Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling SP that we have to find some way to free all passengers and not freeing RK. Vadeja says it looks good to hear, but is not practical, we can’t do any experiment. Sooraj makes some noise to get Prema close to his seat. They all get ready to attack on them. He gets up and Prema turns to aim gun at him. He signs Gautam. He takes the gun from Prema’s hand, just the way Sandhya taught him. Gautam catches Prema. The air hostess and Shanky catch Disha and take their gun. Sooraj says enough Prema. They shut their mouths and tie their hands and legs. Sooraj and Shanky aim guns on them. Gautam hugs Sooraj.

Everyone get glad as their attack succeeded. Chaturi says we got saved Bhabho. Maya is in cockpit. Sooraj asks them to take watches and pointed things

from them. Babasa thinks about Bhabho and cries. Vikram pacifies Babasa as Lord will make everything fine. Taisa comes with ladies and curses Prema and Disha, being behind the hijack. Meenakshi says I knew she is not good, but no one hears me. Vikram says its about us, Sooraj and Bhabho are in danger. She says I m sorry, I m waiting for Sandhya’s call. Taisa asks did Sandhya say anything, will she help. Mohit says she did not tell anything.

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Babasa says they can kill anyone. Vikram says I trust Sandhya, be patient. Emily gives him tea. Babasa cries telling about Bhabho. He says my strength is Sooraj and Santosh, I m here without them, being helpless, unable to do anything for them. He says I will go to airport, I will be mad being here. Vikram asks what will you do there, the plane is out of India. He says this is testing time. Babasa says how to save my family, whom should I beg, whom should I ask to save my family. He goes inside the home thinking something.

Gautam tells Sooraj that we have controlled situation here, what about the third one, how to go in cockpit. Sweety’s mum says you can go saying you came to give coffee. The air hostess says she can’t go, as there is camera, she won’t open door seeing us. Sooraj says yes, she is very smart than these two. Gautam says should we use them at gun point to open door. Sooraj says no, it can be dangerous. He says we all can die, what to do now. The air hostess sees Prema’s wig.

She says I have an idea and shows the wig. She says no one identified Prema in the wig, we will also go like this, I will make light dim and she can’t well in dim light. Sooraj says this is good, knock the door thrice, its their sign. He thinks in FB and tells them that Prema did this when she took me and Bhabho. The air hostess takes Prema’s getup. Bhabho stops Sooraj and blesses him, asking him to go. She prays to Lord to save Sooraj. Babasa comes to meet Zakir and cries holding his hand. Zakir holds his hand and Babasa sees his improvement. He tells the nurse. The nurse says he is improving, he saw the hijack news and took ASP Sandhya’s name, he will be fine soon.

Vadeja tells everyone that they have to obey the govt decision, and emotions are not more imp than duty. He says we should know the decision will be in favor of the country. Babasa talks to Zakir and says Sooraj used to pray daily for your recovery, I m missing Sooraj and Santosh, I m feeling scared. He says I can’t sit at home, everyone’s words are making me afraid, I don’t know what to do, so I came to you, as you are also like my son, I feel like I m sitting near my Sooraj. Zakir cries. Babasa says you know Sooraj did not hurt anyone’s heart, I need you, Sandhya needs you, everyone needs you, get well soon, Lord will do something. The air hostess knocks thrice as Sooraj guides her. Sooraj and Gautam hide. Maya turns and goes to the door. Sooraj waits for her.

Maya looks in camera and sees Prema’s wig. The ATC man says 2310 is contacting us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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