Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj and Bhabho waiting to board the train, as the train is being cleaned at the moment. Himanshu asks Shantanu/Bharat and Sagarika/Sandhya to wait, he will just come. Sandhya thinks to get off sigh of Sooraj and Bhabho. Himanshu calls the coolie and walks ahead. Bhabho sits there on the platform chairs waiting. She asks Sooraj to have some snacks. She says she will go and fill water bottle. Sooraj asks her to sit, and goes. Himanshu asks Sagarika to wait. Sandhya turns and sees Sooraj. She gets tensed. Sooraj apologizes to a man and asks is he fine. He goes ahead and till then Sandhya leaves. Sooraj fills the water bottle and goes back to Bhabho. Sandhya gets sad.

Himanshu says Sagarika, I know you are sad, I can see this in your eyes. Bharat says yes, she is

missing home, I know her, she is attached to her home, so she will miss her home, don’t worry, once she goes your home, she will adjust there with time. Sooraj gets his hand hurt and it bleeds. Sandhya is far away and sees him. She gets worried. Bhabho cares for Sooraj and ties a kerchief. Sooraj says I m fine.

Sandhya says I will just come, and takes a bandage, asking a man to give it to Sooraj, and ask him to take TT injection up reaching the place. The man gives the bandage to Bhabho and says Sandhya’s message. Sooraj says my wife says so always. The train announcement is heard that the train will be leaving in some time. Sandhya recalls Bhabho’s words. Bharat asks her to come. She gets teary eyed. Bharat asks her to come, and what is she doing, get back to senses, this is not time to look back and see, you promised to do the mission, you are getting weak, your aim is mission Mahabali, nothing else. She says yes Sir, and sees Sooraj and Bhabho boarding the train. She thinks to see him once and cries. Diya aur baati………..plays………….

She boards the train. Himanshu makes Bharat and Sandhya sit. The police officers are in civil clothes. A man says this is my seat. Bharat says this is mine. The man says maybe my seat is ahead and goes. Himanshu looks at the co passengers and observes. He says its fun of travelling, it feels good that someone cares for us, and waits for our return. Bharat thinks all police officers are in this coach, everything is by plan.

Sooraj and Bhabho get to their seats. Bhabho asks him to call Sandhya and tell her that we got the seats in the train. He calls Sandhya and the number is not available. He tells Bhabho that her phone is off, she maybe on duty, I will call later. Sooraj looks out of the train while Sandhya sits sad. The train leaves. A tea vendor comes and Bharat stops him. He says he likes tea. Himanshu says he has no problem in choice of food. Bharat says Sagarika will be happy with you. Himanshu pays for the tea. The train is shown on the way. Sooraj asks Bhabho does she have headache. He asks her to have tea. He says he will get down at next station and get good tea for her. The train stops and Sooraj goes to get tea. Bharat asks which station is this. The man says Chittorgarh. Bhabho says Sooraj, the train will leave. Sooraj goes to get tea in thermoflask. The train leaves and Bhabho calls out Sooraj. He runs to her and she asks him to hurry up. He boards in the last coaches to get inside the train.

Bharat thinks the train left and they have to start plan. Sagarika thinks tunnel has come, and she has to alert other officers too. Bharat calls Zakir and informs him. Zakir and all officers set the time in their watches. Bhabho calls out Sooraj. Bharat talks to Himanshu. He says he will just come. Zakir signs Sandhya. Bharat talks to Sandhya and she tells him that Zakir and other officers are ready. Bharat asks where is she, she has to reach here according to plan. She gets shocked seeing Sooraj in their coach, and thinks these three coaches will be going to blast.

Bhabho sees Sandhya in Sagarika’s getup. The tunnel comes and it gets dark. Sooraj and Bhabho look on, as the blast occurs. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. NS4

    O god bhaboo seen sandhya in sagarika get up and ….dakness in tunnel….. Blast!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????

  2. Kashish

    On my dark gloomy night,
    She came in like a moon light!
    Every night in my dreams,
    We are linked in love streams!
    When I close my eyes,
    I see you!
    When I open my eyes,
    I miss you!
    With you,
    Every second melts me!
    Without you,
    Every breathe kills me!
    To love is nothing,
    To be loved is something!
    To love and to be loved is everything!!
    Please give that everything!
    You may be miles apart,
    But never go away from my heart!!!
    GN guyz.. sweet dreamz….

  3. KM

    What but we can see ur comments.they won’t definitely block is possible.I also posted nasty comments against him

  4. NS4

    O god too many miracles…. in my mobile.. Others emails are visible…by replacing my email?????????????????????????????????????

  5. GUFE5

    This comment has been deleted for misusing other’s name and/or using inappropriate language.

  6. Romi

    Thanx amena for the update! And also thanks for cleaning our dabh site from naughty people ??????

  7. Big Boss

    This comment has been deleted for misusing other’s name and/or using inappropriate language.

  8. GUFE

    This comment has been deleted for misusing other’s name and/or using inappropriate language.

  9. GUFE

    This comment has been deleted for misusing other’s name and/or using inappropriate language.

  10. Jeyam

    It seems Sushmita express is an imaginary service. Sandya is being tortured between her family sentiments and official duty. And these expressions were aptly displayed by Deepika and I congratulate her for the same. Vaalga.

  11. KM

    Gufe has come in a new avatar.whatsoever he post doesn’t matter.because we are only here go appreciate dabh.not argue with him

    • KM

      This comment has been deleted for misusing other’s name and/or using inappropriate language.

      • KM

        Go gufe its useless trying to fake me.any idiot can identify it is not pattern is different to yours.grow up man

    • anu

      yes ssssssssss we all are dabh family we dont bother use less comments. diya a b h always rockssssssssssssssssssss

  12. Shaurya

    Three months leap, is not big matter. Before,sandhya`s preagnant time 6 months leap.
    training time also 6 months leap is caused.

    • KM

      Pls amena one I want to tell u.pls bring up something so people can’t use others names in their comments.thanks to gravatar he can never be me(KM)he is fake KM guys

  13. KM

    Ya there was a maniac called gufe who troubled us for nearly two days posting nasty comments and calling every other bad we complaint to amena.she has banned that fellow from na

      • KM

        I mean from pic u posted its clear that babho and sooraj are safe.they will get information that sandya died because babho saw her in the train

      • KM

        Anu I can’t say exactly.since babho saw sandya and same carraige is blasted they may think sandya died.and mission details may be disclosed to family.but spoilers are unpredictable.they may change at any instance

  14. anu

    chill guys ………sooraj ka memory lost ka jo drama hai that is false… but upcoming episodes poora rathi family sandhya ke against hai ….aaj sbb show me dhikaya……….but really too much suspense. mere khailse mission ke bare me sab ko pata chal gaya hoga dekhna e hai ki sooraj ka feeling haisa hoga ……….

  15. anu

    actually this is story based serial but it is touching my heart…………. bhaboo ka reaction dekha nahi gaya…………..

  16. dabh fan

    sandhya is too smart.

    even in her duty she cares for suraj.

    that is the great news of sandhya

  17. anu

    mera thinking e hai ki bina bataye mission pe gayi na uske liye bhaboo ka reaction isa hai…….sooraj note pada to clear ho jayega sandhya ke bare me? ab to upcoming episodes ke liye wait to karna padega //////

  18. anu

    but what ever it may be bhaboo ka reaction change hona hai its must ………bcoz sooraj ko support karna hai na……but usme bhi bhaboo ka pyaar dhikra hai……..

    • NS4

      But i expected this bhaboo’s mind will change… Becoz sandhya broken her promise and her duties towards family…
      And it’s a big step by director to prolong the show

      • anu

        Bcoz truley say the serial will hit by sandhya and sooraj characters so again they are showing how much affection in between them.

      • NS4

        Try [email protected]

      • NS4

        True [email protected]

  19. anu

    I totally accept this track and i like it also but one thing sandhya ke against dekha nahi jara………….

  20. NS4

    I think….In today’s episode.. Sandhya Will disappear from bhaboo after train entering into tunnel full darkness.

  21. KM

    What are shocking spoiler.babho to burn sandya photo.too bad babho u burn the photo of the whose one kidney still residing in you.poor sooraj he will be in dilemma. After they should be proud that sandya died for family

  22. anu

    every time she only face the problems. every time she save people as well as family members then also face so many problems…………..really bad bhaboo you should understand you bhindini………on that time sooraj will misunderstand sandhya now bhaboo……….noooooooooooooooooooo

  23. Romi

    I think it’s all preplanned by himanshu ?
    He came to hanuman gali to buy sarees for sandya! Actually he was spying there ?
    Suraj mama ji may not be ill he intentionally made him book tickets on the same train
    He is a cunning criminal and would be observing sandya closely about her reactions to wards bhabo and suraj ji
    Bharat could have cancelled suraj and bhabo’s tickets using his police powers or he could even inquired about mama ji health for its accuracy
    I think the plan was not managed well

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