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The Episode starts with Lalima saying relations should be made by heart, she can’t force relation on anyone. Bhabho asks her to give some time to Sooraj. Lalima says she got an answer from her heart to stop and take her step back, her answer is no. Bhabho asks her to think again and she will wait for her answer. She leaves. Lalima sees the shagun and cries. She gets the letter with it. She thinks its Sooraj’s letter. She reads it.

Sandhya turns seeing Zakir and thinks he can’t see me here, Garjana hates police, if they do anything wrong with him, she wishes to talk to Zakir and ask about Sooraj, Ved and family. Chandu doubts on Zakir’s intentions. The man gives pakodas to Zakir and says they are drama company group. Zakir says so I m with artists and turns. Chandu greets him.

Sandhya turns. Zakir says he is from Pushkar. Chandu thinks he has meeting with Chris there at Jaipur, this officer can fail my plan, I have to inform commander.

Meenakshi sees Bhabho upset and thinks did Lalima read the letter or not, if she read, the marriage will surely break. She asks Bhabho. She says we have to go Jaipur tomorrow. She sees her not answering and thinks its no from their side. Mohit says Lokesh called and they are sending items. Bhabho thinks they are returning shagun items, it means… Meenakshi thinks shagun items came back, it means Sooraj is not marrying, she will get 5 lakhs. The men bring the items to Rathi house and keep it. Bhabho sees the items and sees sherwani for Sooraj. She sees the men clothes and accessories and smiles.

She asks Meenakshi to pack everything, they have to leave for Jaipur tomorrow. Meenakshi asks what. Bhabho says Sooraj’s shagun has come from his inlaws get ready. Mohit smiles. Meenakshi thinks how did this happen and sees the shagun. She thinks nothing affected her after reading the letter, she lost 5 lakhs.

Mohit gets a call and says Bhabho, Lalima wants to talk to you. Lalima talks to Bhabho and says you said right, I should rethink about my decision, I thought a lot and got my all answers, my confusion is gone, I understand Sooraj need time to come out of all this, time is needed to heal wounds, I will wait, I think he also wants to be part of this relation, I m ready for this marriage. Bhabho happily cries and blesses her and Sooraj. She says my family is incomplete without you, come here as Laxmi, our family will complete.

Sandhya thinks what happened to Zakir and asks Shekhar is the police officer sleeping or unwell? The driver says Garjana said to make this officer unconscious, they will interrogate him, its their decision to leave him or kill him. Chandu recalls informing commander about Zakir. He asks him to keep Zakir in his clutches, they can use him if any problem comes. The commander says they will kill this officer after their work ends, enemy is enemy. Sandhya thinks they are talking about killing Zakir, no, I have to save Zakir, but how.

Meenakshi says I don’t understand, how did Lalima say yes after reading the letter, did she not read it, maybe….Mohit looks at her and thinks Lalima has read the letter written by me, not her, sorry but I did not let your plan work, I don’t know your intention to break this marriage, but I have intention to have the bike. He recalls hearing Meenakshi making Emily write the letter. FB shows Mohit thinking Meenakshi has some selfish motive and keeping an eye on her. She replaces the letter and writes a letter from Sooraj’s side. He apologizes for his behavior and asks for some time.

He thinks he has changed the letter for getting the bike. Sandhya recalls Bharat’s words about the mission. She thinks she can’t let Zakir get trapped by Garjana. She sees the signboard and thinks Raipur way is different. She asks Shekhar about it. He says the drama will be in Jaipur, not Raipur, we don’t care about the place, we have to do drama. She thinks Garjana is smart, they changed the place, Bharat is waiting at Raipur, Vikram and Sooraj come for work in Jaipur, if anyone identifies me then…

She thinks she has to free Zakir and send message to Bharat about meeting in Jaipur, how to do this? Sandhya asks Emily to apply mehendi to Sooraj, its his marriage tomorrow. Sooraj asks her to write Sandhya’s name. Bhabhi asks Emily to arrange puja items and excuses themselves. Emily asks her to stop this marriage and cries. She says Sooraj still loves Sandhya and takes her name always, this won’t be fair with Lalima. Bhabho says if a son is ill, mum lies and does anything to make him have bitter medicine, I m doing so, I will make Sooraj marry Lalima and get fine, I prayed a lot to Lord, and Lord has sent Lalima for him.

Emily says if Lalima is sent by Lord, why to lie to her, I respect you more than mum, but I feel this is wrong, you lied and did the engagement, marriage is union of souls, they have to take wedding rounds around fire, how will you do this, you know Sooraj’s state when he sees fire. Bhabho stops her and brings the wood sticks from the water bucket. She says this will be the wood to get burnt in havan kund. Emily says you have put this wood in water. Bhabho asks her to get ghee and matchbox. She asks her to put ghee and ignite them. Emily says but sticks are wet. Bhabho asks her to do as she says.

Emily says the fire is not catching up. Bhabho says yes I know, this is the answer of your questions, tomorrow.. without any problem, Sooraj and Lalima will get married. The man asks Shekhar to stop the truck, they will give the officer to Garjana. Shekhar says not now. Sandhya thinks she has to free Zakir before Narayanpur comes. She starts acting and Shekhar asks her what happened. She says she is having stomach ache, she does not have habit to travel long journeys, stop the truck for some time. Shekhar asks driver to stop at any dhaba. The truck stops at the dhaba.

She thinks this is the only chance to free Zakir without showing her face. The men leave to have food. The man asks what to do about officer. A man says he will stay here. Shekhar asks Sagarika to come. He shows her the women’s washroom. She goes there. He looks at her. She sees the window and removes the glass. She gets out of the washroom and sees Chandu looking at that washroom side. She thinks she is taking big risk, if she does mistake, mission Mahabali will fail, but its her duty to save Zakir.

She goes to the truck and thinks to make that man away. She hides and punctures the tyre. The men gets down to see the tyre. She runs from there and comes to Zakir. She takes Zakir on her back and takes him. Chandu turns to that side and asks the man Birju what happened. Birju says trye air is leaking. Sandhya hides with Zakir. Shekhar asks him to check. She heats the other truck’s sound and thinks its leaving, I will put Zakir in it. She puts Zakir inside the grains truck, puts something under his hand and locks the door. The grain truck leaves. Chandu/Shekhar goes to the front tyre and gets shocked seeing Zakir missing. He asks Birju where is officer. Sandhya comes out of washroom acting like unwell. Shekhar scolds Birju and says he did big mistake.

Sandhya comes and asks what happened. The man says officer has run away, they had to give him to Garjana. She says how, he was unconscious. She acts like crying, and thinks Garjana won’t be quiet. Chandu thinks its risky as he has run, he has to leave this truck and find some other way to reach Jaipur. They reach Jaipur and get down the truck. Sandhya sees the temple and prays. She sees the Dharamshala and thinks will the meeting happen here.

Sooraj comes there with family. They do not see Sandhya. They also go in the same lodge. Sooraj tells Ved about independence day and says your mum will come after flag raising. He gives a boy best wishes for independence day and fixes the flag badge to his shirt. He asks them to give to his friends too. Sandhya thinks to be careful as anyone can know her, don’t know whether her message reached Bharat.

She hears their language and smiles. She thinks her house is nearby, where Sooraj, Bhabho and all family is there. The boy says its 15th August, independence day. She smiles and asks who taught him. He says that uncle. She turns and gets stunned.

Sandhya misses to see Sooraj and Rathi Family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I want the writers & directors to end this secret mission track before the first week of october.This track is interesting.Bt if you drag this,audience may start hating the show forever.So plz end this track soon & reunite SOORAJ & SANDHYA.Plzzz……
    Plz don’t drag this track like hijack drama track.It will be irritating.
    I remember Deepika said in an interview that she has to play Sagarika for 5-6 months.It will be very very very boring.Plz don’t do anything stupid & idiotic like that.Plz end this track on or before September 30th.Plz end soon without making audience feel bore & irritating.I’m saying this only bcoz I love DABH that much.DABH is my favourite show.Don’t make it a failure.Plz end this track.
    ‘MAHA EPISODE’ was really very very superb.Thrilling.
    SANDHYA rocks….
    Bichara ‘SOORAJ’ & ‘VED’

  2. Waiting eagerly for upcomig episodes.

  3. Chandu is a naxal as well as a good human.
    I think Garjanawalas are people who fight against Corruption & other injustice as well as for the rights & betterment of poor people.
    So Garjanawalas will change their mind & surrender to Police.As well as Sandhya will clear the misunderstanding of villagers about Police & Government.

  4. Emli was right.its nt late bhaboo should cancel this marriage. Plz lesson emli. Dnt spoil suraj ved and as well as lalima’s life.??

    1. Emli was right. If this marriage fix by god means God bring lalima in suraj life then why bhaboo doing this marriage with nt telling truth to lalima. ??

  5. Bichari Minakshi. Today she was sad bcoz her plan flop. Bt she dnt know that mohit change the sad.??
    When bhaboo come frm lalima home that time Minakshi is so happy she thought her plan work.??
    Bt unfortunately Minakshi plan flop. B definitely Minakshi do anything to cancel suraj marriage. After all she want money.✌✌
    And last of the marriage Minakshi do something for stop marriage.??
    Thank God this time mohit nt misunderstand emli.actually he listen emli and Minakshi conversion. Thank God he listen. ✌✌

  6. So happy to see sandhya when she see zakir. After all any many days back she see some close person of sandhya’s life. ??
    That garjna wants to kill zakir. Bt this never happened.??
    Bcoz of sandhya. No one touch zakir.??
    Nice drama by sandhya abt stomach. To save zakir.??
    Well done sandhya u did big job to save zakir.??

  7. How nicely sandhya left zakir frm that truck and then sandhya put zakir on next truck.??
    Thank God. At least sandhya get know that they r going Jaipur nt Raipur. At then she do that drama.??
    Just waiting that scene when zakir read that letter and he give that letter to bharat sir.??
    Sandhya thought was right. On the spot they change plan. And now also that garjna know that police was follow them then definitely they change the plan.??
    That was nice scene when sandhya pray the God.and then suraj pass frm there.??
    Sandhya nice that u take palu. Bcoz this is Jaipur. Any one can see sandhya then if anyone see sandhya then plan get flop.??
    Bt unfortunately sandhya nt see suraj. So bad.??
    Precap was nice.waiting to see Monday episode. What next plan of Minakshi to stop marriage.??
    And wating to see when zakir see that note.and his reaction on that letter after that letter reading.??

    1. That part was awesome. Nicley she come frm that wash room. And then she puncher the tier. Just superb .??

      1. And that shekhar eye on sandhya when she going to wash room. He still daut on sandhya. Bt our sandhya is more clever then shekhar.??

      2. Yes varsha agreed ?
        Sandya is a brilliant officer and she is fully capable of handling any situation in this mission ??

  8. It’s better sandhya send note with bharat sir definitely know that sandhya is Jaipur.??
    Suraj see was nice.when suraj give and explain ved abt independence day.??
    And that little cute that boy.and he give that flag to cute that scene.??

  9. DABH:

    Lalima got confused over marrying Sooraj. She feels Sooraj is still in love with his first wife Sandhya and rethinks about her decision. Bhabho convinces her again by praising Sooraj and saying how much he values love and relations. She assures Lalima of a good future with Sooraj. Bhabho tells everyone that Lalima will marry Sooraj as this is important step for Sooraj’s recovery. Sooraj is seen at the mandap with his to be bride Lalima. He does not know about marrying Lalima and waits for Sandhya there. Sandhya is seen near the temple looking at the flag, and her mission will soon be completed. Sandhya’s heart bends for Sooraj and still she carries herself strongly to do her duty towards her nation. There will be twist in the show where Sandhya will come face to face with Rathi Family and reveal her mission.????

  10. Sandhya talk abt our freedom:
     Tv actress Deepika Singh The leading lady of Diya Aur Baati Hum, IPS Sandhya Rathi : “I feel very proud that am an Indian because we have so much freedom in our country at present. Also somewhere I still think women’s should get more freedom as compared to men. People should treat both men n women equally.  There has to be some changes in society, need to think about women rights,  also need to support for girl child. Education plays a very important role, we should make sure each and every girl should  should get basic education and bright career. Laws for women safety and education has to be improved and strictly followed. Jai Hind”✌✌

  11. Actuall i am waiting sooraj actuall position …..sooraj kho bhi highlight karna chahiye…akhir serial ka hero hai yaar…sooraj kho side me rakh diya acha nahi laga..

    I am expecting s & s unite as early as possible….

    1. Yeah u r right..,. Sooraj role should be strong

  12. Ok Guys good night sd…. waiting for tomm episode… we will except in sbb or sbs they show abt our show…

    1. Awesome pic…. made for each other

  13. Good morning.. guys ??
    Have a nice day…

    Today I think they.. will show sooraj Sandhya??? scenes in lodge..
    Very excited for today’s episode…????

  14. Guys.. anyone had any news abt krish..
    Did dey Selected any new actor r any suspense with existing actors?…

    1. No yaar there is no news abt krish……there will be suspense abt this..

      1. Nice pic @ns4 today varshu, richa are missing r u busy??????????

  15. Sunday gone…. taking our joy with it..and Monday came with daily routines…
    it’s OK….to night.. We will watch our fav show DABH

  16. Garjana is planning for Nuclear Bomb attack with Krishh.

    1. is’t any news !!!!!!!!! can u send any link……..of this news @dharini

    2. Its intresting waiting for upcoming episodes……….

  17. Waiting to see the action sequences… how sandhya succeed to save nation.

    1. sandhya can do any thing for nation bt its to see action episodes…….mmmmmmmmm ……….waiting..

  18. High voltage drama sequenced is expected from Team Dabh.

  19. One disappointment from Team Dabh is the size of rocket having nuclear bomb.
    A Missille should be shown instead of small one.
    Btw , dabh always rock.

  20. Guys Good morning all i have changed my email id…

    1. Ya …….id blocked it dont know … i sent to mail admin team it will take time i think so…

      1. it happens with me tooo ur cmmnts will start posting after sometime…………..

      2. is this comment jumping??????

  21. @varsha, @ns4,@richa…. In my television aajtak and abp news channel is not coming. in sbb or sbs any news is there plz put a comment…..

    1. K.if they show any dabh segment then I cmt.???

      1. itss tmh i think with vaishali and panchi…………..

  22. sooraj will know that sandy is no more and marrig prep will go on………….. sbs (abp news) varshu will u send me fb req??

    1. ooooo is’t i missed…guys any link will get plz send nd comment …

      1. K.I will send u request. Actually m I’d is varsha dattatraya narangikar. If u send me request then plz send Mgs.actually I m little bit in Facebook. When I open fb then I will send u request.?
        Bt in SBB they show in high point. Bt its nice that suraj accpet that and now he recover and do his hotel.??

      2. Means he accept the sandy death????

  23. and aaj tak showed smthing but i coudnt see it plss if anyone get a video link post it……………….

  24. waiting eagerly for today’s episode lol aaj pta chalega ki sandy ne zakir k haath k neeche kyaa chipaya tha…………..


    deepika and her sisters





    Sandhya and Sooraj come at the same place as decided by their fate. Sooraj’s marriage with Lalima and Independence Day Function happen to be at same place and this connects the Sandhya and Sooraj again. Sandhya has saved Zakir and this raises a question in his mind about her existence. Sandhya is trying hard to fail Chandu’s meeting with Chris. Sandhya will team up with Zakir again. After she successfully does her Mission, her entry back in Rathi home will be having a big twist. Bhabho will show annoyance to Sandhya and blame her for Sooraj’s state. She would rather get unhappy to lose out Lalima and accept Sandhya back just for Sooraj’s happiness

    1. ???? 1 sec lalima to accept sandhya!!!!!!! wo wahwan kyaa kr rhi h will marrigreally take place???

      1. **woh vahan kya kar rhi h………………….. and shudn’t it hav been bhabho………

      2. firr lalima ka kya????

      3. lokesh bhabho ko nahi chodega……….

      4. I think lalima shaadi mana karthi hai na … babhoo miss lalima oooo uske vajhe se disappointed rahthi hogi…

        Or isme bhi kuch twist hai…

        Shaadi tho nahi hogi news me bhi bataya na…

      5. mmm ………. shaadi toh pkka nhi hogi nd bhabho miss lalima …hope she goes in depression for sometyme…………….


    Sandhya will team up with Zakir again.

  29. I am happy abt this news zakhir nd team tie with sandhya…

    Bt sooraj mrriage is mystery… I got tension abt this marriage.. Bt i belive it not happen..

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