Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Suraj saying to Sandhya that he will soon tell Bhabo about her studies and he doesn’t want to hide it for long, and says as Sandhya scored very well in test, so he will tell the truth to Bhabo.

Meanwhile Sandhya says Emily left her purse with her and so they go downstairs to return it to her

Meena pays to a Pandit for some puja, and says no need to write her name.

Emily finally spots Mohit and runs towards him

Emily went towards Mohit, Mohit freezes seeing her, and Emily promptly seeks blessings of Dhaisa who was standing next to him seeking her blessings (thinking her to be Mohit’s mother) and was going to tell about her when Mohit distracts her attention

Regarding Dhaisa, Mohit asks her to look for Meena

Mohit takes Emily to a side and says he will make a plan and let her meet his family members in such a manner that they won’t be able to reject her anyway

Now Precap thing happens, and Sandhya drops the bag of Emily colliding with a passerby, and Bhabo notices that, and calls SurYa and they turn facing Bhabo

Suraj was about to tell everything to Bhabo when Chaturi saves the situation, and she says they had come to take darshan of lord Shiv and take his blessings and so here from Mount Abu, Bhabo says to Sandhya that they aren’t pardoned

Bhabasa says he wants to use the public toilet and SurYa takes him there, and Sandhya says to Suraj that now they will have to tell everything truly to Bhabo. Emily meets SurYa there and takes her bag, Sandhya enquires if she is able to meet her bf’s family members, but Emily says they already left the place by the time the classes ended and so she couldn’t meet them

Meenakshi was teasing Bhabo and was longing to see a drama when Chaturi saved the day and she was especially angry for that.

Bhabo reserves date for puja to wish son of SurYa and makes necessary arrangement, says to Dhaisa that due to some relatives they are going to stay here now, and Mohit starts panicking, says how come relatives are here

Now Puja started, Meena was unsure as to for whom the puja was, and got shattered and frustrated to know that the puja was for SurYa, Bhabo asks Suraj to perform the rites, and asks Suraj to bind a coconut to Sandhya’s saree, and priest hands a lamp (diya) to her, says it shouldn’t extinguish at any cost, and offers other instructions to Bhabo.

Bhabo was busy praying when SurYa huddled around for discussions, the Diya kept flowing in the river fully alight, and Bhabo returns satisfied to see SurYa nowhere

Bhabo finally finds out SurYa and enquires about why they have left the puja area, and says why the coconut hasn’t been tied to Sandhya’s saree by Suraj

SurYa confesses everything now.

Sandhya says they made a big mistake and Suraj tries clarifying about education Bhabo totally stunned now.

Precap—> Seems like Bhabo has said something and Suraj going into the river and drowning himself, Vikram and others are shouting and calling him back but SurYa isn’t listening

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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