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Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maasa trying to tell Sandhya about Sooraj’s state. Sandhya rushes to open the shop, and says Sooraj will be coming any moment now. She stops seeing Om. Om moves aside and shows Sooraj. She gets shocked seeing Sooraj on the wheel chair and drops the shutter. Bhabho hears the sound, and everyone go out. They all get shocked seeing Sooraj on the wheelchair. Bhabho runs to Sooraj and falls down. Sooraj says Bhabho, and could not move. Bhabho and everyone cry.

Om tries to help Bhabho. Bhabho shouts no, no one will help me, Sooraj has always came running to me to support me, now I got habitual to take his help, get up Sooraj, extend your hand, give me support. Everyone cry. Sooraj cries. Om says his spinal cord got injury, and the portion of the body below his neck stopped

working. Bhabho shouts Sooraj, get up and cries. Sooraj sees his hands not moving, and cries. Everyone cry.

Maasa goes to Sandhya and moves her. She says you are my strongest bahu, go ahead and manage your family, are you listening, move ahead. The lady says the son who managed Bhabho and entire family, he is not able to manage himself, he is helpless today. Maasa takes Sandhya to Sooraj. Sandhya gets shaken seeing him. Maasa holds her. Sooraj asks her to manage everything now. Om says take Sooraj inside the home, he needs you now. Om holds Bhabho and asks her to get up.

Bhabho cries. Sandhya’s hands shake while she holds the wheelchair. She cries and gets away. Everyone cry. Om takes the wheelchair. Maasa looks at Sandhya. Sandhya runs from there. Maasa cries. Bhabho sees child Sooraj and recalls his childhood moment, where Bhabho ran to console little Sooraj. She says whenever you fall, I will always be with you, come on, walk ahead. Little Sooraj walks ahead. She sits there and cries. Babasa comes to her.

He says we have to become Sooraj’s support, he needs us, and cries.

Bhabho says Sooraj’s hand got cut once, I explained him for three days that it happened for good, Lord has done that for his good, Sooraj never asked any question and believed me, how to tell him, what happened today was not for his good, I m scared to go infront of him, what will I tell him, that you can’t stand now, you can’t support me by your hands, you are helpless now. They cry. Babasa says our son is one in a million, whose bad sight caught him.

Sandhya runs to the cliff and shouts why did this happen. She asks Lord why did he do this with Sooraj. She asks Lord to make Sooraj fine, and asks for an answer. She throws stone at the river and asks Lord to speak up. She sits there and cries. Vikram and Meenakshi come there. Meenakshi says you have to be strong, you got chance to become best wife and show everyone, Sooraj always supported you, you have to become his support and strength.

Sooraj asks Sandhya are you fine. She says you are other name of courage, I m fine when you are with me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Too Emotional Episode.
    Too Emotional Precap.
    Hope SOORAJ will get fine soon.
    Please end this track soon.We can’t see our SOORAJ like this.Plz make him fine soon.Plzzz…..
    Can’t stop tears even just by reading written update.Don’t know how I control my tears when I watch today’s episode’s repeat as I couldn’t watch it today.

    I heard even though DABH trp is low DABH is one among the top 10 Hindi serials.Don’t know why they want to end this just because of trp matter.
    Anyway whenever you end this show please end on a happy note.Please don’t make any RATHIS die @ the climax.Instead reunite VANSH with his real parents & RATHI family & give a happy note.Plzzz…..

  2. Feeling sad for sooraj… plz end this track asap.

  3. Happy news…just nw i saw d interview given by anas n deepika in instagram that dabh is nt going off airs…..nw all that v fans want is sooraj recovery…..hope he ll recover soon… u sooraj u r d soul of dabh….get well soon

  4. Nice episode. Dont worry sandhya your suraj get well soon.

  5. Ohhhh….very touching and emotional episode….I can’t bear this…How can suraj be punished in this way..he is so nice and helping every one …I can’t see bhabhu’s state…I was also crying during the entire episode…it is so touching…can’t see sandhya’s tears…it is so painful….Please stop this…please

  6. Please make suraj fine….Please…

  7. AD….are you keralite? I am a Malayalee…

    1. ooohh…feeling vry bad 4 surajs situation….hope he wil recover soon….
      heii…guyz im also a keralite

      1. Im a great fan of DABH..also grt fan of anas…the show is uniq in cncept &the actors r too good..Y they want 2end dis show…hop they will chang their dicision&come back wid a new intresting track

    2. Yeah I’m a keralite

  8. Please don’t end this episode. but must be an end saith nibana saathiya, not diya aur baati hum and childhood sooraj is very nice. Please please please don’t end this serial……

  9. I wish they could have taken a leap where ved and all the kids grow up and then end the show with a happy note..! :/

  10. i love following this written updates everyday.

  11. Feeling sorry for sooraj n i no sandhya will do just fine wen she is with him

  12. ram sai manidala

    sandhya dheerj rakho man pathar ka jaise banalo sooraj ka sath do apana diya aur bati ka jodi banala

  13. TP…which place in Kerala?…I am from Kochi..edappally…I am also a great fan of DABH….I love dabh very much…it is quite different from others….Malayalam serials are so horrible…..dabh spreads messages of patriotism,love,family values,etc.. etc..

    1. Geetha,I’m from Kollam.Manappally…
      What are you doing?
      Are you working anywhere or still studying?
      I just completed B.Com.Now I’m searching for a good job.
      You are right.
      Malayalam serials are irritating.
      Even DABH Malayalam remake is irritating.
      They are dragging the Malayalam remake unnecessarily.I think it’s better to end the Malayalam remake of DABH as it is big insult to the original.
      I used to watch Malayalam remake of DABH.But nowadays I hate to watch it.
      At least a little good acting is that of Gayathri who is playing the main female lead(reprisal of SANDHYA RATHI IPS -DEEPTHI SOORAJ IPS in Malayalam).

      Plzzz end this ongoing track soon.Plzzz….

      1. Hai AD…I am working as Sub Divisional Engineer in BSNL…May god bless you to get a good job…My son is Lieutenent in Indian Navy and you are like my son…all the best…
        i am not watching any malayalam serials..Horrible acting and unnecessary dragging..
        ok… bye…

  14. very emotional episode…bhabho acts so well..i hope suraj recover soon…

  15. AD…I dont know whether you are a boy or girl…sorry if i misunderstood..

    1. I’m a boy.
      My dream is to become an Army Officer.
      I want to serve my nation.
      JAI HIND.

  16. Is dabh going off air or.not

  17. It’s unique make an interesting track or a post leap plz do not end

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