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Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhabho and Bhabhasa are coming back from temple. Bhabho runs into a thorn. Bhabhasa offers to help but Bhabho declines. A disguised Suraj removes the thorn. Bhabho and Bhabhasa are surprised and do not recognize him. Suraj tells that it is good to take parents blessings whenever they go for any important work. Bhabho and Bhabhasa recognize him then and asks what they are up to. They also see Zakir in foreigner getup. Sandhya explains them their plan and gives a mobile phone to Suraj and asks him to give people that number to call back.

Suraj and Zakir are visiting some garages in Pushkar and speaking to the mechanics there. They inform that Zakir who is a foreigner needs four bikes and is ready to pay in dollars and in full cash and they also have no issues with vehicle documents.

The first person is skeptical of Suraj and Zakir and tells he does not have any. Suraj gives his number to call back. They go to a second place and leave their number there also. They reach one more garage where Vikram is also there. Vikram asks about the cost of servicing his friend’s bike and bargains with the mechanic. He then sees Zakir and Suraj speaking about buying theft bikes from the garage owner. They give their number to the owner. Vikram does not recognize them and warns them and tears of the phone number slip and drags Suraj and Zakir out from there to inform Sandhya. He takes them to the side and trying to call Sandhya’s number while Zakir helps him. Vikram surprised and Suraj and Zakir reveal their identity. Vikram apologizes to them. Zakir and Suraj leave for Ajmer to speak to some more mechanics.

Chavvi and Dilip are getting ready for office. Chavvi notices movie tickets and asks him about it. Dilip says some client gave it to him and the movie time is that day afternoon. They plan to take half a day leave and watch movie and have dinner outside. Chavvi’s mother-in-law comes there and tells her to take full day leave and go to the doctor first and then movie. Chavvi is in trouble as she has lied to them and fakes calling her manager and speaking like manager has refused to give her leave because of some important work. They change their plan.

Zakir, SurYa, Vikram all waiting in the house for any phone call from bike thieves. Bhabho also joins them. Suraj gets a call but it turns out to be credit card advertisement. Zakir is slightly disappointed as he was hoping their work would be done that day only. Bhabho asks if they do not find the thieves, will they not release Mohit. Sandhya reassures Bhabho that police needs proofs and they are working on it. Suraj gets a call and this time it is one of the persons they spoke to. He asks them to come to a place in Ajmer in an hour.

The mechanic after speaking to Suraj goes to his boss to inform that they are arriving there. That boss is Vineet and he asks the mechanic to be careful and to ensure whether those persons are really buying bikes or a trap of police. He further tells they need to be very careful as Mohit’s arrest might have alerted the police about bike thefts.

Precap: Suraj and Zakir reach a place and are standing on the side because of rain. Sandhya is listening to what is happening there via mobile. A police officer comes to them and asks Zakir about his passport.

Update Credit to: b2011

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