Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with the doctor telling Bhabo how the Vaid Rani Ji’s medicine had a telling effect on meena and it wasn’t Swami Ji’s prakop, Sandhya asks if they can go and see Meena and all goes inside room, doctor tells Bhabo that everything is well, and Vikram says he doesn’t need a son if it gives so much of trouble to Meena

Sandhya makes Meena understand how foolish her thoughts were, and how baby’s gender cannot be determined by pills of Vaid Rani Ji. She also requests Meena not to differentiate between male and female child as nowadays girls do look after their parents and they are equal in every aspect with regard to boys.

Now letter from bank comes, Chavi receives it and says bank have provided information regarding who conducted theft and all

pics falls from her hand.

On picking them up, she sees Meena in pic and is shocked, and passes on the pics to others and pics passes hand, and Mohit, Bhabasa, Suraj, Vikram and Sandhya too sees them. Vikram says how dare she steal money from Suraj’s account and seemed extremely embarrassed at the turn of events

SurYa asks permission from Bhabo to go to police station so as to withdrew the complaint filed by them with regard to theft, Bhabo permits them and they goes off.

Bhabasa says now Bhabo should understand that there is no prakop (curse) of Swami Ji working in the backdrop, every happenings had some reason behind them and Meena’s illness was the result of Vaid Rani Ji’s pills, and ATM theft is done by Meena as well, and so she should stop thinking baseless fact like Swami Ji’s curses and this house isn’t cursed and everything is quite normal.

Everyone leaves except Bhabo, and Vikram.

Vikram condemns Meena for being so jealous of Sandhya where in reality it is for Sandhya due to which she and her baby are breathing happily now, and rebukes her for always trying to pull down Sandhya or compete against her when in reality she is always planning evil things and Sandhya is in her position because of her honesty and God truly rewards honest people

Bhabo was silent and now questions Meena about her antics and says how come she steal money from Suraj’s account.

Meena admits her fault and says she did all these just to please Bhabo with a grandson and she was desperate.

Meena says Bhabo always let go Sandhya even when she doesn’t listen to Bhabo and carry on doing what she feels like but she punishes Meena for trivial faults

Meena alleges that Sandhya always got the best of jewellery and other items from Bhabo but in her case she was either ignored or taken lightly in every matter, and sometimes even mocked at.

She says Bhabo has never said anything whenever Sandhya defied the house orders but when Meena steals laddos her parents are summoned and asks whether this is fair
Meena says why this differentiation by Bhabo and why others are always there to support Sandhya and her works in house while no one supports her or care for her.

Vikram questions her right to question Bhabo and asks Meena to stop, but Meena says she is a DIL of this house and has every right to question this kind of partial treatment.

Precap—> bhabo says she cannot take everything to be logical and not Swami ji’s effect and says if everything is true how come Swami Ji lifted the Shiv Idol from underground and gives Sandhya challenge to find out the logic and reason behind it and if she fails to find reason, it will be treated as her 1st mistake

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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