Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya going in the jungle to inform Bharat her message. Bharat gets critical and the systems beep. Sandhya writes the message and some officer gets it. He gets the message on a white sheet. Sandhya writes about Manjari taken to some secret place, she does not have any info about it. The doctors try saving Bharat. Sandhya asks for the signal that Bharat Sir is fine, she hopes Bharat is fine. She thinks did her message reach Bharat or not. The officer reports to seniors and tells about Sandhya’s message. She waits for the signal and waits.

Bharat gets stable and doctors get relieved. Sandhya sees the signal that Bharat is fine and out of danger. She gets glad seeing green signal and thinks it means Sir is fine. She thinks she has to take big step against Garjana

tomorrow morning and fail their plan. Sooraj wakes up and Lalima stands far. Sooraj sees her and says Sandhya. Lalima gets tensed and thinks medicines are affecting him, so Sooraj can see Sandhya in me. She turns and Sooraj sees Sandhya in her. Sooraj and Lalima sit doing some work. Lalima thinks Sooraj is seeing Sandhya in me because of medicines’ effect. They make some newspaper envelops. Sooraj smiles seeing her and holds her hand. He sees Sandhya cheerfully smiling and asks where did she go leaving him, he is annoyed with her, he misses her a lot, now he will not let her go anywhere.

Lalima cries and goes away. Sooraj says Sandhya, are you annoyed, tell me whats the matter. Lalima says no, I m not annoyed, I m in deep pain. He asks why. She turns and he sees Sandhya. She says you are unable to manage yourself. He asks what does she mean. The envelops start flying by air. Lalima picks it. He asks Sandhya not to worry, he will make other envelops. She says no, I want that one, it has our love sign. He says don’t talk like kid, it has flown, its not special, memories are special, just smile once.

He sees Sandhya smiling and says Wo Aini Sandhya, always have this smile. She says Wo Aini Sooraj ji, you also look good smiling, keep smiling for my sake. He says yes, I will smile. She says love memories are important, not the life linked with it, and explains him that she has gone away from him, forget me as that envelop, just remember our love.

He holds her hand and asks why, you are with me, infront of me, why are you saying so. Lalima leaves. He says Sandhya…. And the power goes. He says listen to me and looks for her. Lalima hides and says Sooraj ji, my pic has one place, and that’s your heart, you won’t get me if you find me anywhere else, I m not outside, I m just in your heart and this truth… you have to accept this truth… I m nowhere except your memories. Sooraj is shocked and says you are close, I can feel you, come out, where did you hide. She says she has gone very far from him and is dead now, and asks him to accept her death. She goes and Sooraj collides with a wall. She leaves.

Sandhya cries and asks Shekhar and commander to make her meet Manjari. She tries convincing them and thinks she will hit them once they agree. Commander signs no to Shekhar. Lalima, Bhabho and everyone wait for Sooraj to come to see his reaction. Mohit says its just 2 days to make Sooraj fine. Sooraj comes and Lalima gives him tea. Bhabho thinks did Lalima’s hardwork succeed, did Sooraj accept Sandhya’s death.

The commander talks to Shekhar and allows Sandhya to meet Manjari. Shekhar says fine, you can meet her. A man stops her and says every person is checked since Manjari is attacked, and Shekhar said you will be checked too. Sandhya worries as her secret can come out that she has made poison for Manjari. FB shows Sandhya making some poison. She gets tensed.

Sandhya gets checked for anything suspicious. She gets cleared and commander asks her to come. She is taken to meet Manjari. He asks her to talk soon, as she has just 5 mins. Sandhya thinks 5 mins are enough, as Manjari will die. Narayani comes and the men get Manjari there. Sandhya sits near Manjari and talks sweet to her. Commander asks Narayani about Manjari’s recovery. Narayani says treatment is going on. Sandhya gets the poison from the paper and tries feeding Manjari. Someone stops her and she gets shocked.

Ved asks Sandhya to save her and cries. Bhabho comes to meet Zakir.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. richa

    zakirr backkk cool it would be nice to see zakir back in action…….& hope bhabho didn’t approach zakirr as a part of her sooraj curing plan if yesss shame on u bhabhooo u can do anything 4 your selfishh motiv……………… u made zakirrr go away bcozz u didn’t want him to interfere & now wahat !!!!!! i pity her thought if that’s the case…. if she is there for her selfish motiv………….

  2. anu

    wt is the going on in rathi family… i really fedep with family drama……….. 🙁 again they r testing us..

    • So happy in starting they show sandhya’s scene….wow.. That sandhya’s Mgs for police officer was superb… She is veried for bharat sir…??????

  3. Bharath

    What’s that device Sandhya has? Can anyone explain? Sandhya writes in air and it’s written on some device like tab.

    • Actually that was lesser pen.. If sandhya writer something in air then that Mgs shown in that police officer tab…???

      She say that garjna people hide manjari in some mystery place… So she is nt know where they take manjari… Bt she definitely find that place… And kill manjari as soon as possible… And also she wrote that plz give some replay that bharat sir is well.. So then when sandhya give this Mgs that time that police officer see that in tab Sandhya’s Mgs.. Then he contact some officer that they got Sandhya’s Mgs and she want to know abt Bharat sir health… So when they get know that bharat sir us well that time they give single to sandhya…??????
      Hope ur daut will clear now….?????

  4. Jeyam

    I could not see the episode today due to non-availability of signals. It was convinced that Suraj sees Lalima as Sandya due to the effects of drug. The drugs prescribed for such case are tranquilizers that cause only sleep. Only the director knows the technique about how Suraj saw Lalima as Sandya.

    • Romi

      Oh dude ! Just chill it’s a serial and here everything can happen so just enjoy the show and don’t find any logic in it bcoz it’s a work of fiction .

  5. AD

    Superb Episode.Fantastic
    But what’s that precap.I’m going about the precap.I’m loosing control.I can’t control till tommorrow.Ved Sandhya scene may be imagination.But why Bhabho comes to meet Zakir.

    • anu

      Ohhhh @AD u r back nice to see ur comment today………….is suraj find out that note………after see that note babhoo will go to meet zakir……….guys imagine…………..hahahaha itna jaldi note kaha ayega bahar………

  6. richa

    i think that ved asking sandy to save him is justt her imagination……. & who stops her from poisining manjiri can anyone guess????

    • anu

      i am also shocking to see baboo will meet zakir ……………but in that precap babhoo face is in angry mood………….why why why???????????again suspense

  7. @richa,
    Chote raja is ill due to radiation…
    But sandy gies emotional seeing chote raja’s pain…. And sandy gets emotional and nmmmms that ved is ill….
    ( without any drugs , sandy see ved instead of chote raja… )

  8. Now sandhya fully concerted on her mission… Bcoz she know that bharat sir is with her… So happy… ???? thanks DABH team that u nt kill my favvvvvvvv Bharat sir… Thanks once again…So happy..????????

  9. Suraj and sandhya conversion was so emotional conversion… I can’t stop my tear on this conversion part of sandhya and suraj…. True words of sandhya to she tell to the suraj…?????????

    • That’s words was so heart touching when she say suraj that in our life people’s items r nt important.. That people’s memorise r most important in our life…with u our sweet memorise r with in ur heart… Heart touching lines…?????????

      I m always in ur heart… I m with u always… So emotional scene that was….???????

  10. Manjari also nice in that bed.. Sandhya just give that poison to manjari on that time that devi narayni called her… And sandhya stop to give poison to manjari…??????

  11. When devi narayni called sandhya that time Sandhya’s expression was awesomeeeeeee.. This time also manjari save… So sad.. Bt dnt worry sandhya definitely kill manjari as soon as possible… ??????????

  12. Again full suspense Precap… Tomorrow we see sandhya and ved scene together… May be something happened to with that chote raja …. Bcoz sandhya love chote raja like her son ved… So may be that’s why in chote raja is in ill so in that chote raja she see ved… So that’s why we see that sandhya’s dream scene with ved… So that’s why tomorrow we see that sandhya and ved scene together… ?????
    Hope so this will happened…????

    • Again one more good news… Tomorrow we see zakir… Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee again so happy… Suspense is why bhaboo come to meet zakir… May be help of zakir bhaboo tell zakir to u meet suraj and tell truth that sandhya is die… Hope so…??????

  13. anu

    New Promo:
    (Maha-episode on 20th September, Sunday at 7p.m.)

    Garjana Sanghatan has captured Sandhya.. Shekhar tortures Sandhya.. He tells her that her Mission Mahabali is over and now nobody can save her.. Sooraj is praying in a temple and got Prasad in a piece of newspaper.. He sees robbery news in which Sandhya and Manjari pic was shown.. Sandhya’s face was covered bt Sooraj identifies Sandhya from her eyes.. Shekhar asks Sandhya “who will come to rescue you ?” On other side, sooraj comes to know that Sandhya is alive.. While leaving the temple, he says “I am coming Sandhya ji”…

  14. Today I m so happy that today they give so much good news to us… ????
    First they show bharat sir fine…???

    Second they show in Precap that tomorrow we see zakir…. ????

    Third is……

    • Guys good news is….

      So happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy today I m….

      On Sunday means 20th September they show DABH one hour special episode…
      ( At sharp 7 clock to 8 clock) ?????

      Thanksssssssssssssssssssss star plus.. As well as Whole DABH team…… ??For this good news… Dear friends ,Hope u like this good news…

      So much Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy moment….. Can’t express my feelings today…… So much Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy just speechless today…..DABH always rocksssssssssssssssssss. Always give this kind of happiness to me…. Can’t believe this they give us so much happiness to us.. Today I can’t sleep…. ???????????

      Hope u like this my good news…?????

      Bt sad news is that this is my last cmts and I can’t read anyone cmts bcoz I can’t read any spoiler news… Bt hope u enjoy my cmts.. Always give me this kind of ur love friends….?????

      sorry for hurting anyone feelings… ????

      Bcoz I dnt want to see it read any upcoming episodes twist or spoiler news.. That’s why this is today’s last cmts… See u tomorrow on this time when they post tomorrow episode written update… Biiiiiiiii… ????

      Today I m so happy bt in end I m so sad that I can’t cmts bcoz of spoiler alert cmts post… So sad to me… Guys Sorry for hurting ur feelings…???????

  15. Priti

    Wow nice episode….loved it…I am sure that bhabho went to zakir for help….sandhya pakri na jaye der hai….and does Manjari did’t drink the water which was drunk by Bharat?

  16. Biju

    hi..everyone I am posting first time
    its really a very good serial about true love
    even I am looking for my sandhya in my life, hope I will get soon

  17. Amit

    Though I hate Lalima, But if lalima has no another intention, she is truly try to treat a mentally unwealth man. If we get, Sandhya died ( imagine) , lalima loves Sooraj and try to help Sooraj to overcome this situation without selfishness. She is alwayas thanked by us.

    Upcoming episodes, Sooraj will survive his mental condition, then he obviously makes a distance with Lalima. But I never want to any injustice with Lalima.

    • anu

      ya true say @amit suraj will out of the shock then only he makes a distance with lalima……….i want this only in serial……….ya what ever it may be suraj will find where is sandhya??????

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