Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with momily cutting the cake. Emily feeds mohit & mohit replicates. Suraj feeds sandy & she replicates. Everyone feed each other cake. Someone announce tha they will dance now & adds that everyone can join them later. Meena arrrests vikram. But vikram leaves with the nurse. Meena blabbers to bhabho

Surya too join them. (awww.).Vikram dances with the nurse. Dhaisa tells that they are looking good to meena. Bhabho tells bhabhasa whether all these necessary. Bhabhasa tells that it is rasm. Dhaisa tells this is different. Kakisa supports sandy.

Bhabho asks bhabho to play baloon shooting. Bhabho taunts him. Bhabhasa tells that if they want to live peacefully sometimes they need to become children. Bhabhasa shoots & gets a fortune chit. It

is given that he will loose 10 kgs. Dilips mom asks sandy & chavi to prepare well. Sandy replies that they have a long night to go.

Bhabhsa gets another chit hwich tells that he will get married soon. Meena comes & asks bhabhsa abt that & meena asks bhabho to play. Bhabho denies but meena doesn’t leave & teaches her to shoot. Meena gets the chit & reads that (u will get lottery soon) but tells that it is written that her biggest fear is going to come true. Bhabho gets scared. Meena tells that her biggest fear is sandy’s challenge & soon sandy will becum officer & take over the power. Bhabho stares at her. Meena quickly leaves.

Bhabho imagines sandy in uniform. Sandy enters the RM. Sandy tells bhabho that what she tjhought . She made matka challenge. Sandy tells that she has becum a police officer & mocks bhabho that she couldn’t stop her & adds that she has changed the fate & her pride has destroyed & goes on to break those matkas. (sandy looks terryfying). Bhabho moves closer to sandy & lifts her hand to slap sandy but she stops.

Dream over

Sandy comes & gives food to her. Bhabho says nothing & leaves. Suraj drags her somewhere. Bhabho listens to someone asking emily not to eat liqour chocolates as it may lead her to sleep the whole night. Bhabho looks at them. She looks at sandy & goes to pick up those liqour chocolates. She is confused whether to take it or not. She remembers meena’s explanation of fortne chit

Bhabho tells to self that at any cost she shd stop sandy from becuming a police officer. She picks up chocolates & leaves. Sandy comes near bhabho. Bhabho makes her sit on a chair & tells that everything went well with momoly shaadi & proud of her once again. Saying this she feeds those chocolates. Sandy eats. Suraj looks at this.

Sandy tels that equal credit shd be given to bhabho & tries to feed her but bhabho denies. Meena looks at BhaSan & fumes. Bhabho keeps on feeding sandy. Meena comes & asks for one. Bhabho stops her.She tells that she can only eat as all the things happened bcoz of her & asks meena to feed her & she does that. Meena silently fumes. Dhaisa wishes bhabho for mohit’s wedding. Bhabho asks her to wish sandy. Dhaisa wishes her by words. Bhabho asks her to feed sweets. Suraj looks at this. Bhabho feels happy.

Epi ends.

Precap: Ems grahapravesh going on . Sandy feels dizzy. Bhabho is contented.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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