Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ved getting tensed seeing Sooraj and Sandhya in school. Bulbul calls Ankita and asks her to say the truth. Ankita asks what. Bulbul asks did Bua end ties or did dad end ties with her. Ankita asks why is she asking. Bulbul asks her to say. Ankita says your dad always lied, your dad has ended ties with her, but he did it for our good. Aryan asks Bulbul did she know the truth now. She looks at him. The kids ask Ved why did his dad come in suit and with these items. Sandhya and Sooraj come for lecture and bring some cooking items. Ved says dad says right, lies does not stay for long.

Sandhya thinks when Sooraj gives lecture, Ved will be proud. Bulbul says I can’t give Vansh back, I can’t live without him. Aryan asks her to think about their family. She says think

we did not meet and forget it. He asks her to make Vansh meet his family, do this for their happiness. The teacher asks the class monitor Vansh Kothari to welcome them. Sooraj and Sandhya see Vansh and smile. Ankur comes and says sorry, we have some family emergency and I have to take him now itself, I took permission from principal, and takes him.

Sandhya says we did not break court orders, Sooraj is called as guest here. Bulbul and Aryan argue. Bulbul says she will make Bhabho and everyone meet Vansh. Ankur says Rathi family can’t meet Vansh and takes him. Sandhya gets sad.

Misri says she will call Pari for help. Bhabho says its her exam, let her study. Pari asks for his hall ticket. Emily says she kept it there, see anyone, don’t panic. Mohit asks Emily to go and check. Pari says maybe I did not see well, we will see later, I trust you. Aryan comes home and sits with them.

He says I was thinking to go Ajmer and Bhabho refuses saying she has much work. He says fine and goes. He recalls Bulbul saying Vansh is in Ved’s school, he is a nice kid, they gave him good values, I know dad lied but raised him with love, giving him everything, so promise me. Aryan thinks how to take Bhabho to meet Vansh. Misri asks what happened, tell me your problem. He asks will she help, and says I have to take Bhabho to Ajmer. She asks why. He asks her not to be spy. She says I will help, but what will I get. He says deal, go from here, I don’t want your help.

She says she will help. He asks how will she convince Bhabho. She says everything has solution, she will use her mind. He smiles. Sooraj and Sandhya gives birthday paper caps to kids. He says its Ved’s birthday coming, but today we will celebrate Bobby’s birthday. The kids ask who is he. Sooraj says they will know later, but he got the food order and asks will they meet the Sheikhchilli and uses puppet. Ved looks on and thinks everyone will make fun of him.

Sooraj says he will make milkshake now. Sandhya helps him and Ved tries to leave to avoid being ashamed. He leaves from the class. Sooraj tells his success story in kids’ way. Sooraj entertains the kids. The kids laugh being happy and Ved thinks kids are making fun of him. Sooraj talks to kids. Ved says now Sooraj will also explain that being halwai is not bad. Sooraj says Shiekhchilli was going to make milkshake for Bobby’s birthday, but milk got bad and he thought what will he make now. He says he has mixed the bad milk in clean milk. The kids say why did he spoil all the milk, how will he earn now.

Sooraj says we should take risk when we don’t get any way. They ask whats risk. Ved thinks what to do that they don’t laugh on him, and prays to Lord for help. Sooraj says we should take risk once to rectify mistake, to turn mistake in success. They ask how. He says Sheikhchilli turned his mistake in success and shows the new dish, and shows sweets. He asks do they have money to get sweets and they say yes. They put money in box and eat sweets.

He says Sheikhchilli made sweets by 100rs milk and says I will see how much he earned, its 200rs, it means he doubled the money. He says what we earn, its called good businessman, that’s called entrepreneur. The kids clap for him. Ved gets angry being mistaken and leaves. The kids say they understood entrepreneurship very well and they want to take masks and caps home. Sandhya thinks Ved looks happy, and goes to talk to him. She says your dad proved your dad is best, you must be proud. She sees its not Ved, and thinks where did he go. The boy says uncle’s presentation was really good. She says thanks and asks about Ved. The bell rings and the kids go out.

Ved talks to Sandhya and says Papa is halwai since he was 14 years old, why did he not progress. Sandhya says enough and raises hand. Sooraj says Sandhya and stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. Ved will understand his father. Vansh will also want sooraj his father.

  2. nice episode.

  3. I think Vansh ‘ll reunite with the Rathis only @ the climax of the show , i.e. , after about 600 more episodes.It is bcoz the writers & director are such worst , stupids.
    Is this story about Sandhya & her IPS or rathi kids.Don’t make this good show worst.It’s a request.
    We want to see Sandhya’s IPS career.

  4. Bulbul should change her mind & give Vansh back to Rathis.

    1. Would you be able to give back a child that you have accepted as your brother and have lived with him for 6 years and acted as there mother, I don’t think so, you have to understand from Bulbul’s POV as well as Rayhi family’s.

  5. Bulbul never leave Vansh alone to Rathi family. If Vansh will come Rathi house , Bulbul also enter Rathi house as Aryan’s ( chotu ) wife.

  6. As ankur grabbed this future he is gone a give both children in future to rathi family.both bulbul and vansh will go to sooraj in future.bulbul will be daughter in law of family and vansh will come along

  7. Jeyam Ramachandran

    The main theme of the story has been totaly forgotten by the story teller. It’s high time to put an end to the serial and allow Deepika to live with her new husband happily for ever.

  8. Nice episode
    but what the hell is this is! Is this is a story about sandhya’s career or about her sons and rathi family
    want to see sandhya as an IPS officer
    hope it will happen………..

  9. This is a story about kids, kids and more kids. So boring.

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