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Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi asking is this house or any Dharamshala. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to work faster. Meenakshi says first Lalima and now Chotu, I want to lessen people and Bhabho is getting everyone. She asks Emily not to cut vegs. Emily says we have to cook vegs, we have many members in family, Bhabho thought well. Meenakshi says Emily does not give money, Bhabho did not do right. Bhabho asks Meenakshi not to worry, Chotu will get whats in his fate.

Scene shifts to Pakistan. Arzoo smiles seeing Salman’s movie song Tere mast mast do nain…… Reshma says this way hiding and seeing tv, if anyone sees you, it will be bad. She asks her to hear good news, we got visa to go India, no need to hide and see tv here, come see this. The file falls and Reshma picks it. Reshma says

I will fix your proposal and come back. Chotu’s pic falls. Reshma says when you see Salman’s song, you don’t see anything else, till when will you sit, you know the neighbor is rude. Arzoo says I m afraid of not being able to see Salman, not by neighbor’s anger, you are there with me, why to fear now.

Reshma says come fast, your Chachi is going mad. Arzoo says Salman would be your Bhaijaan, he is just Salman for me. Reshma says atleast thank me. Arzoo says friendship has one rule, no thanks and no sorry. Reshma asks her to come soon and goes.

Sandhya and everyone see Chotu silent and sad. They all make papads and think what to do to make Chotu smile. A girl comes and stares at Chotu. Bhabho asks the girl what do you want. The girl asks Bhabho to teach her making papads. Bhabho says its good when girls do the household work. Sandhya tells Meenakshi that I got a way, and shows how the girl is staring at Chotu. They smile. Another girl comes and says Bhabho, mum asked for some curd. Bhabho says I will give and goes. Sandhya, Meenakshi and Emily see even this girl is staring at Chotu.

Sandhya tells Bhabho about these girls, their mums did not send them, they came here to stare at Chotu and make their eyes happy. Third girl comes and asks Emily for help. She says I will sit, and looks at Chotu. Sandhya laughs and says Chotu is Salman Khan for our hanuman gali girls. Bhabho says see how they are staring, I will show them. She scolds the girls for staring at her son, and asks them to leave. The girls run. Chotu smiles.

Sandhya asks Bhabho did she like any girl for Chotu. Bhabho says I don’t want these girls, there will be princess for Chotu. Sandhya says where will we get princess here, we have to get her from far country. Bhabho says fine, but there will be someone special for my Choti. They all smile.

Arzoo sees the song and smiles. She sees the neighbor aunty shouting on a puppy. Arzoo thinks for that puppy, and says whats wrong if Lord gave him black color. The lady says I will give you to the dog catchers, I will shut you. Arzoo says I m coming to you, don’t worry and rushes to help puppy. Bhabho says I will find her. Meenakshi says your fav bahu has come, Sandhya, then Lord stopped making such bahus. Bhabho says I have belief on Lord, wherever that girl is, she will come to our house.

Bhabho says she will be Annapurna’s avatar and asks Chotu to have sweets. Arzoo runs on the terrace to save the puppy. Ladies ask her to stop, where is she going. Bhabho says the one who has shyness. The man say we have to complain about her, she did our loss. The lady shuts puppy in the room. Arzoo hides and sees the lady leaving. She goes to get the puppy.

Sandhya says Bhabho wanted such girl for Sooraj, but fate got me here. Sandhya could not make papad well. Bhabho says that’s why I m bearing you, see you did not make any papad well. Meenakshi says I m Bhabho’s fav, she chose me. Bhabho says Lord should not cheat anyone like this. They laugh. Bhabho tells Chotu that I was mistaken that I m head of this house, but I did not bring any bahu by my choice, I thought I m getting Meenakshi who looked like cow, but this Meenakshi is fox, and Sandhya is opposite of me, this Emily and Mohit did love marriage, and now Chotu, I will get my choice of bahu for you.

Arzoo takes the puppy and smiles. She asks will you become my friend, but a guy and girl can’t be friends. Bhabho says delicate, shy, if she falls over a flower, it would leave a mark. The lady shuts Arzoo and asks where were you taking this. Arzoo asks her to let her go, if she gets love in heart, then she will get heaven. The lady says I will allow you to go, I m sending this dog, I wish some car should come to take you too. Arzoo says sorry, but we will go together. She reminds how she went last time.

Bhabho says the one who minds her own business and thinks of her family, one who does not interfere, whose qualities are discussed by people. The lady says I will call everyone and tell about you. Arzoo asks puppy not to be scared and says Salman’s lines.

Bhabho says such bahu who will listen to me. Arzoo thinks of escaping. The lady calls everyone to see Arzoo and calls that puppy unlucky. Arzoo says sorry, but I will take him. The lady says I will not leave them this time. Arzoo kicks the door and it falls down. They look on shocked. Arzoo hugs the puppy and comes out.

Bhabho says I will get such wife for Chotu, that people just see her. The lady says this girl broke heavy door. Arzoo says I m such, if you stare at me like this, you will fall in love with me. She smiles and walks away. Reshma matches Arzoo and Chotu’s pics and smiles. She says Arzoo and Aryan, such a beautiful pairing.

The lady asks Reshma and Arzoo to go, and they will be names terrorists there. Commissioner tells Sandhya and staff that terrorists can come as ordinary people.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. richa (titli)


    1. Eagerly awaiting to see that puppy ? And reshma is bhajrangi baaji jaan ( not bhai Jan) ?

  2. I do hereby offer cordially and whole heartedly my Pongal greetings to the crews including stars and technicians and viewers of DABH. –En Iniya Pongal vaazhthukkal–என் இனிய பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துகள்.

  3. I think the director is suffering from amnesia. Are there two CHOTUs ? Did Lalima’s marriage take place? Or have I forgotten to attend their marriage?

    1. Happy pongal Sir!! Yes you are right!! In the previous track, when suraj locked inside the shop and when Sathya was searching for her then aryan came and asked for the shop’s keys so when suraj refused then it maked Sathya suspect!!…..
      Now after a few days this new chotu (rayan)?? I think the other chotu had an accident and has done plastic surgery ???

      1. Sandya was locked in side the shop ?

    2. Yes.. First they show chotu loves bulbul …now they changed it… They think the viewers are fools

      1. Hey dear can I ask you if you are the same Anu with the pink dp??? You did not come after dusshera holidays on this page! Sorry if I asked too much ??

      2. No Im not

  4. Nice Episode.
    DABH rockzzzzzzz………………..
    Plz don’t drag this track.Now again a terrorist track.But don’t drag like RAJKUMAR track.

  5. richa (titli)

    chotu ki nayiaur pooranientry 1 thing in common the girzzz he isalways shwn a girl magnet nd bbooo the shield

    1. richa (titli)

      oops srrt i forgot to space between words 😛

  6. quit a boring episode. unlike Chotu’s reentry, this episode was not exciting to portray Arzoo,s entry. without Sooraj and Sandhya, things are dull

  7. Arzoo luking lyk a man

    1. Shree, calm down honey… i can understand that aarzoo is looks like man but that caractor is such a sutable for mutsandi word. it will be appriciated and serials are serials dnt take it on ur heart… just enjoy for the moments thats it… if ur hurted then whatsapp me on 9724365252..

  8. Who is arzoo n reshma

    1. Yes every one is asking the question?? Reshma says that India I am coming!! But first tell us who are you ladies and why are you coming and how do you know chotu and why’s his fiancé arzoo staying with you???? A big and worse mystery ahead like that of mohit’s murder case!!!

    2. Bcoz arzoo Prachi Tehlan is a sports woman; she’s a captain of basketball or net ball in Delhi!!

  9. sithara dilru

    So boring episode…miss u sooraj g(anas)

    1. me too feeling like this

  10. Omg again terrorist track is going to start… Please don’t include terrible terrorist track…
    We just got recovered from terrible hijack drama…?

  11. Bhabo is grading her bahus!! Meenakshi and sandya are not up to the level! Emily wasn’t chosen by her;? Just wait and watch bhabo!! Arzoo will make you dance ????????
    And by the way, bhabo please tell something about your own daughter chavi;how much score will you give her????

  12. Very nice serial
    Sandhya character is very very good

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