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Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho meeting Maasa. The man tells them that he will polish the chain and show it, it will become new. He shows the chain, looking new. Maasa asks him to come to her house and make her utensils shine. He asks her to give her jewelry, he will polish it. she asks how much money will you take. He says don’t worry, I will take money when I come to your house. He returns the kamarbandh and asks her to open the cloth after one hour, else it will turn back. Bhabho waits for someone.

Vansh comes there and says stop, this is cheating. He asks Maasa to check whats inside that cloth. Maasa checks and sees silver chain inside her kamarbandh. They catch the thief. Maasa says I m IPS Sandhya Rathi’s saas, if I tell her, she will put you in jail. She gets her kamarbandh and

says you have great sight. Bhabho says he is Vansh, Sooraj and Sandhya’s nephew. Maasa blesses him and says you went on your Bua, I see Sandhya in you. Bhabho thinks Vansh is Sandhya’s son. Bhabho leaves with him.

Sandhya comes home upset and recalls Arpita’s words. Arzoo gets towel for Sandhya and says I know Sandhya did all her work soon, I m very happy, Sandhya managed the work for which she is made. Meenakshi asks Sandhya how was her first day, I know everyone would have saluted her, all thieves would have run away. Sandhya is upset and recalls commissioner’s words. She thinks where is Sooraj, I need him. Vansh surprises her. She hugs him and gets glad. Bhabho says Ankita called, Vansh wanted to meet Kanak, so she has sent Vansh. Vansh says Bua, come we will meet Kanak. Sandhya says yes, and takes him to room.

Ved and Vansh have a talk. Ved says mum and dad were happy when Kanak was born, why did you get sad. Vansh says I did not get sleep and went to parents’ room, they were saying I m not their real son, my real parents are someone else. Ved asks what.

Sandhya tells Bhabho that person forgets all sorrows seeing their child. Bhabho says yes, your face had different smile seeing Vansh, I know there was much inside your heart, don’t you think you should tell truth to Vansh, that you are his real mother, till when will the relations change, Maasa said Vansh is like you, till when will you hide this truth in your heart.

Vansh says they said they adopted me, I got to know my real parents are from this city. Ved asks who are your real parents, how did they give you to them. Vansh says that’s the confusion. Sandhya says Ankur and Ankita love Vansh a lot and gave him all rights, its tough to take this decision, this secret will always be locked in our heart, I agree I love him a lot, and my emotions come out seeing him, he has my qualities, but this secret has to be hidden, its imp for Vansh, we won’t talk about this, Vansh should never know we are his real parents. Vansh says I want to meet my real parents, I want your help Ved. Ved says I promise, we will together find them. Vansh says thanks, I will meet my mum and dad. Bhabho says fine, if you want this, I will control my feelings and not tell anyone. Sandhya says Kanak does not get sleep till she hears your lullaby, Vansh came here after long time, I will go and see him once. Bhabho asks her to go.

Ved says your parents love you a lot, why do you want to find your real parents. Vansh says I just want to see them once. Ved says my parents would be knowing this, we will ask my mumma. Sandhya comes there and asks them to have milk. Ved says Vansh wants to ask something. She says ask Vansh. Vansh says my mum and dad. She asks what. Ved signs him. Vansh says tell my mum and dad to come fast, we will enjoy. She says this was the matter, I knew this and called Ankur, he said he will come soon, we all will go out. She hears Kanak crying and says I will go. Vansh holds her hand and says you love Kanak a lot, you take care of her. He gets sad. She says I love you two also, good boys finish milk and sleep. She goes. Ved asks why did you not ask mumma. Vansh says I did not ask, as Bua can tell mumma, we can’t ask directly. Ved says then how to find out.

Sandhya manages her work and tells her staff about the drug supplier, who changes his name and looks, he has cheated police many times, he is coming to Pushkar to deal drugs, we have to catch him, he will be soon caught, we will get fax and we will get his details. Arpita says I feel proud to work with you, can I manage this case, I heard your daughter has fever. Sandhya says thanks for thinking about my daughter, entire family will look after her, this case is not small, once we get this man, we can expose the racket, I will catch that man. Arpita thinks I was going to get Sandhya’s place after two months, when my promotion was due, I will do anything to get my promotion.

Arpita changes some papers in the file. Sandhya shoots at the car tyre. Commissioner gets disappointed with Sandhya’s duty.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Again a villainess in the department there by dragging the story still further. Sandya has to face hurdles through out her life. What happened to Chotu?

  2. Wow they r showing vansh at last . Hope he finds out that sandhya and sooraj r his parents and gets united wid them

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