Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Bhabo scolding Meena for tearing her chappal (sandal) and says this chappal Suraj has gifted to her Bhabasa makes the situation light

Sandhya in another auto saying Suraj’s choice is really great and the sandal for Bhabo is really good, but how come know whether it will fit Bhabo or not.
Suraj was faking shocked and tensed look, and says yeah he didn’t thought about it earlier
Later he makes light of the matter and says he knows this will fit Bhabo to the T

For a certain time, Bhabo & others’ minidor (trekker) and SurYa auto were going parallel but both parties fails to notice each other

Meena keeps Bhabo busy with talks, says what if Dhaisa reaches the spot earlier than them, Bhabo says her to speak good and Meena says she won’t disappoint her and give her a Tabar, Bhabo says once that happens she will bath in Ganga and find inner peace
Chaturi is tensed, says she failed to inform SurYa in time, now wonders what will happen

Mohit was about to look sideways and spot SurYa when Meena asked him about his whereabouts last night, and Mohit goes to reply her, got distracted and couldn’t spot SurYa.
Finally SurYa gets down in the market and selects items for buying

Suraj was going to buy a special Ajmer sweet item but couldn’t buy as that would make Bhabo aware that they had gone to Ajmer and not Mount Abu
Sandhya says she is not liking this fact and always having some amount of guilty feeling regarding this hiding and says to conceal a thing they are now having to say a thousand lies, and says it is better to tell the truth on the face rather than hide in lies, Suraj says he understands that and says he will tell the truth very shortly and also promises that in future they won’t do any work by keeping Bhabo-Bhabasa in dark

Sandhya is visibly happy and they goes to college.
Suraj is standing outside the room where classes is going on, Emily points that out to Sandhya, Sandhya excuses herself from teacher and asks Suraj if he wants to say anything, Suraj says he is there only to here her marks as today is the result day.
Sandhya is smiling, and Suraj wishes her all the best for the results

Sandhya goes inside and follows Professor’s lecture
Laxman as usual got compliments from teacher and teacher says this time also he got the highest marks and that is 48 out of 50.
But there is a surprise, the teacher says this time another student is at par with him and that is Sandhya, says Sandhya has also got 48 out of 50 and the teacher praises her for showing marvellous efforts in this short time and scoring excellently well in the test

Suraj is also happy on listening it, shows thumbs up sign from outside Sandhya is smiling brightly in happiness
Pappu warns Laxman that his position is under threat now and Sandhya’s car may overtake his so no use showing anger now and Pappu congratulates Sandhya, Sandhya thanks him in return

Meanwhile Bhabo came to the adjourning puja pandal and starts praying, Chaturi was about to go in search for SurYa but Bhabo stops her, says it is crowded area and all should remain in a single place, and everyone starts praying.
Bhabo prays for SurYa kid, Meena prays that her ATM faisco may remain buried the way it is.
Dhaisa came and is shocked to see Bhabo & rathi family came to the venue ahead of her though they started late and Bhabo says they are rocket fast in these cases and Mohit arranged everything.
Mohit quietly started chatting with a friend.

Emily sent an sms to confirm whether Mohit and family came here, Mohit confirmed that & Emily is happy and when the class ends, Emily asks SurYa to act as her parents and convince her boyfriend’s family for her wedding

Sandhya politely refuses, says with a lie if she starts a pious relation like marriage then she would have that guilty feeling forever and moreover the boy’s family will feel cheated and won’t forgive her, so this will be quite a bad development in the long run. Emily nods in agreement and leaves the scene.

Suraj is happy on Sandhya’s scores and says now they will tell everything to Bhabo so that they won’t have to leave in fear of hiding about this education every now & then, and says on returning to Rathi house he will tell about her studies to Bhabo, come what may (what got shown in Promo)

Mohit was busy praying with his friend, Emily was just standing at the back of him and looks here and there but couldn’t spot Mohit

Bhabasa was feeling sleepy and says he needs to sit somewhere, so Bhabo says lets go near the arena (close to college) for sitting & taking some rest.

Precap–> Suraj’s purse fell, and Bhabo sees that, takes the purse and calls back SurYa (shouting Bhai-saab) and urging him to take the purse SurYa shocked

Update Credit to: DTB

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