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Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gul saying Laak will come to Pushkar infront of Sandhya. Sooraj says Ved became very naughty. Sooraj wears helmet and gets hurt. She helps him and reminds something. He kisses on her cheek and says I remember everything, every moment. Tu sooraj mai saanjh………….plays………. They smile. Ved shows what he bought. Sandhya sees a man taking some boxes. Sooraj asks Sandhya to come. She says I will just come and goes to check.

Bhabho brings Chotu to that area. He asks where are we going. Bhabho says come, its imp work. He asks her to say, why did we come here. He says marriage is in Lord’s hands, its such relation which stays on love and trust, whatever Lord gives, you should accept it heartily, you should keep your marriage with sincerity. She takes him to

Arzoo’s house. Chotu gets shocked seeing Arzoo.

Bhabho asks Chotu to come, don’t be shocked, its my decision that you both celebrate first holi together, till Arzoo does not come back home, you will stay here every night. She keeps Chotu’s hand on her head and asks him to swear on her, he will not tell anyone that Arzoo is in Pushkar, especially Sandhya and Sooraj. Chotu thinks it means Bhabho did not tell anyone. Bhabho asks him can he do this for her. He nods. She thinks I know Chotu’s heart is not bad, that girl trapped him, Arzoo is right for him. She blesses Chotu and asks them to talk. Arzoo smiles. Bhabho leaves. Arzoo shuts the door and goes to him.

Sandhya stops the men and checks the boxes. He asks who is the owner. The man asks her what is the matter. She shows her id card and asks whats in these boxes. He says nothing and opens it. He says its laak for making bangles. She says so much laak, gangaur has still time. He says I got big order, so I got it, I don’t have bill, owner has it. She says you should have permission letter. He says you know laak is used to make bangles, I will show you bill in few days, does it matter. She says fine, come to police station. She calls staff and informs him to seize the laak which is found in large quantity. He asks what is she doing. She says get bill and take laak, few days won’t matter. She leaves.

Arzoo smiles seeing Chotu. She says you might be hungry, I will serve food. She gets a plate. He thinks just one plate, maybe she had food, its good. The man calls Gul and tells everything. Gul asks what, Sandhya seized all laak. Another man says its not good or our plan, we can’t workout our plan without laak. The man says there are many ways to light fire, we have to change our plan. Gul slaps him and says motive and way will not change, Lakshagrah will be made and Indian soldiers will burn, I will fulfill my promise given to Sandhya, everyone will mourn. The man asks shall I get laak freed from police station my way. Gul says be careful, if we steal it from laak, Sandhya will understand our plan, if we silently workout our plan, enemy will not know, Sandhya will free the laak and apologize, we will get good news soon.

Arzoo keeps the food plate and joins him. He looks at her and asks what are you doing. She says I will eat with you, I have seen in tv serials that eating from same plate increases love. She feeds him by her hands. He says no, I will have food myself. They have food. He coughs. She rushes to get water. She makes him drink water and rubs his back. She asks him to look up, cough stops. They have an eyelock.

Sandhya checks the calendar and thinks its less time for holi. She recalls Gul’s words. Arzoo thinks its less time for holi and to complete my motive. Sandhya says I could not understand Gul’s plan, I can find out about him by calling Indian embassy in Pakistan. She calls the embassy and says I called by some imp work. She tells about Gul working on special mission, find out about him asap, time is very less now.

People protest against police. Sandhya sees the crowd. Gul says I will see now how Sandhya does not return our laak.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The chemistry between Anas and Deepika worked out in such a manner that the had been the best reel couple. Will it work out in the same way with regard to Aarzoo and Chotu?

  2. Please end this track soon…. without any drag.
    Today’s episode good.Especially SANDHYA.
    SOORAJ-SANDHYA-VED scene also sweet & simply superb.
    Hope this track ends by MARCH last week.
    And hope SANDHYA find out everything soon and fails GUL’s blood holi plan.

    Yesterday JEYAM sir asked what is SSP.
    It stands for SENIOR SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE. In some places this post is called as DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE.
    If you still have any doubt please check the Wikipedia page of IPS.


    1. I want to tell HARSHA that she misunderstood me as Tamilian.I’m not from TN.
      I’m from KERALA. I’m a keralite.

  3. Hope sandhya find gul before he does anything

  4. What is gul trying to do?

  5. Lovely episode.

  6. What’s the meaning of the suffix jaan as in bhayijaan, daadijan? And I offer my thanks for having explained about SSP-

  7. This track should be come to end soon. New track of hotel Should strat also love story of Emily an Jakir should start. He is missing since long he had even to help sandya for the mission but that track was not shown completely. Why does all the trouble come Rathi house only. In real life this does not happen with police writer should understand n not witted such things y is Rathi house only a target.
    Also sandy being a SP has to undertand n not act dumb as shown in current track.

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