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Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya waking up Sooraj. She says its raining heavily and sends him to get Ved’s handmade rakhi. Sooraj goes out and sees the rakhi. He shows rakhi to Sandhya and says it all got spoiled, if Ved sees this, his heart will break. She says no, Ved made this by hardwork, we will not tell him. He says yes, I will get one rakhi from market. She says this is not just rakhi, it has Ved’s emotions, can we try to make such rakhi. He asks do you think we can make it. She says we will try. He goes to get items.

They both sit making rakhi. Sooraj says see brother and sister’s love, Ved’s rakhi was in rain and Kanak cried and signed you, if we did not see this now, what would we do. Sandhya says yes, its such relation linked to heart. He asks Sandhya to be careful,

last time our fingers got stuck by glue. She recalls that moment. She says don’t worry, this time our fingers won’t get stuck. She twists the party popper, and all the glitter falls over her. Sooraj laughs and asks her to wait. He cleans her face. Diya aur baati…………plays…………..

Kanak comes there and looks at them. They both hold ears and say sorry. He says Kanak, we know you are waiting for your first rakhi. Kanak claps. Sandhya and Sooraj laugh seeing her happy. Sooraj says we should make it soon.

Its morning, everyone celebrate raksha bandhan. Vikram talks to Chavi and jokes on Meenakshi. Sooraj tells Chavi that he got her rakhi and will send the gifts. He blesses Chavi and asks her to make them proud. Ved gets the special rakhi and shows everyone. Everyone smile. Bhabho says rakhi’s shubh mahurat is till 10am. Ved tells Sooraj that he has kept a surprise gift for Kanak. Sooraj says today I feel you have become responsible. Sooraj tells Sandhya that Ved is like her, he is going to give surprise, did he take money from you. She says no, did he buy gift. Sooraj says yes, he said he has got a special gift. Sandhya asks what is it.

Emily congratulates Sandhya and says everyone is blessing you and praising you. Babasa asks for laddoos. Meenakshi asks them to start rakhi ritual. Ved asks where is Kanak. Sandhya says I will go and see. They don’t get Kanak anywhere. They get worried. Ved asks Bhabho where did Kanak go.

Sooraj hugs Ved. Sandhya asks them not to worry. A lady comes and says Kanak is outside, see what she is doing. They all rush outside the house to see. They see Kanak sitting in the big frying pan. Bhabho takes Kanak. Babasa asks who got Kanak here. The lady says no one got her here, I have seen her going to Sooraj’s shop and sitting here. Babasa says Kanak has found her father’s shop herself. Bhabho says she is born in this shop, she has come here. Sandhya says Kanak has surprised us. They all smile.

Bhabho says we kept the sweet shop name right, Kanak has stepped inside the shop on raksha bandhan, we will celebrate the function in this shop. They all agree. Bhabho makes Kanak do the rituals. Kanak ties rakhi to Ved. Sandhya misses Vansh. Ved says I will give surprise to Kanak. They all wonder what is his surprise. Ved gets the laptop and makes Kanak talk to Vansh online on video chat. Sandhya gets surprised seeing Vansh.

Bhabho asks Kanak to see Vansh. Vansh gives his best wishes to Kanak. Ved shows the big rakhi and says its yours and my rakhi. Vansh likes it and says its my first rakhi, keep it safe. Ved says don’t worry, this is treasure for me. Vansh asks for Kanak. Bhabho and Ved show Kanak to him. Vansh gets glad and says I love you Kanak. Sandhya and Sooraj greet Vansh. Vansh turns his face away and shows annoyance. He waves bye to Kanak and Ved. He ends the video chat. Bhabho says all of my family members are happy and together, this is real celebrations, my Rathi family was always united.

Sooraj and Ved come to temple to register for Ghaat aarti function. Sandhya calls Sooraj and asks did he do registration. He says I know Bhabho wants to attend this function, take care of Ved. Sooraj says Ved will see ghaat aarti tomorrow. Sooraj takes the form and fills the form. He tells Ved about ghaat aarti, an old idol is kept here, Bhabho says everyone can’t come here, Dev mata calls people by choosing, think how lucky are such people. Ved asks can I see that idol now. Sooraj says yes, we will paste this pic, I will go and get glue. Wind blows and form and pic flies. Ved rushes to get Sandhya and Sooraj’s pic. Sooraj stops Ved and sees the pic falling in the pool.

Babasa asks Bhabho why is she worried. Bhabho asks is everything fine. Sandhya says I will do my duty till the last breath of my life. Arpita smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello anyone plz tell how old is Kanak??

  2. I think around one year…

  3. But what are they trying to show…? What does that scene in which their photo gets into water mean..? Are they really going to end the show showing sandhya n sooraj dead ?

  4. hi suhanya kanak is sooraj and sandhya baby

  5. today episode is so cute and nice ,i have remember that old episode of dabh i am very happy to seeing today episode and pls pls pls……….. dont end dabh , dabh is a world best serial and cannot do that sandhya and suraj to die in the show end, i am very crying see that episode o my god i dont see iam very hurt . so finally happy independence day to sooraj sandhya and dabh team and dabh fans

  6. soumitra majumder

    I also want to say plg dnt stop the show if u stop the show so many people lost their hope and they did not watch starplus another show bcoz this show give us some social massage we r something learn from it

  7. Nice Episode.Suspense Precap.What’s in ARPITA’s mind? Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.

    DABH team said that they will end this show on happy note.But now they are saying SOORAJ-SANDHYA will die in a bomb blast in the process of saving Hanuman Gali people.What’s happy in that.If VANSH forgive SOORAJ-SANDHYA & decides to become IPS officer after his parents death,then it’s good.But we don’t want SOORAJ-SANDHYA death.Plz don’t kill them.Plzzz….
    And in the 2nd season start a fresh story which has no connections with season 1.

  8. If u want to end this serial , please make the end happy. Don’t make Sooraj, Sandhya die. If it happens,whole serial will become a flop.

  9. Awesome episode
    Plz dont end the show. We all love it
    God bless DABH

  10. Kanak is so cute. Hope Vedansh reunion
    Dont end the show pls
    Show some tracks with both emotion and action (as Jinnshy said)

  11. The film wont be successful without the lead couple deepika and anas
    This lead couple is the symbol of the film
    No season 2
    I cant love the show without the lead couple
    I’m sure if they change the main character, there will be less fan and even no fan
    No season 2 No season 2
    I love SandhyaSooraj and DeepikaAnas too
    There wont be any films without the such important symbol
    They have walked forward with fans for 5 years and will be walking with us forever
    No season 2


  13. awesome episode with cute moments….. love this show

  14. it always have something to show which is different from rest shows……. lovely episodes with mysterious precap.

  15. Dont show that terrible scene. Sandhyasooraj wont die. If the productions do such a terrible thing, everyone will think they are so stupid
    We love DABH, they dont need to do that. Thank you for your good comment Ann but i think such stupid productions want to end DABH cant see their fans’ comment
    Sorry, but pls, dont let Sandhyasooraj die. We love them lead couple

  16. The productions creat such best couple then end the film with their death
    They have never show something like a third person appear between Sandhya and Sooraj
    Something like:
    _ A terrorist man loves Sandhya and he has rescued Sandhya from his organisation several times
    _Then he plans to kill Rathi Family by setting the bomb. He saved Sandhya’s life and abanfon the rest then Sandhya begs him to save her family and she will live with him
    _Then Sandhya lives with that man but she tries to contact with Sooraj to tell him that she’s still alive and she will come back with him
    _After a lot of difficulties, she come back with Sooraj and kill the terrorist man also his organisation
    But note that dont show the ”Lalima” track again also Sooraj isn’t getting mad this time
    Dont show something like you used to show
    I think productions, you should try to save the show, NOT END this and create a crap season 2
    We dont want!


  18. Please dont show Surya die in dabh. They both are lovable cute understanding couple. We dont want sad end in Dabh.

    1. Do you want it end?

    2. I dont want sad end
      I LOVE IT

  19. Oh no !!! They will reunite vansh to Suriya at the cost of Ankur Anketa’s death!!!! Come on Cvs no death drama in dabh . V don’t want sandya to be sad again after her parents death !! It’s not fair!!!!?

  20. They shouldnt show Sandhyasooraj’s death. Or they have to let Deepika play the role Kanak when she’s growing up and she will be an IPS officer because changing the main character is very awful and everyone doesnt like it anymore

  21. thank you sandy.

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