Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap twisting Sooraj’s knee. Sooraj stryggles to reach the white line. Ved cheers for him. Sandhya worries and asks him to do it. Everyone look on and look at him. Sooraj raises his other leg and kicks Pratap’s head. Pratap falls down and Sooraj touches the line. Everyone clap for him. Sandhya, Ved, Aditi, Mahendra and the team get happy. The team hugs Sooraj. Sandhya gets relieved. Sandhya and Ved rush to meet Sooraj. Sooraj lifts Ved and hugs him. The media takes Sooraj’s interview. Ved says my dad promised me that he will win. Mahendra gets angry and leaves.

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Sandhya goes to him and sees Sooraj giving autographs

to his female fans. Sooraj says for him, love’s second name is his wife Sandhya, whom he love the most, she is his inspiration and support. Sandhya says his love did not get less even after so many years. He says love increases with time. Diya…………plays………… They smile. She says congrats for your victory, he has taken a step towards his dream Vedansh. He says its our dream, he is missing Bhabho and Babasa. She says they were busy today. He says no need to lie, I know they did not wish to see me lose. He talks to Bhabho and says they won the match, but the happiness was incomplete as his mum and dad were not with him. Bhabho cries and says she is eager to see him succeed and bless him.

Bhabho says she is very happy today that Sooraj won, she will give her anything she asks for today. Sandhya says Bhabho… Meenakshi says if Sandhya asks anything which she can’t give, then what will you do.. Bhabho says she has come here years ago, its not saas bahu but daughter mum relation, I know she will not ask for anything which I can’t give, if I told you this, you would have emptied my cupboard. Meenakshi says she knows whats in my heart. Bhabho goes to do bhog. Sandhya thinks Bhabho is very happy, she should talk about Chavi and Zakir’s relation.

Sooraj tells Aditi and Mahendra that someone is doing this planning against them, they have damaged Ratan’s hearing aid, put oil in medical kit and changed his shoes. He tells Aditi that man knows us very well, what we eat, Ratan’s hearing problem which we all did not know being with him, and Prem’s greediness, he is someone from us. Mahendra thinks to do something as Sooraj can reach him too. Aditi says Sooraj is right, the man did not wish to make them win the quarter final match.

Mahendra says I agree, I think its Avinash, he talks less, but his mind always works, he notes players hiding, when Sooraj became captain, he was against it, he thinks he is the best, he is rude and angry, such people do things without knowing right and wrong, he is jealous and tried to fail our players. He reminds Sooraj that when he was giving chance to Ratan, Avinash has gone against him.

Raj comes and says he has to talk to Sooraj. He asks what is he doing here, he did not get chance to play, why so. He says he has come here to get vote bank for my dad, I m becoming a joke infront of media, I will play in final, do anything. Aditi says see Raj… Sooraj says I respect your passion and promise you will play in final instead Avinash. Raj smiles and asks shall I inform media. Sooraj says yes. Raj says thanks and leaves. Aditi thinks what did Sooraj do, he has removed Avinash from the team. Mahendra thinks its good Sooraj has no doubt on me, his blind trust will become reason for his failure.

Sooraj talks to Sandhya and Aditi and says he does not know who is the traitor till now. Sandhya says there is a way. Sooraj asks what?

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Non sense…pakaau

    1. Big fan of DABH

      Agar aapko itna hi pakau lagta hai toh …..mat dekhiye..koi b aap ko pressure nahi daal rahe dekne liye….par hamesha ki tarah dabh rocks..

  2. Nice episode

  3. This coach is the biggest obstruction 4 suraj.Hope sandhya will be able to find out truth.Ved is soooooo cute.

  4. Vansh is not seen for many days.he is cute too

  5. Mast episode tha

  6. Bt aaj ka episode rocking hone wala hai.

  7. Mujhe lagta hai ke suraj ko coach per shak aaya hai. Bcoz jab coach avinash ka naam le rahe the tab suraj ke expertion kuch ajeeb the.

  8. Gm guys have a nice day

  9. Please chotu, vansh, bulbul ko show main dhikhao.

    1. Big fan of DABH

      Yaa..i am missng dem…aur sabse zyaada vansh ko…bcz he sooo cute..

  10. Nice episode…But
    as i said bhaboo is always bhaboo…she always make silly decisions.. like mohit-emily marriage and now chavi-zakir marriage

  11. Hi DABH frnds…i’m a die heart fan of dis show…i love 2 watch surya moments…i hope u also like that..

    1. Big fan of DABH

      Me 2…..

  12. Big fan of DABH

    Nice episode……dabh u rock…keep it up….this is the bst serial i hav evr seen….

  13. Big fan of DABH

    Yeh epi..ka best scene tha ..jab sooraj ne kaha ki woski doosri pyaar hai sandhya..the best scene …

    1. Mujhe bhi vo part Acha laga

  14. Aur jo sandhya ne bola ki shadi ke baad pyar or bhi badta hai. Mast tha vo part

  15. Just only 1 hour left for rocking episode.

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