Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho insisting that she will meet Resham. Bhabho, Sooraj and Sandhya leave from home. Resham is worried that Santosh ji is coming even when there is no rasam today. Mahek thinks what to tell Resham, that Bhabho is coming to break relation, she may have recalled Pakistan’s address thing. Resham asks why are you silent, did you do anything. Mahek says you don’t trust me, I m thinking when Bhabho was unwell yesterday, then.. Bhabho comes there with Sandhya and Sooraj. Bhabho says I m in my senses. Mahek thinks truth should have been out at mandap, it would be more fun. Bhabho says I spoiled everything yesterday, so I came to apologize, I don’t know what happened to me, I was saying random things, I regret a lot.

Resham says no need to apologize, we know

you and your family well, we respect you all a lot, one thing can’t ruin everything. Mahek says yes, Resham is saying right, its not good if groom’s side apologize to bride’s side, I think we should do arrangements ahead. Resham asks them to have tea. Sandhya asks Mahek for Arzoo’s passport, as they planned honeymoon surprise for Chotu and Arzoo. Mahek thinks she can’t give it now as this will bring truth out and makes excuse, saying she will give it at pheras time. Sandhya says it will be late, but fine, don’t tell this to Arzoo. Mahek says don’t worry, no one will know this. Sandhya goes. Mahek thinks I will give you surprise, and Arzoo will return to Pakistan after her marriage breaks, then Resham and Arzoo will be under my thumb.

Babasa and Bakshi welcome the guests at the marriage. Sooraj and Sandhya find Chotu upset and tease him. Piya smiles and thinks my 5 lakhs will come along Arzoo. Resham goes to get Arzoo. Sandhya gets message and thinks who received the courier, we did not get the lahenga. She gets call from police station. Inspector tells her that someone has come from Pakistan by train and got some illegal things along. She says what, this is serious matter, find out, check CCTV camera footage. Resham kisses Arzoo’s forehead and asks why are you worried. Sandhya asks what, the face is not seen clear, okay, I will come there, till then get passengers’ details and footage, I will check it.

Arzoo says I m scared, will I be able to do all this for what we have come here. Resham says yes, you are image of my trust, you won everyone’s heart here, they all love and respect you, remove this fear from your heart. Sooraj asks Sandhya what happened, you look tensed. Sandhya tells Sooraj about the matter, and says I have to rush to police station, its important, I will check details and come. He asks her to come soon. It starts thundering. Arzoo asks Resham will everything happen fine. Resham says Lord also supports when intentions are good, you do your duty honestly, and all ways will open. Sandhya thinks how did weather change suddenly and is on the way. She says this courage will be proved costly, I will find that person. The ladies say maybe storm will come today. Babasa asks Bhabho will we be able to do this marriage today. Bhabho asks him not to say anything wrong. Pandit asks them to call bride.

The mandap starts shaking and lights flicker. Bhabho asks Emily to manage guests. She worries and asks Sooraj to do something. She says mahurat can’t be postponed. Sandhya asks driver to drive fast, they have to reach soon. Pandit asks Chotu not to get up from mandap, its big abshagun. Bhabho sees the rain starting and shouts Sooraj. Sooraj gets the plastic sheets, umbrellas, and rushes. Vikram covers up Chotu under umbrella. Sooraj tries to cover the mandap. Sandhya checks the station cameras footage. Everyone try to save the mandap. Sandhya says the person did not come in any camera. Inspector says yes, as if the person knew all the cameras location and cheated, maybe that person has come for imp mission. Sandhya says I will find out this person, show me all camera footage together.

Resham brings Arzoo there. Everyone look on standing under umbrella. Sandhya asks them to zoom in there and sits to check herself. Babasa asks them to take bride to mandap fast. Arzoo is taken to the mandap and sits there. Sandhya checks the person’s face and sees a girl. She gets shocked seeing Chulbul and the necklace. She says this is the anklet which Sooraj and I chose for Arzoo. She says Arzoo… and gets shocked….

Inspector gives Arzoo’s passport and visa copy. Sandhya says Arzoo Bakshi, Pakistan. Sandhya calls Sooraj to inform him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So Sandya was able to find Aarzoo that she had come from Pakistan only after seeing the cctv footage! What a pity that the Ips officer is so foolish as depicted by the director.

  2. haha i guessd right itzz chulbul and no1 gave me summary its badd i wasnt able to watch…….

  3. @@ ameena change the pic noww plss marrig trackk and the dp is apradhi kaun change plss

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      Yes @ameena plz……….change pic to present track pic

  4. So if arzoo have chulbul who is under the mandap

  5. This show is losing its reputation

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  7. Sooo finally….sandhya got 2 knw…

  8. Actually,sorry,haven’t watched this before,whose marriage is taking place..?

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