Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th February 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with SurYa coming out of police station and Suraj saying it is a wise decision of Sandhya to withdrew the theft complaint in time otherwise police would have come to their house and dishonored Meena

Sandhya was about to sit on scooter but then asks Suraj to wait and goes to a nearby banyan tree, with some idols there (it is sacred), gets a tika and prays to God for the safety of Meena and Meena’s baby, and says may He continue to shower His blessings upon the Rathi family.

She returns to where Suraj was standing and Suraj found it a bit odd to see her getting down to pray suddenly, so asked what is it about?

Sandhya says to Suraj that she has belief in God and so prays as and when required without devoting time separately for the same

as she has respect from heart and so did pray for well-being of family just like that

SurYa returns home on scooter, and somebody with a cow is asking address of Rathi Mansion.

SurYa is astonished to see the man leading the cow to their house after knowing he arrived at correct address. Bhabo says she has bought this cow so as to give this as Godan (cow donation) to Swami Ji by choosing a suitable date and before that they will keep the sacred cow here in house and will continue to look after it till this cow is handed over to Swami Ji

Sandhya asks Bhabo not to believe about Swami Ji’s prakop as by now after looking at all the turn of events she (Bhabo) should be more or less sure that these things are done by Meena.

Vikram too supports Sandhya regarding this matter.
Bhabo refuses to buy this logic, says Meena is usually doing all those things right from the time she came to house, but Swami Ji’s prakop is more or less related to it, says the words of such a great man is never wrong neither it can go unregarded. His words will be effective sooner or later.

Sandhya wonders why Bhabo is still believing the fake Swami Ji and makes her point clear that the Swami Ji is playing with people’s beliefs and using it to his advantage

Bhabo got more enraged, says many people travel mile after mile in foot just to have a glimpse of Swami Ji and so his words are of immense values, and says Sandhya being a modern girl isn’t ready to believe in Swami ji or his philosophy and makes an open challenge. She challenge Sandhya to prove that how the Shiv idol was brought up from underground on its own and asks logic behind it, failing which it will be counted as the 1st mistake of Sandhya

Suraj was confused and was in deep thoughts.

Sandhya touched the cow, offered a silent prayer and says she is accepting the challenge and will prove Bhabo that these are somehow misinterpreted and she will find out the truth

Meanwhile, Swami ji and his close aides are busy discussing the future turn of events.

Swami Ji says the court order prevents them from constructing the temple but they can still reinstate the idols in the ground on the open and asks them to announce this fact to everyone, especially to the people of Hanuman Gali, and says such announcement should be made that it definitely reaches the ears of Sandhya (referred by that girl )

SurYa were busy untying a sack, Sandhya did it in a neat fashion.

Suraj is pensive, says like this untying, will she be able to solve the Swami ji mystery that much easily and says she shouldn’t have accepted the challenge in the 1st place.

Sandhya says she has full faith that she will be able to uncover the truth and even God will help them out in this manner as God always stands for truth and honesty and so she seems pretty confident

Sandhya now asks what he is going to do with so much corns, Suraj says a big order has come and so he will be completing it on the occasion of Shiv-ratri. Sandhya says what all he will prepare, whether pudina chutney will be there or not and lots of other questions, and Suraj says if Sandhya questions her so much, what he will reply and which answer will he give, and teases her by saying he is not feeling like replying. Sandhya too fakes angry mood and says if he is not keen to reply then she is going.

Suraj holds her by hand and asks her not to get angry so soon, and makes it clear to her that he feels great when he is with Sandhya and there is an inner happiness inside him which races away when Sandhya is around, Sandhya smiles shyly on listening all that and they get busy with preparing the dish by taking out the corns from sack and putting it in a container

Diya aur baati hum plays in the background, SurYa hands converges when they try to take out corns from sack (both together) and they are having an eye-lock

Now Suraj is busy pouring water over the container (where the grains were collected and kept) and Sandhya washes them but both are busy looking at each other intently

Their short romance ends when Swami Ji’s disciples come and creates a din near the shop, announcing that idols would be placed on open ground and puja will be performed during Shiv-Ratri. Everybody in Hanuman-Gali gets the information

Precap—> Swami ji’s disciples are at rathi house and asks Bhabo to be present on the time when the idols will be placed and installed in designated spot, Bhabo gives them the assurance that she along with the entire family will be present there as per Swami Ji’s wish and Sandhya gave a concerned glance towards Bhabo

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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