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Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arzoo being taken by the man. Sandhya looks for Arzoo. She sees the nurse unconscious and calls out another nurse. Puru’s helper nurse acts. Sandhya rushes from there. The man tries to kill Arzoo by injecting something. Sandhya comes there and aims gun at him, asking who has sent him to kill Arzoo, tell me, else I will shoot you, why did you wish to kill Arzoo. She sees his face and recalls that man who has run away that day. She says you are the one who tried to attack minister that day, and today on Arzoo, tell me your motive.

He says yes, I attacked on minister, I wanted to kill him, today I came to save Arzoo, not kill her, because her glucose bottle had poison. Sandhya ji trust me, Arzoo’s life is in danger, she is not safe here. Puru’s helper nurse

thinks who has taken Arzoo, I have added poison injection in Arzoo’s glucose bottle, if Puru knows, that stranger took Arzoo, what will happen. The man tells Sandhya that minister Purushottam, who helps terrorists like Gul and supplies arms to them. Sandhya gets shocked.

Chandni asks Emily to wear Purvi’s clothes, so that Sparsh can see his mother in her, and accept her. Emily gets thinking as Chandni insists. Sandhya asks the man what is he saying and against whom. He asks her to give her just two mins. She hides. The nurse comes. The man says I m CBI inspector, Arzoo’s glucose had poison, you added it, you will be going to jail now, you did this on someone’s saying, whatever you did is enough, you will lose medical nursing certificate. She says no, I did not do anything. He holds her neck and says I hate liars, I knew this would happen with Arzoo, we had cameras supervision, I have everything recorded. She says leave me, I will tell everything, I was helpless, I just followed his instructions, forgive me.

He says fine, I will give you one chance, if you say truth, I will delete all video tapes, say the name on whose saying you did all this, if you say wrong name, you won’t get any other chance. Nurse says his name is minister Purushottam. Sandhya gets shocked and comes there. Nurse gets tensed seeing her. Sandhya says you changed Arzoo’s handwritten note. Nurse says yes. Sandhya says tell me, what did Arzoo write in her letter, don’t try to hide or lie, you won’t know result, I know you know urdu well.
Nurse says Arzoo wrote that she got to know in jail that minister is helping Gul.

She says Arzoo reached there to inform you, she tried to tell you, but Gul’s man was following her, so she did not tell you, she tried to stop you from going on terrace, as that man wanted to kill you, Arzoo wanted to save you, forgive me. Sandhya recalls that moment.

Emily makes Sparsh sleep. She thinks if she takes her saree away, Sparsh will get up, and takes scissor to cut off the cloth. Maasa comes there and gets shocked seeing this. She runs out and panics. Emily comes there.

Sandhya says Arzoo you did a lot for me, I could not realize your truth, I will not let you bear more, I will do what I can do. She asks nurse why did she become Puru’s servant. Nurse says for money, I m very poor, I thought I will get big prize and did whatever he told me, I just followed his instructions, I added poison in Arzoo’s glucose and changed that note. Sandhya scolds her for defaming nurse’s name, just devil takes life, not humans. Nurse apologizes and says I did wrong, I think there is someone else in this hospital who is helping Puru. Sandhya says truth has much power. She faints nurse and asks the man to take the nurse out, minister would try to contact her now, we have to hide her from him. Puru tries to call nurse as her phone is unreachable.

Sandhya says I m saying truth, I m not mad. The man says Sandhya has gone mad. Sandhya is taken away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. No synchronization of events full of confusion. In the meanwhile Emily’s episode is more complicated.

  2. I think the man Will who saves arzoo will have to show the video to save sandhya

  3. Such stupid suspence

  4. The spoiler on DABH spoils the show completely! Worse than the Arzoo debacle! This show must stop!

  5. where is handsome zakir. We want to come that hero back.We don’t like om

  6. Nice…..this show must continue. …….we r a very very big fan of DIYA AUR BAATI HUM

  7. Please don’t compare the shows with its trp. …..its not good..DABH is far far far better and beautiful serial when comparing with others…it has a beautiful story …..just now this arzoo track might little bore….but not everything. ….upcoming track will definitely get good
    trp….. so we would like to continue this serial ……’s the DABH lovers wish…

  8. stop this nonsense show

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