Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Meena in Sooraj shop saying Sandy selected the saadi but refused to buy in last minute and she doesn’t know the reason so Sooraj takes the saadi giving 2k for now and remaining later. Meena agrees but curious to know whats the reason behind. Emily in tears thinking about her loose in the game and Bhabo asks her to stop crying and think about the flashback during Meena Godhbarai.

Emily gets some hint and goes to Meena shop tickling her on her nail polish designed differently. Meena eating the snacks Emily bought to her, asks how Emily did the design so she replies its new and she can do it for Meena too. Says she can prepare Meena from head to toe completely and in return Meena has to agree to give a saadi for free. Meena thinks it might be useful

for her to look beautiful in her mom-son pratiyogita. Emily selects saadi but Meena gets back saying she will decide and tell.

Sandy gets snacks to Sooraj in his shop. Sooraj gives her the saadi and she says why did he purchase this as she cannot wear eye’ing on Meena who was listening to the conversation next to the shop. Upon Sooraj’s insisting she says two matkas broke when she was wearing Meena’s shop’s saadi so she feels it might be unlucky since the last matka is left she doesn’t want to take risk wearing the saadi in competition. Meena gets angry and goes away. Sandy asks Sooraj to return the saadi and goes away. Sooraj returns to Meena and she takes hesitatingly.

In Rathi house Bhabo doing pooja to see the results thinking Emily told Meena agreed to her deal. Sees Meena coming with a cover. Rathi people are waiting in house. Chavi says to Bhabasa both beendini’s could not achieve it, Bhabo says any one in these two would have the thing in them to get the saadi free from Meena. Sandy confused. Meena comes in home saying she wanted to give saadi and goes towards Emily as when Emily happily goes to receive Meena goes near Sandy saying she has bought her liked saadi and she should not say ‘no’ to this and its promise on her. All are shocked. Sandy later takes it.

SurYa talk through eyes, Bhabo notices and frustrated. Mohit angry on Emily. Bhabasa says to Bhabo that finally Sandy won the competition and laughs hard leaving Meena and Vikram in confusion. Meena asks whats all about and Chavi explains everything. Meena is shocked and Vikram laughs out. She is frustrated that Sandy acted all this to win, matka breaking remained as it is and she lost 7k saadi too with a frown face.

Precap: Meena instigates saying if Sandy doesn’t win the competition the third matka will be broken and her birthday is in two days. Sandy says she wont let it happen. Bhabo stares.

Update Credit to: Ramyaks

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