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Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj getting a call from Shankar. Zakir talks to him acting like foreigner. He says I want the bike. Shankar says yes, I have bikes. He says you come here after one hour, meet me at highway behind the cloth factory. Zakir says I will come, you are amazing. He ends the call. Sandhya asks where did they call you. Zakir says Ajmer highway. She says its far and lonely. He says yes, that’s why called me there. He says don’t worry, Sooraj and I will manage, Vineet is very smart, first he is testing us to give us the bike on good amount, and we have to pass. Sandhya says yes. Vikram says catch him, Shall I come along. Sooraj says no, you be here with Bhabho. Zakir says no, we can’t make any mistake, else we will lose them.

Sooraj gets tensed and Bhabho gives him

strength and worries for him. Sooraj says I have your blessings. Zakir says we should leave now, we have to get into that costumes and reach there in one hour. Vikram says come, I will help you in getups. Bhabho asks Sooraj to be careful and cries. Sooraj says don’t worry, we will go and come. Sandhya cries too. Bhabho says go and get ready. Sandhya makes Soorja ready. She asks him to be alert and take care of him. he says I don’t have any way to prove my brother innocent, so don’t worry, I will come home by bringing Mohit with me. She draws some pattern on his hand.

Diya aur baati…………..plays…………… Soorja leaves and Sandhya just wishes he wins. Sooraj and Zakir leave home and reach the place where they are called. They look around for someone. Zakir says we will stand there, its raining. Sooraj says where are they after calling me here. Sooraj says I will call him. Sandhya is tensed at home. The man comes to meet them. Someone is already watching them from far. The inspector comes and asks for Zakir’s passport.Sandhya calls Sooraj and hears everything.

Zakir shows the passport and says I know. The man says fine, go that way. Sooraj says why did we lie to him, we should have told him. Zakir says no, he was fake police, we have to do our acting, as Vineet is keeping an eye on us. Vineet looks at them. Another man comes and he is Shankar. He greets them. Zakir meets him. Sooraj asks how many bikes. Shankar says four, we will get it, whats the hurry. Zakir says give me fast, I can’t wait. Shankar says give us some chance to treat you well. Sooraj says fuine, treat him well.

Vineet sees them. Shankar asks Sooraj where did he keep Zakir. Sooraj gets tensed and Zakir answers it. The fake inspector is also with Vineet and says Gemini hotel. Vineet says check it. Zakir says I stay there every time. The man calls Gemini hotel and asks is Meg staying there, whats his room number. The man says he is in our hotel, room no 102. The man says the party is right, he is in Gemini hotel. Vineet says I don’t trust even my father in business, now they have to pass my acid test. He messages Shankar.

Shankar asks them why they need four bikes. Sooraj says three others are coming today. Zakir says we four friends love each other. Shankar says fine, see this. Sandhya hears all this. Shankar asks them to have drugs. He asks Sooraj to taste it. Sooraj smells it and gets tensed. Shankar says it might be common thing for you. Sooraj says yes, take this, I m ashamed you gave me wrong one. Sooraj says its not good, keep it yourself. Shankar says sorry, someone gave me duplicate.

Zakir says you get duplicate, come and buy from me, I sell real stuff. Vineet sees this and is somewhat convinced. Zakir and Sooraj pay him much money and asks him to bring bikes fast. Shankar sees the tattoo on Sooraj’s hand and asks about it. Sooraj tells him. Zakir says everything is fine, but where is bike. Shankar says tomorrow, at garage on highway. Sooraj says you took money and bike tomorrow, no give it today. Shankar says its imported bike, wait for one day, I will meet tomorrow. Shankar leaves. Vineet too leaves.

Zakir looks at Sooraj. Sandhya keeps an eye on the well. Zakir syas we are going in right direction. Sandhya says but we can’t say its Vineet’s gang. They see some people coming here and is shocked.

The man says lets take this first. Sooraj’s phone rings and they get alert.

Update Credit to: Amena

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