plays……………. Sooraj asks is she fine, everyone said my Sandhya won’t come back, I was sure you will come back to me, I m proud I m Sandhya Rathi’s husband. She says she wanted to fulfill mission mahabali, but you have supported me and became my strength in tough time, today you have become an example that uniform is not needed to do anything for country, just passion and feelings are needed, thanks. Everyone clap for Sandhya and Sooraj.

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Sooraj and Sandhya’s Punar Vivaah marks big twists…

Sandhya gets glad seeing Bharat and says Himanshu said you did not survive. Bharat says I got saved, Himanshu tried a lot, but could not kill me, maybe my fate had more of my service towards this country, you surprised me, I m so happy to see you. The defense minister says I felt for a moment that country security is ruined, but I m proud to say, till officer like Sandhya and common man like Sooraj are in our country, no Garjana or any Sanghatan can harm us, every Indian salutes your bravery. They all salute Sandhya and Sooraj. Sandhya salutes and says Jai hind.

Sandhya says Bharat Sir has encouraged her and has always supported me. She thanks Bharat. Bharat says such responsibility is given to such suitable person, I knew you could do this, you both have burned Garjana Lanka as Mahabali hanuman, congrats, we can’t give you anything than salute, it was secret mission, and the success would be secret too. She says I m glad my country is safe, I don’t want anything else. Bharat says Sooraj, you deserve a salute, you supported to make his mission succeed, and asks him to keep this mission a secret, I m so proud of you both. He asks commandos to take everything related to Garjana in custody, find out which foreign powers were supporting them.

Bharat takes Sooraj and Sandhya along in the car. Sandhya says she wanted all the kids of the village to become a good person and get educated. She says she wants to meet Ved, and all her family, its 8 months having seen them. Sooraj says I know you are eager to go home, we will take first flight to home. She says yes. Bharat gets message and says sorry, I got message that flight delayed by bad weather. She asks him for phone. Sooraj also asks for phone. Bharat says they both asked for same thing, they are like diya and baati. Sooraj calls home and talks to Bhabho. She asks him to put phone to speaker.

Bhabho cries and asks him is he fine, she was eager to hear his voice. She calls out everyone to come and see Sooraj called. Sooraj says he has good news, he is bringing Sandhya along, he fulfilled his promise, they will reach soon, Sandhya wants to talk to you. Sandhya greets Bhabho. Bhabho says I can’t hear the voice and ends call.

Sandhya says Bhabho did not talk to me, she is annoyed. Meenakshi says its good Sandhya is coming, but you looked angry. Bhabho says you will understand everything when Sandhya comes home.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. annu deepu

    ha… finally wonderful mission mahabali ends… sooraj and sandhya are strength seeing their pain again :'( :'( babhoo.. pl dont hate sandhya..

  2. Jeyam

    At last we can celeberate the successful execution of mission Mahabali irrespective of logic and rationalty. The encounter of Sandya and Suraj is simply exhilarating and handsome. The rustic Bhabu can be rectified for our director will not allow any unwanted and untoward reactions and incidents go out of his hand.

  3. AD

    Really Superb Episode.
    But how Sandhya survive.The director should have shown that clearly?When the missile blasts,why the chopper not?
    Happy Episode

  4. rekha

    Bhaboooo why are you angry with sandhya. You should b proud to have a daughter in law like her. Im sure all the annoyance ends and rathi parivar celebrates dushhera. Dabh team rocks .evryone rocks in this show

  5. Varsha

    Superb episode…. Thanks amena for fast updating… Mission mahabali completed now sandhya is on mission bhaboo…????????

  6. Varsha

    As usual nice episode… In my style ek dam zakaassssssssss… Mind blowing… Only Sandhya’s part…nt bhaboo…?????

  7. Varsha

    How superb…. Episode in starting… Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mission mahabali success…..?????????

    • Varsha

      See my thought was right…. That my thought which I said abt Bharat sir….. That bharat sir is alive….so happy that my this thought was right…???????

    • Varsha

      Suraj acting was superb when bharat sir say that sandhya is die… That time his acting looks real….??????

    • Varsha

      On that part can’t stop my tears…????heart touching scene… Nicely he express his pain towards sandhya…. That first he do that BT now he can’t accept that sandhya is die…???

    • Varsha

      His sandhya never die…. That scene was mind blowing… Ek dam zakaassssssssss…. His pain was nice….so emotional that scene…???????

    • Varsha

      Then she come and hug suraj…. That part was superb… Mind blowing… In my style ek dam zakaassssssssss….?????

    • Varsha

      As well as that background song and tune…. My favvvvvvvv song and tune they play….. So happy today….??????

    • Varsha

      tu suraj mein saanjh piya ji maare sapno ki tu parvaaz piyaji…

      (Your the sun, Im twilight..yet you are wings to my dreams)

      tharo maro milan solage re sathi jaiso..diya aur baathi..

      (you and me together is like candle and light)

      mein jo chalo tho sang chalo ji maane piya..more piya…

      (when I walk..walk with me)

      meri khushiyon mein yu rang baroje piya..more piya

      (fill the colours into my happiness)

      tumne jo dekhe..sapne suhane…

      (the dreams you dreamt so beutiful)

      un sapnon ko…apna banane…

      (I will adopt your dreams)

      tu dhadakan..mein jaan piyaji mare

      (if your heartbeats then Im life)

      hoton ke…tu musukaan piya..

      (ur the smile to my lips)

      tharo maro milan solage re sathi jaiso..diya aur baathi..

      (we are like candle and light)

       tum jo sang ho lage re mujhko sara jaha..apna mujhe

      (if your with me then the whole world feels like mine)

      milke chalenge  he yeh kasam jho saath tera mujhko mile

      (we will walk together..promise if you walk with me)

      raahon se kaante hum chun lenge..

      (we will pluck all thorns from our way)

      dhoop mein chaya banke chalenge…

      (will be the shade in the sunlight)

      jag se nirala hoga saath piyaji maare sapno ki tu parvaaz piya

      (unique to the world will be our relationship.. you are the wings to my dreams)

      tharo maro milan solage re sathi jaiso..diya aur baathi..

      (yes we are like candle and light)?????

    • Varsha

      See in this mission I say after agrima Singh they never killed anyone…. They only killed that garjna sanghtna people…. See this my thought was right…. So I always I say that believed me and my thoughts…( joking dnt serious) ??????
      Sorry if I hurt anyone feelings with my this cmts…if possible then forgive me…????

  8. rachit

    My yesterday thoughts pretends to be correct.
    Now wait for bhabo and Sandhya sequel….. ? melo drama….

  9. ANU

    Thanks amena nice episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!chalo mission mahabali ends..atlast sandhya and sooraj ka maha milan hogaya!!!!!!!!

    Now babhoo bali starts

    Bhaboo vs sandhya In between sooraj and ved

  10. ANU

    Aaj khe precap se tho patha chal gaya khi baboo will not accept sandhya guys any gusses sandhya kho ghar se bahar nikaldegi….sooraj bhi kamosh hai….. oh no i am going out of station on saturday…….for dussera vaccation. bt mujhe tho ehi tension rahega…..

  11. ANU

    guys dont disappoint with trp chalo next track se trp badega kyun ki sab log sass bahu wala tracks padand karte……some persons kho mission boring raha ……..sorry guys if i hurt some body

    for my side i really enjoyed mission mahabali…..and that too jab se suraj enter huva tab se aur intresting raha………..

  12. ANU

    TRP of Top 10 shows of week 40 (2015):
    #1 Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4.4
    #1 Swaragini 4.4
    #2 Sasural Simar Ka 4.1
    #3 Kumkum Bhagya 4.0
    #4 Diya Aur Baati Hum 3.8 (last week 3.9)
    #5 Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3.5
    #5 Udaan 3.5
    #6 Balika Vadhu 3.4
    #7 Ye Hai Mohabbatein 3.2
    #8 Thapki Pyaar Ki 2.8
    #9 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2.7
    #10 Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2.6
    credit: TRP of Indian Serials

  13. arya

    how sandya survived?it’s a nucleur bomb and that missile was tied with ropes and there was no time for sandya to she escaped. ?

  14. I don’t know why I’m not able to feel happy with mission mahabali success. May be its because of mission baboobali…. ??

    It’s really a big suspense what baboo do and how sooraj will react. But based on the past experiences baboo knows that he will not accept if anything happens against sandhya. Chandu is alive in baboo ???

  15. ANU

    yaa its really big suspense abt baboo wt will baboo do……whether she told leave ips job or thrown him out…guys any guess..ved also very disappoint abt babhoo words

    so big drama will happen…tomm i think they show sooraj and sandhya remarriage….

    day after tomm or monday big family drama begins

  16. Romi

    Hurrey mission mahabali get succeeded and suraj sandya are united ? And Bharat sir is alive! That’s good that chandu is killed and manjari’s nok jok with sandya will be missed ? But DABH team should show how sandya got saved from that bomb!!

    • ANU

      Ya @romi actually i missed u r comment….abhi yaad karte huve page open kiya aap kha comment dikha ….ya mission mahabali is completed bt how sandhya got saved from that bomb!!

  17. sim

    What secrecy they are talking about the mission..if the minister is in the picture the media will be therr… and do the director thinks that there is no person in that diameter to c that blast . And after they go home. They will not tell what happened. . And bhabho will bicot her and tell lalima is my daughter inlaw 

  18. Tamanna

    As it happened.Sandhya is safe and sound & mission mahabali is over finally.but guys don’t u think situation demands some explanations?i mean this blast sequence and after Sandhya’s heroic arrival the sudden disappearence of this helicopter.i mean was anyone else also there with Sandhya at the blast moment?i think this blast wasn’t necessary. If Sandhya could stop the missile with her palm and that rascal Shekhar should have been alive till the last moment.then Sandhya could shot Shekhar with ten bullets after showing his own defeat.sorry guys if i hurt anyone’s feelings but this would have been perfect.

  19. nazmoon

    this time sandhaya should defend herself & suraj should take a strict stand for his wife as she has done a superb job & it should be revealed that the missile was about landed in pushkar so that bhabo & other can know that they are alive because of sandhaya they all should apologize her & accept her warmly

  20. nice ep

    WHERE THE HECK IS ZAKIR??? What’s the point of him finding out that sandhyas alive then he doesn’t help just disappears!

  21. Leila

    Finally mission mahabali was a success n sandhiya n sooraj are safe n going home but why is bhabho is angry with her she been true a lot

  22. stalem

    I think Sandhya is dead and Sooraj is hallucinating. That’s why Bhabo couldn’t hear anything on the phone!
    Because it doesn’t make sense how Sandhya could’ve survived!

  23. Lakshmi

    Superb episode ….. i cant understand what is zakir ‘s part in this mission. kid have approached him for help…. What did he done ???? i thought he will help sandya from that blast.

  24. nina

    Why the TRP of Saathiya 4.4 . They should stop this serial total nonsense. When it began was good but not anymore. Ashoka should be number one. Very good story and acting.
    Rest are ok serials nothing unique in stories.

  25. sss

    can somebody please tell where zakir has gone ? he said he would take all possible efforts to save Sandhya but they haven’t shown him in the serial after that episode

  26. vaishnavi

    wow superb emotional acting by suraj…wat a scene suraj and sandy reunite after the mission completion no words 2 express…again sandy ii maj=ke bhabho understand it is so tuff 4 her…pls the director show bhabho ll accept our sandhya easily dnt create any problems 2 suraj and sandhya…

  27. As usual that ungrateful b*t*hy Bhabho does not appreciate Sandhya after everything she has done for her family and her country.

    Its high time she died now and let the family carry on their business.

    Suraj and Sandy should move out with Ved and live their own sweet private life and let cunning Meena and Rohit slave for their living.

    Zakir should now come into the scene and marry Emily. She has gone through enough misery with this jobless useless man. Give her a life and Pari a happy home.

    Time to bring happiness to the families now.

    We are tired and sick of Bhabho – Boot her out

    • tara

      I also agree with you friend . As you said S&S should move alone and
      bring Ved in a highfy thinking positively just like his parents. then only
      Bhaboo realizes her mistakes

  28. tara

    I think Bhaboo will again trouble Sandy.She is now very adamant to bring
    Lalima as her daughter in law. Here in this site many friends told that Lalima
    is a positive character. Undoubtedly it will never happen like that. Becoz
    she is so selfish in loving Sooraj. So she joins hands with Bhaboo to trouble
    Sandy. I think you allmay remember Kavitha . This Lalima and Lokesh may
    be her team in taking revenge on Suraj, Sandy and Bhaboo. This is my guess.

    But I am very tired up with this WWriter as why Sandy alone has to fase the
    problems every time she achieves something for the sake of the nation. This
    Message to the people is giving negative thought regarding I.P.S. Profession.
    It should carry only Positive Message. then many girls willprefer to choose the
    same. Writer Pleaz don’t do this. please show Bhaboo in a positive way. only
    then she will allow S&S to live happily.

  29. Right

    Wow, so Sandhaya survived the NUCLEAR BOMB…..with which they were going to destroy India…very realistic. Is anyone educated here? Hello!!!

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