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Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya going in the jungle to inform Bharat her message. Bharat gets critical and the systems beep. Sandhya writes the message and some officer gets it. He gets the message on a white sheet. Sandhya writes about Manjari taken to some secret place, she does not have any info about it. The doctors try saving Bharat. Sandhya asks for the signal that Bharat Sir is fine, she hopes Bharat is fine. She thinks did her message reach Bharat or not. The officer reports to seniors and tells about Sandhya’s message. She waits for the signal and waits.

Bharat gets stable and doctors get relieved. Sandhya sees the signal that Bharat is fine and out of danger. She gets glad seeing green signal and thinks it means Sir is fine. She thinks she has to take big step against Garjana

tomorrow morning and fail their plan. Sooraj wakes up and Lalima stands far. Sooraj sees her and says Sandhya. Lalima gets tensed and thinks medicines are affecting him, so Sooraj can see Sandhya in me. She turns and Sooraj sees Sandhya in her. Sooraj and Lalima sit doing some work. Lalima thinks Sooraj is seeing Sandhya in me because of medicines’ effect. They make some newspaper envelops. Sooraj smiles seeing her and holds her hand. He sees Sandhya cheerfully smiling and asks where did she go leaving him, he is annoyed with her, he misses her a lot, now he will not let her go anywhere.

Lalima cries and goes away. Sooraj says Sandhya, are you annoyed, tell me whats the matter. Lalima says no, I m not annoyed, I m in deep pain. He asks why. She turns and he sees Sandhya. She says you are unable to manage yourself. He asks what does she mean. The envelops start flying by air. Lalima picks it. He asks Sandhya not to worry, he will make other envelops. She says no, I want that one, it has our love sign. He says don’t talk like kid, it has flown, its not special, memories are special, just smile once.

He sees Sandhya smiling and says Wo Aini Sandhya, always have this smile. She says Wo Aini Sooraj ji, you also look good smiling, keep smiling for my sake. He says yes, I will smile. She says love memories are important, not the life linked with it, and explains him that she has gone away from him, forget me as that envelop, just remember our love.

He holds her hand and asks why, you are with me, infront of me, why are you saying so. Lalima leaves. He says Sandhya…. And the power goes. He says listen to me and looks for her. Lalima hides and says Sooraj ji, my pic has one place, and that’s your heart, you won’t get me if you find me anywhere else, I m not outside, I m just in your heart and this truth… you have to accept this truth… I m nowhere except your memories. Sooraj is shocked and says you are close, I can feel you, come out, where did you hide. She says she has gone very far from him and is dead now, and asks him to accept her death. She goes and Sooraj collides with a wall. She leaves.

Sandhya cries and asks Shekhar and commander to make her meet Manjari. She tries convincing them and thinks she will hit them once they agree. Commander signs no to Shekhar. Lalima, Bhabho and everyone wait for Sooraj to come to see his reaction. Mohit says its just 2 days to make Sooraj fine. Sooraj comes and Lalima gives him tea. Bhabho thinks did Lalima’s hardwork succeed, did Sooraj accept Sandhya’s death.

The commander talks to Shekhar and allows Sandhya to meet Manjari. Shekhar says fine, you can meet her. A man stops her and says every person is checked since Manjari is attacked, and Shekhar said you will be checked too. Sandhya worries as her secret can come out that she has made poison for Manjari. FB shows Sandhya making some poison. She gets tensed.

Sandhya gets checked for anything suspicious. She gets cleared and commander asks her to come. She is taken to meet Manjari. He asks her to talk soon, as she has just 5 mins. Sandhya thinks 5 mins are enough, as Manjari will die. Narayani comes and the men get Manjari there. Sandhya sits near Manjari and talks sweet to her. Commander asks Narayani about Manjari’s recovery. Narayani says treatment is going on. Sandhya gets the poison from the paper and tries feeding Manjari. Someone stops her and she gets shocked.

Ved asks Sandhya to save her and cries. Bhabho comes to meet Zakir.

Update Credit to: Amena

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