Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya crying. . Vikram and Meenakshi come there. Meenakshi says you have to be strong, you got chance to become best wife and show everyone, Sooraj sat on the chair by his helplessness, but he did not cry, you know why, because he can’t see you and Bhabho breaking, you are crying here, if he sees this, what will he go through, get up, you have stolen the best wife trophy as you knew you can’t win it, now you got this chance, become best wife and also Sooraj’s strength. Sooraj always supported you, you have to become his support and strength. Sandhya cries and hugs Meenakshi. Meenakshi says I can understand what you are going through, we don’t have to think why this happened, we have to take responsibility and show we are with Soooraj, this is fight of entire family,

not just yours alone. Vikram says Sooraj needs you, don’t lose strength. Sandhya says I have to meet Sooraj, we will go home. Meenakshi says everything will be fine, and takes her home.

Sooraj sees the pics on the wall and recalls the past moments. Maasa and Om come there. Sooraj sees them and says Maasa…… She holds his hand and says Sandhya and Bhabho will be coming now, nurse is explaining your medicine. He says I know my family broke seeing my state, what will Babasa and Bhabho go through. She says everything will be fine. Sooraj says I know, I m just worried for Bhabho and Sandhya, you are here, I know, just be their strength. She says just you can say this in this state, you are worried for family than yourself. He cries. Ved sits and cries. Arzoo, Pari and Misri see him and cry.

Arzoo sends Pari and Misri to Ved. Ved cries and asks why did Lord do this with my Papa. Pari says you have to become Sooraj’s strength by smiling. Misri says yes, if you get sad, they will also get sad, if you cry, they will get weak too, you are a superhero, and superheroes don’t cry. Arzoo says I did not had parents, Resham raised me, I know pain of losing parents, but you have sweet parents, you should thank Lord, don’t cry now. They all try to make Ved smile, and hug him. Meenakshi cries seeing the kids crying.

Sandhya tells Om that she will see Sooraj. Om leaves. Sooraj says I m fine, are you fine. She says you are other name of courage, you have always been my courage, why won’t I be fine when you are with me. He says I m always with you till my death. She smiles. Tum jo sang ho………….plays……….. She changes his clothes and gives him sponge bath. She makes him wear clean clothes. Diya aur baati……….plays………

Om comes there and gives injection to Sooraj. Sandhya holds Sooraj’s hand. Om asks her to let Sooraj sleep. She asks him to say as doctor, not brother, what happened to Sooraj. He says Sooraj’s spinal cord has injury and lower portion of body is not functioning. She asks about Sooraj’s recovery. He says I can’t give false hope, it can take few months, two years or sometimes patient can never recover, don’t worry, Sooraj will get best treatment, we all will take care of him. She asks does he know this. He nods. She says what would have Sooraj went through when he got to know this, we were not with him.

FB shows Om telling this bad news to Sooraj. Sooraj asks are you joking with me, Sandhya will be waiting for me, I have much work at home, I have to take Bhabho to doctor, I have to play cricket with Ved, I can’t lie on this bed, I have to go, give me your hand, help me. Sooraj and Om cry. Sooraj sees his hands and legs not moving. Sooraj tries hard to get up, and cries. He asks Om to wipe his tears. Om wipes his tears. Sooraj asks him to promise, that this thing will be just between us, you won’t tell anyone. Om says fine. Sooraj says you know I m eldest son in family, I have to manage them same way as Bhabho managed me in my childhood, our family will break if I break, I don’t want this, I can’t see tears in my family’s eyes. FB ends. Sandhya cries seeing Sooraj.

Sooraj smiles seeing his shop running. Sandhya smiles and tells Bhabho that Sooraj was looking at his shop, I have seen true happiness on his face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh noooooooo……..

    Such a emotional episode….
    And who told yesterday that deepi nd anas said that show is nt going off air? R u sure abt it?

  2. very touching epi….cannot cntrl my tears…..full of emosions…pls end this track soon..

  3. Emotional Episode.But Good & Interesting to Watch.
    SOORAJ-SANDHYA scene & the bond of their relation is awesome.
    Good Precap.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes
    Cheer up SANDHYA
    We want SOORAJ to become fine soon
    Plzzz make SOORAJ fine soon & end this tragic track.Begin a new interesting track.

    1. VED & kids scene is so touching.Very Painful.Can’t stop tears.
      Plzzz end this track soon.
      In an episode 2 or 3 days before, SOORAJ said he want SOORAJ-SANDHYA couple’s expecting baby to come soon & play on his lap.Hope SOORAJ will get fine before SANDHYA deliver that new expecting baby.
      Plzzz end this track soon without any drag as well as with interesting episodes where whole family supporting SOORAJ to recover soon.
      I hope BHABHO don’t blame SANDHYA for SOORAJ’S condition

      1. Bhabo always takes wrong decisions , she always blames sandy and when the problem is solved then she apologises to her . So ridiculous !! This time she’ll also do the same if not ! Then I’ll say bhabo is grown up and matured ! After all it wasn’t sandy’s fault , she was doing her official duty. And wife doesn’t go to market with her husband to protect him from riots!! So bhabo should be sensible this time and should support sandya!!

      2. Yeah Kitties U r right
        I think Bhabho blame SANDHYA is just a gossip.Not true.Else they would have shown that scene.

  4. what a true love between sandhya & sooraj..!!!

  5. Hiii…AD..Im from kasaragod..lam btech 3rd yr student

    1. I completed B.Com 1 year ago.Now searching for a job.
      I wish all success in studies.
      I’m from Karunagappally,Kollam.

      Are you a girl or a boy?
      What’s your name?

  6. I think sandhya will do great with sooraj by her side

  7. As the hero of the story was made incapacitated there is nothing to comment.

  8. Nice episode. Surya scene was emotional. Wish you a speedy recovery suraj.

  9. very sad dabh is going off air in august

  10. Meenakshi has just stolen my attention.. She rocked today…. Her dialogue delivery were just awesome fabulous outstanding superb ?

  11. nice episode…

  12. Nice jump in trp dabh from 1.6 to 1.9 and got 8 position good…in rop 10 without any promo….+3 incremnt in ratings….gd


    What a love…!!!!

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